God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The Sixth Commandment for True, Sanctified Marriage

THE SIXTH COMMANDMENT for true, sanctified marriage is therefore the commandment of divinely oriented patience, through which every true goal can be achieved and in particular the creation goal of HOLY MARRIAGE IN MY PERFECTION!
Without patience no work of perfection can be accomplished! Patience is a law of perfection in itself and from ME, THE ETERNAL CREATOR OF PERFECTION!
Look around you and you will have to realize that you must bow and conform to this law of perfection even in the smallest way! You cannot exist at all without adapting yourselves to this law! You can neither influence the perfect ripening of any fruit of life to premature perfection nor can you change your environmental influences and living conditions, which are subject to MY HOLY WILL, without you humans harming yourselves and neither can you human children lead a true marriage without ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR!
But since most of My human children do not realize this, the longed-for goal of perfect LOVE and happy marriage is not achieved through the first fleeting rush of love. But instead of looking to ME as soon as the first signs of a break-up appear, either helplessness turns into complete estrangement in married life or - worst of all - first the little finger and then the whole hand is handed over to My counterpole and soon afterwards the whole soul with its body is handed over to My counterpole! And it is not at all rare that both spouses have devoted themselves to My counterpole "Satana" to the point of ruin.
Patience, the Most Merciful Trait of True Love
In most cases, however, one of the partners is the more prudent one, who then becomes the sufferer in the marriage! And MY NEW BIBLE now comes to the aid of this one in particular, in order to turn the suffering aspect into a marriage of trial and redemption that is just before ME through sacrificial LOVE in patience that is henceforth oriented towards ME!
If the suffering part surrenders to ME in its entirety, fulfills MY COMMANDMENTS in everything with the most ironclad consistency and is prepared to take on the sacrifice of bearing LOVE, i.e. to bear the life partner of perfect patience with all his faults and weaknesses, then great things will still be achieved: Either the return of the other to a true, sanctified marriage or, through the sacrifice of sustaining LOVE, the attainment of MY GRACE to be lifted into the first stage of ascension to MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE after this earthly life!
Thus a marriage can in any case still partake of MY GRACE if the partner who is prepared to suffer and sacrifice confesses himself completely to ME, GOD THE LORD, places everything in MY HANDS and begins to follow MY HOLY VOICE. This is all the easier in this TIME OF GRACE OF MY RETURN on earth in MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE and can in any case bring about the success of MY GRACE!
Patience emerged from LOVE! There is no true LOVE without patience! Patience is of the same essence as LOVE as one of the highest GOD'S PROPERTIES! MY LOVE would not be ETERNAL LOVE if its most merciful trait were not patience! You will hardly believe it when I THE LORD tell you that even in MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE there is a central focus and this is PATIENCE!
Whether you look at the night sky with its countless stars or whether you look over mountains and valleys or let your eyes wander over a sea, everywhere MY LOVE IN PATIENCE looks at you! For, whatever you see, you see living ETERNAL LIFE and nowhere ETERNAL DEATH, even if some forms of life appear to you as "dead"; but these rigid forms, like the mountains, are nevertheless ETERNAL LIFE; for in them is only layered that life which, for the deepest reason of wisdom, must wait for redemption until the end of your redemption star "Earth"! You see it in the exposed "nuclear energies " from the most solid matter, which forces of life are embedded in it; but you humans did not ask ME, THE CREATOR, whether it is MY HOLY WILL that you may uncover these slumbering "nuclear energies" awaiting their true redemption!
The Meaning of the Bound "Nuclear Energies "
I THE LORD say to you: Do not interfere with MY CREATION PLAN and if you are not sure whether you might possibly touch MY WORK in your free will, come to ME in the deepest humility, asking ME for MY HOLY COUNSEL; otherwise you could trigger your own judgment prematurely, My children!
Be patient in everything, as I am patient with you, always waiting to see if you want to recognize MY LOVE!
If this were not the case, nothing could make progress of eternal value! So have patience in your married life, one enveloping the other in the patience of MY LOVE, never - as they say - getting out of temper, but waiting until the insight awakens in the other from pure LOVE to discard or change that which cannot stand before MY HOLY COUNTENANCE.
But also have the greatest patience with yourselves, which you bear with others; for thereby you mature into such CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, whom I can use as true instruments and pillars of MY ETERNAL LOVE. Never try to rush anything so that no soul suffers any damage, neither yours nor that of your neighbor; for I have already revealed to you what a miracle the soul is and therefore only true LOVE in infinite patience can perform the miracle of lifting your own soul and the soul of your neighbor from the bondage of guilt and weaknesses onto the steps of the Heavenly Ladder into THE KINGDOM OF MY PERFECTION!
Since the perfect patience is only in ME, THE LORD OF ETERNAL LIFE, and only I am able to accomplish the greatest works of patience of redemption, you should recognize that not only MY LOVE IN JESUS CHRIST had once come to you children of men, but also MY PATIENCE, WHICH I knew that I must once again come to you men on this sinful earth to complete MY WORK OF REDEMPTION for you!
Truly, say I, YOUR GOD AND LORD, to have patience for your sake with all the ever-repeating and ever-increasing errors among you children of men almost means to overstretch MY PATIENCE! And yet MY PATIENCE will never allow itself to be carried away as you humans do; no, My children, MY PATIENCE proves itself eternally and always and knows how to draw an even higher degree from MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE: perfect gentleness and mercy!
Thus we arrive at the last seventh commandment for true, sanctified marriage from MY HOLY SEVEN GODLY PROPERTIES.
On the cross of Golgotha I IN JESUS CHRIST proved to you men how in the perfect meekness and mercy THE LOVE OF ALL LOVE can be lived out and must be lived out in order to be able to rise from the limitations of earthly life into the true KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LIFE!
Thus for you humans MY HOLY NAME "JESUS" must have become the epitome of YOUR GOD AND CREATOR AND HIS ETERNAL LIFE and therefore I can only be YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER in "JESUS", WHO through HIS GRACE AND MERCY not only redeemed you from your guilt of apostasy from My heavens, but at the same time gave you the freedom through HIS CRUCIFICATION DEATH to be free as CHILDREN OF HIS ETERNAL LOVE from all power of the counterpole on this redemption star "earth", if you want it!
If you humans also want to live out this seventh commandment of gentleness and mercy in your marriages by looking up to ME AT THE CROSS OF GOLGATHA, everything will become possible for you; you will be able to overcome everything that is not true LOVE, you will be able to do it and rise from all bondage and attain "the crown of life" as THE ETERNAL LIFE!
So that you humans can attain this "crown of life" all the more easily, I THE LORD IN MY MERCY now also came to this earth in MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE again as your MOTHER OF SALVATION, so that you can take hold of MY HOLY STRONG ARM IN HER!