God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The Seventh Commandment for True, Holy Marriage

THE SEVENTH COMMANDMENT for true, holy marriage is therefore:
Be merciful in your marriages!
I say, be merciful to the last fiber of your soul like ME! For only then can you yourselves recognize your maturity, when your love for mercy can unfold and through mercy has become most ardent, true LOVE, which can forgive and pardon just as I did on the cross of Golgotha!
Love is still cold and more self-love than true LOVE if it is not merciful and not ready for sacrifice!
In mercy, LOVE is only true, most burning, most ardent LOVE for the sake of LOVE and is able to bear everything! This true, most merciful LOVE is also able not only to take on every sacrificial burden, but also to offer itself as a sacrifice for the faults and weaknesses of others and even for all other human children. This highest LOVE of mercy is THE REDEEMER LOVE!
I THE LORD have proven it to you humans of this earth and to all angels and heavenly spirits in MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE, as MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA is proving it to you in the same sacrificial measure at this time!
Only through this redeeming mercy can the worst of the inevitable judgment be averted from you men of this earth; for the abominations in this time are so great that no more men can avert and dissolve them, but only I THE LORD with the Most Highs of My heavens! That is why I THE LORD have come again in MY MOST HOLY to dissolve the most difficult with the highest degree of mercy through MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE!
To this comes THE HOST OF MY HEAVENS on this whole earth to redeem whatever is possible! But most from My heavens must first be trained in MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH in the reality of this sinful world and often enough be freed from the guilt of their missteps in human garb through the redemptive burden of MY MOTHER OF BODY, so that the HEAVENLY CORE OF MY LIGHT CIRCLE on earth will stand firm when the judgment will make this earth tremble as it never has before!
So, CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, become co-redeemers through the most burning mercy! It must be with you, as with ME, YOUR CREATOR, an infinite summit of true LOVE!
If this is the case, then you will, so to speak, outgrow yourselves in your marriages; you will dissolve with ease through mercy all that which now still seems to you an impossible beginning. For in YOUR MOTHER OF SALVATION and QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS you have the most luminous beacon of mercy for this, who in the present human garment bears the bloodguilt of all times out of mercy, because this can be dissolved in no other way than only through THE HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE; for the bloodguilt of this mankind began in My heavens through the fall of true LOVE into self-love and continued from the self-created spiritual ground in My heavens as an earthly outrage against ME on Golgotha, but not to end on Golgotha, but to turn against all apostles and true CHILDREN OF MY LOVE and it would never end, this bloodguilt of My counterpole with its trinity of self-abnegating self-love, which is also rooted in the earthly, if I THE LORD would not put the redemptive end to the bloodguilt of all times here on earth IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE! And therein lies the realization of the promise that the serpent's head will be crushed, which must be understood both spiritually and earthly!
Forgiving and Pardoning Love
But this greatest world act of mercy, which takes place in secret and not before your human eyes, which out of their curiosity would only question the final success, will only be revealed in the further volumes of this NEW BIBLE, when it is accomplished and your hearts are able to grasp it!
But the fact that I THE LORD am already showing you this should move you CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, as co-redeemers in your sphere of activity, to emulate the highest example of YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS IN HIS HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, in order to accomplish on a small scale what YOUR MOTHER OF SALVATION accomplishes on a large scale!
For only through perfect mercy can this humanity be saved and redeemed, with which it has bound itself to the chains of My counterpole in the exuberance of its feelings of pride and vanity! There is no use in rattling and shaking the self-forged chains with the most elaborate means from matter; for with these means, which were and are created out of self-love for self-assertion over the other, one only lays the chains even tighter around oneself.
But the HOLY SPIRIT OF ETERNAL LOVE, increasing to absolute mercy, is able to do everything and dissolve everything, both the hardest ice and the hardest steel and - what is even harder than both - even a petrified heart with a dark soul!
If you would accomplish an attunement with MY HOLY SPIRIT in the silence of your hearts and by living according to MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS, you would soon be able to uncover and utilize the energies of this mercy for yourselves, which are not only far stronger than the nuclear energy from the atomic compounds of matter, which will soon harm you, but which could even enable you to redeem the bound spirits of this matter and lead them to the free process of ascension to MY KINGDOM OF SPIRIT! In this way, as true CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, you would truly become helping co-redeemers.
But by fighting each other through matter, by engaging in a constant race for the sinecures of matter and fighting each other with the murder weapons of this matter in order to be rulers of these sinecures, you join the bound spirits in matter and your awakening will one day be a terrible one!
Make this MY NEW BIBLE henceforth your daily bread and through it become the highest and purest LOVE, THE MERCY! Thus you will, if you will, redeem all with MY HELP and yourselves from the self-forged chains of matter!
Begin to cultivate perfect mercy in your marriages, radiate it to your whole family life and carry mercy everywhere to your neighbors! You will breathe a sigh of relief, say I THE LORD, as you become freer with each passing day; you will marvel at how gradually all your circumstances in your chains of fate will loosen and begin to dissolve, and it will not be long before you can see how everything begins to change even in the vastness of your earthly life!
But you must approach this work of the most ardent loving mercy with the deepest sincerity and must not yet expect any extraordinary miracles; for in this already lies the miracle that you follow MY HOLY VOICE and MY GRACE STREAMS help you to free yourselves from the chains!
For when I THE LORD must perform extraordinary miracles through MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE as once as JESUS CHRIST, it is too late for so many of you! For if I THE LORD Myself must first confirm to you humans through miracles that I have come back to this earth and that I AM WHO I AM, then you are already to a considerable extent judged in your spirit and no longer completely free. You will then not be able to take the straight path through THE GATES OF MY HEAVENS INTO MY KINGDOM, but will have to take the rather arduous detours over the bitter steps on which you can slowly rid yourselves of your blindness of not having recognized ME IN THIS MY NEW BIBLE and of not having followed ME!
Truly, the way of salvation is now easy for you through this NEW BIBLE and so clearly marked before your eyes that you should throw yourselves upon it! Or will you continue to remain in your self-forged chains in lukewarmness and blindness? So what more can I THE LORD do for you than to call out to you again at the end of this HOLY SEVENTH COMMANDMENT for true, sanctified marriage:
Become most ardent, most merciful love,
so that MY GRACE may be poured out on you
and you may once again be free CHILDREN OF MY LOVE!