God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The Fifth Commandment for True, Sanctified Marriage

THE FIFTH COMMANDMENT of Holy Sincerity , without which nothing can be accomplished in all creation, not even in your earthly creations! For it is frightening that some children of men believe that the satisfaction of all lust on earth should come first in a marriage. Even what you people of this world regard as your progress not only encourages you in this view, but also makes marriages the objects of profit-seeking business practices.
In every human child, however, the deep, holy sincerity should be awakened after these GRACE REVELATIONS, not only to desire a married life according to MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS, but also to want to realize it with all sincerity! And where this is the case, I THE LORD am immediately at hand to guide such a human child wonderfully with MY ETERNAL LOVE!
But also you, My children - as I have already emphasized - are by no means excluded from MY GUIDANCE, who are already in the midst of a married life; on the contrary, you can still receive MY BLESSING in everything, if only you want it!
So call upon ME in your sincerity, which must become a truly holy one, in the sense of the revealed commandments and manifest your holy sincerity to ME! Then the turning point can soon come over you to your joy!
But I THE LORD especially recommend this sincerity to those who have drifted apart and only see a way out of their unhappy marriages in divorce.
I say, THE LORD, hardly anything is more repulsive before MY HOLY COUNTENANCE than such a desire! There is hardly any important reason before ME to justify such a plan; for did not I THE LORD say that the true JESUS-MARIA-LOVE is able to melt even the hardest ice and to make the most hardened heart look up to ME from its wrong way of thinking!
For whatever you humans cite as a valid reason for such a plan can be borne and resolved through sacrifice and mercy, if the true holy sincerity of your will wants to stand before ME, THE CREATOR OF ETERNAL LIFE and your marriages!
He who does not want to carry the cross of his life cannot take the shortest way to My heaven! And did I not already tell you through MY ROCK PETRUS that you can cast everything on ME? So what more can I THE LORD do for you?
Avoidance of Living Apart through the JESUS-MARIA-LOVE
Since I grant you people of this earth MY GRACE AND MERCY in everything again and again and do not divorce you despite your continued mistakes, wrong ways and all abominations, it is also MY HOLY WILL that the divorces on your earth will soon be a thing of the past, which you no longer want to be reminded of!
But if you do not return to this MY HOLY WILL, you are truly digging yourselves into the living graveyard through your wrong thoughts and actions, which will swallow you whole for hell!
And to all of you, who are to be guardians of the law and advocates of true justice, I THE LORD say: Do not make yourselves complicit in this hellish graveyard! Do not be instruments and henchmen of My counterpole, but become guardians of the law and advocates of YOUR GOD AND LORD, so that I THE LORD would not even have to say: I do not know you, because you did not want to know ME! Have the courage to align your opinions and your existing laws with ME, YOUR GOD AND LORD, and to change them if necessary, then MY GRACE can still be with you! But never if you are compliant to My counterpole!
To fulfill this fifth commandment of the Holy Sincerity in all its scope and consequence until the last breath in the earthly human garb is indispensable if you want to stand before ME, YOUR CREATOR, and receive MY BLESSING and MY GRACE! For truly, say I THE LORD, the most holy sincerity of MY ETERNAL LOVE is to preserve you, to save you and to lead you home into the perfect bliss of MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE!
So become also in all holiest sincerity!
In this Most Holy Sincerity you children of men will also gradually hear and learn more of MY HOLY PROPERTIES, without which you would have long since been a finally lost victim of My counterpole, without the slightest hope of salvation through the mercy and redeeming LOVE AND PATIENCE!