God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

A Parable of the Seven HOLY PROPERTIES OF GOD

If you have read this Bible chapter on true, sanctified marriage with the right attention and have deeply moved the seven commandments in your hearts, you should have recognized that these seven HOLY COMMANDMENTS are a parable of the seven HOLY PROPERTIES OF MYSELF. How could it be otherwise! For you humans are created out of MY HOLY IMAGE as the IMAGES OF MYSELF, and so true marriage must in everything be a likeness to ME, THE CREATOR, if you want to give your children the holy title of IMAGES OF GOD!
Never on earth has anyone revealed to you so clearly the holy meaning of true marriage as it is done here through ME, GOD THE LORD, in this MY NEW BIBLE! Verily, say I, YOUR GOD AND LORD, THE MOST HOLY SCRIPTURE you now have in your hands with this NEW BIBLE!
Do not hold back for a moment to immediately set your steps on the HOLY WAY TO ME, which is clearly marked before your eyes; for this is your salvation and the salvation of all the children of men on this earth! I emphasize, all human children! Both for My human children in the East and in the West of this earth, as well as in the North and in the South, there can be no other BOOK OF LOVE for all times of your human history than this first holy volume of MY NEW BIBLE!
If you people in all countries of this earth want to become true children of men in order to get out of all your troubles in a short time, there is only one holy decision for all of you to surrender your hearts completely to ME and to stamp out everything that serves the power struggles among you! For according to MY HOLY WILL OF PERFECTION it shall and must become on this earth
But take this HOLY PROMISE rightly in your hearts, as I once said , for MY FLOCK will be a free FLOCK OF LOVE, in which no one has a privilege, but also no restriction, in which all are satiated spiritually and physically on the eternally lush pastures of MY ETERNAL LOVE, but in which all also listen to their true Shepherd and HIS HOLY VOICE, WHICH I AM, GOD THE LORD! There is neither struggle nor war, neither parties nor oppositions in MY HOLY FLOCK; for LOVE unites everything, LOVE accomplishes everything, everything is LOVE, because YOUR GOD is ETERNAL LOVE!
So that you can accomplish this with ME through perfect love in the shortest and quickest way and this truly happy FLOCK with ME, THE LORD, becomes a holy truth and reality, erase your sins, so to speak, with all holy sincerity, in order to freely join this HOLY FLOCK in MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH. Therefore, I THE LORD conclude this Bible chapter through THE ONE through whom I have introduced it: THE QUEEN OF MY HEAVENS!