God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 1 -


Stirred up in HER MOST HOLY PRIMORDIAL BEING, the PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF MY LOVE pressed to step out into the world of mankind in order to confront its counter-state "hell"! This meant that GOD HIMSELF had to make the greatest sacrifice for the dissolution of the counter-state "hell" out of LOVE!
Everything is possible for GOD out of LOVE, as has already been established, and this greatest sacrifice was possible for GOD through the most wonderful basic principle of HIS ETERNAL LOVE, which will lead everything back to HIM: the self-sacrificing ALL-MERCY OF HIS LOVE!
A trembling such as MY CREATION has never known filled all the rooms of MY INFINITY CREATION when I, GOD THE LORD AND ALMIGHTY, yielded to the pressing of MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE - the PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE - to step upon the star of sinful humanity as THE ONE, to Whom all power in heaven as well as on earth belongs, so that man, as a child of MY PATERNAL HEART, may recognize ME as THE ETERNAL LOVE and henceforth orientate his life towards ME alone and turn away from the counterpole of MY ETERNAL LOVE, to whom the earth is assigned for his redemption until the end of the redemption of all creatures!
But how should this be possible? Because this seemed impossible, My counterpole also never reckoned with the possibility that GOD THE ALMIGHTY could visibly confront him on "his earth". So he always thought he was safe in the knowledge that he could withdraw My children of ETERNAL LOVE from ME for all time! How should I, THE ALMIGHTY SPIRIT OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, be able to step directly among people with their limited spirit, which only sees deep matter, in a visible way? - As THE SPIRIT OF THE ALMIGHTY, WHO PENETRATES EVERYTHING and is ETERNAL POWER in everything, only perceptible and recognizable to a person with a gradually awakening spiritual eye, it would be and will always be impossible to show ME as a human being to people IN THE WHOLE OMNIPOTENCE OF MY BEING; for no human being could ever bear MY OMNIPOTENCE AS I AM IN ME, THE GOD, CREATOR AND LORD!
But the pressing of MY HEART'S - PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE remained and did not rest to bring salvation and redemption from the power of the counterpole to the sinful children of men through a most merciful act of ETERNAL FATHER LOVE: to step on this star of all sins MYSELF!
So this path of salvation and redemption had to be traveled through a MIRACLE OF ALL MIRACLES: Through a mystery which in MY CREATION exhausted the highest wisdom of MY HOLY SPIRIT and at the same time the highest mercy, namely that I, GOD THE LORD AND OMNIPOTENT CREATOR OF ALL BEING, gave MYSELF into the earthly fleshly garment of man in such a way that I was visible to man and bearable for his earthly strength!
So a birth on earth had to be prepared so that I THE LORD could take on a human garment of flesh and become visible in it as GOD and work redeemingly for all the children of men!
But that such a birth could not take place in the earthly way of procreation, therefore had to happen in a different way, should be a truism, so to speak, for everyone who wants to follow ME and hear ME.
Thus I THE LORD let it be announced through My closest servants, whom you call archangels according to what you know so far, that I, THE ALMIGHTY, want to appear before the most sinful beings in My heavens for a limited time, who once turned away from MY ETERNAL SPIRITUAL KINGDOM and are now people of a little star of My creation, which was created for them as a star of redemption from their former guilt of this apostasy from MY SPIRITUAL KINGDOM through MY GRACE AND SALVATION.
With this proclamation, I THE LORD simultaneously asked all My high angels who have a solution for how this new and greatest work of mercy can be accomplished; so to speak, a heavenly test question for My highest servants, to what extent they themselves are already in the SPIRIT OF MY ALMIGHTY WISDOM.
But I, GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, never constantly visible even to My angels of the nearest spheres, knew that with this question I was asking them a question that went beyond even heavenly concepts; for - so the heavenly hosts asked themselves - how can GOD, who is not visible to us in its entirety, appear visible and audible on a world whose inhabitants do not have the slightest degree of heavenly spiritualization! For did not GOD THE LORD Himself say to His greatest prophet on earth, Moses: "MY FACE thou canst not see; for no man shall live that seeth ME! "
Perplexity struck all My angels, although they also knew that I THE LORD have the solution at the same moment as soon as I announce or promise something; but their perplexity arose rather from the burning love and humility towards ME, of which you humans cannot yet have a perfect concept, since you do not yet know what burning love is!
But through this burning LOVE and deeply blissful humility they were overwhelmed by an unprecedented sadness that they would lose the eternally perceptible breath of THEIR GOD, which would fill them most blissfully, through the forthcoming ACT OF SALVATION OF THEIR GOD for the sake of sinful earthly humanity. And a lamentation arose in barely ending heavenly laments; the lamenting angels united in immense choirs, imploring ME not to leave the heavens and to take a different path in order to lead the humanity of the little star "earth" back into THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM OF LOVE AND LIGHT. Like roaring hurricanes, never wanting to end, the choirs of lamentation penetrated through all the celestial spaces and to ME; soon the heavens were an infinity of lamentation for YOUR GOD AND CREATOR!
I THE LORD cannot reveal to you how long this state of lamentation of My heavens lasted; you could not grasp it in your earth-materially bound concepts of time.
When the lamentation of My angels in all the heavens would not come to an end, I THE LORD let the one question murmur through all the heavens, the question of all questions, which can only be answered by the one who, like ME, is LOVE from eternity to eternity! Thus was the question trembling through all heavens to all that is spirit from MY HOLY SPIRIT:
What is true LOVE - perfect LOVE? --- Does not true, perfect LOVE love everything else more than itself? Does it not sacrifice itself for all for the sake of its LOVE? This was heard as an echo to the question of all questions from ME!
For a long time the plaintive choirs of My angels fell silent, for a long, long time - - - -