God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 3 -


There have already been some particularly super clever "wise men" among you humans who have allowed themselves to be bought into the opinion that this earth could well be imagined without humans! So in this case you see again where thinking from the mind alone leads; for I THE LORD say:
Without the human being, MY WHOLE CREATION is unthinkable to ME, THE GOD AND CREATOR! Just as a life without children is unthinkable for a true woman's soul!
What would I, GOD THE CREATOR, LORD AND FATHER, be without My children - without you children of men!
For you humans are MY BEAUTIFUL SELF! Admittedly, you have, so to speak, wrapped yourselves up again in the night of an embryo, which your illusory life cannot hide; but you humans of this world are nevertheless children of MY SELF and I THE LORD AND CREATOR am therefore YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER, WHO created everything for your sake!
For your sake MY CREATION has come into appearance as THE CREATION OF MY LOVE!
And if you men want to comprehend this - I THE LORD say again most emphatically "want to comprehend" - then let the first ray of MY LOVE in you bear fruit to true life in MY HOLY SPIRIT!
You were once born in MY HEAVENS, THE KINGDOM OF MY ETERNAL LOVE, as a spirit from MY HOLY SPIRIT! But since you create a night around you of your own free will from ME, which is not of MY PERFECTION, but the result of your voluntary fall from MY HEAVENS into the self-chosen and self-created night, you must be reborn in MY HOLY SPIRIT!
So now you know what it means to be born again! Even Nicodemus, as a Master of My chosen people, had a hard time understanding what it means to be born again, although I explained it to him from MY HOLY CREATOR'S MOUTH. From this you can also see what a dark night it had become around the souls of My chosen people at that time, which is why THE REDEMPTION WORK OF MY LOVE then became necessary, which will experience a special illumination in the next chapter of this Book of Love.
Meanwhile, it has not become brighter around the majority of all My human children after now almost two thousand years, as I also promised at that time and so MY GREATEST GRACE in this earth time became an indispensable act of MY ETERNAL LOVE: THE RETURN OF YOUR LORD, JESUS CHRIST THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGATHA, once again in human garb! And - as it has already been revealed in all clarity - in no one else in human clothing but IN WHOM, IN WHOM alone it is possible as MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE!
But MY GRACE must never be exhausted for My children of this earth if the holy goal of creation is to be achieved! As incomprehensible as it is for all My angels that MY RETURN on this earth in human garb in their QUEEN OF HEAVEN will hardly have found a noteworthy echo of rejoicing until this moment of the appearance of MY NEW BIBLE, this was not only foreseen by ME, THE LORD, but is fully taken into account in MY PLAN OF GRACE for the salvation of this blind human race!
For I THE LORD knew that it would not be much different for ME in the human garb of MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA than in the Son of Man JESUS CHRIST, and that the very children of men who say "LORD, LORD!" and "Oh, GOD how I love you!" always want to know better than I THE LORD MYSELF how I put MY HOLY WILL into the decisive deeds!
They knew better back then when they thought that THE MESSIAH had to appear among them with great splendor as the Savior and could not have been born in the poorest meagerness of a stable. And today they know better again, claiming that I THE LORD must come to earth with thunder and lightning in the way they imagine! That the promised "lightning" could be MY sudden existence on earth in MY MOST HOLY and the "thunder" could be THE POWER OF MY HOLY VOICE is something that the overly clever zealots of faith do not want to understand any more than the Pharisees once did, who attacked and slandered ME IN JESUS CHRIST and had ME nailed on the Cross of Golgotha!
So it is exactly the same as then, but it will not be the same as then!
For at the end of MY WALK ON EARTH IN MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA the head of the serpent will be crushed and THE NEW JERUSALEM will be established in the glory of My heavens on this earth!