God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 3 -

The Importance to Follow THE LORD in Absolute Obedience

My grace is an encore of MY LOVE for all those children of men who follow ME, THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED ONE OF GOLGATHA, returned in this time on earth in the human garment of MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE, in unconditional obedience!
For obedience is the love of all love, as you already know! But what this means in detail can and will only be revealed to the human child who is willing to follow ME THE LORD without any ifs and buts. For I THE LORD am THE MASTER OF ALL SOULS and know only too well where not only the chain of indebtedness of a soul begins and ends, but also know alone the medicine for the soul concerned through which this indebtedness can be dissolved!
So bow to MY HOLY WILL and do not rebel when I THE LORD make My decrees for the souls concerned who want to follow ME THE LORD; no, rejoice, say I THE LORD, that you can already partake of this grace here on this earth and then no longer need to go the many intermediate steps until you reach MY PATERNAL HEART; for unconditional obedience and the most burning love are the key to MY PATERNAL HEART, and only this opens the door to My heavens for every soul!
There can and must never be any deviation from what I THE LORD, CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, order; for if it were so, you would not be able to partake of MY GRACE, which is only fulfilled when I THE LORD see the whole earnestness of a child and his effort to fulfill only MY ALONE HOLY WILL.
So remember this, My children of this earth; for with ME THE LORD there is only a yes or a no, neither a smear nor a yes - maybe, but only an either - or; for can you imagine that I could build a NEW JERUSALEM with human children who hesitate and procrastinate? You yourselves do not think that is possible.
I THE LORD need children of MY LOVE who go through the fire of MY HOLY SPIRIT for ME THE LORD, so to speak, in order to then stand as true pillars of MY LOVE, which even the strongest counter-pole storm can no longer overturn. The cornerstones of MY NEW JERUSALEM are already in place! And so it is up to you whether you want to belong to those children of My LOVE who want to help build this glorious city that knows no boundaries, where one loves the other in LOVE, as I THE LORD have placed it on this earth for you!
So it is up to you, you My human children, to become true children of YOUR GOD AND LORD or whether you want to remain children of My prince of darkness "Satana", who already holds you all so tightly in his grip that only the hardest work on yourselves, combined with MY GRACE, can free you from it!
So let every soul examine itself by means of a diary, which it should keep for its own maturation, to what extent it has overcome itself in the qualities that are an abomination before MY HOLY COUNTENANCE. Or do you believe that laziness, lukewarmness, lack of love, curiosity and the know-it-all attitude of wanting to rise above another soul are My qualities, the qualities of YOUR GOD AND LORD? You yourselves do not think this possible!
So let every soul turn to what MY HOLY LOVE orders and decrees; for LOVE is the indicator with which I THE LORD measure every soul, whether it has matured so far that I can lift it one step higher to MY PATERNAL HEART! For did not I THE LORD already say in My times on earth as JESUS CHRIST that I want to spit out the lukewarm from My mouth and so it is still today and will always remain so!
Overcome lukewarmness, which is an attribute of My counterpole, and become doers of MY HOLY SPIRIT so that you may become true fighters for ME THE LORD in this dark world; for great is MY GRACE, I THE LORD say, unspeakably great in this time on earth through the return of
For without MY GRACE the free life of your human race would have been extinguished long ago!
Without MY GRACE your earth would be among those stars without souls in human clothing!
For MY LOVE pouring out on you humans alone is not enough to lift you out of the dullness of blind existence into MY LIGHT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!
Therefore, MY GRACE must be added to the ever-flowing LOVE FROM MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE in order to keep those souls among you humans who awaken in the LOVE-LIGHT OF MY HOLY SPIRIT and gradually recognize their true destiny, on the right path they have begun and to lift them higher; for the self-inflicted power of the opposite pole forces is still so great in every human soul, even if it has recognized THE LIGHT, that it is not immune to all temptations from the darkness and could no longer backslide!
So only through MY GRACE, as an indispensable addition to MY LOVE, is the redemption of all life bound in darkness possible!
So without MY GRACE all life would fall to the power of the prince of darkness!
Without MY GRACE there would be no redemption of souls from darkness!
Without MY GRACE there would therefore be no redemption star "Earth"!
Without MY GRACE there would be no human race ascending to a higher level!
Without MY GRACE the process of development in MY CREATION would have come to a standstill!
Comprehend this, if you want to comprehend it, people of this earth! I THE LORD say most emphatically "want to comprehend"; for in the will of a soul to want to comprehend MY GRACE at all, the first weak life impulse to higher alertness makes itself known! Where this weak impulse of will is missing, it is still deepest night in the soul! In order to place MY LIGHT into this deepest night, a further addition of MY LOVE is ultimately required, about which the next chapter will provide information.