God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 6 -

The Consequences of Sins That Are Not Forgiven and Blotted out

The consequences of sins
that are not forgiven and blotted out
You all, who call yourselves Christians after MY HOLY NAME, JESUS CHRIST, THE CRUCIFIED OF GOLGOTHA, know well MY JESUS-PRAYER that I THE LORD in My time on earth taught My disciples at their request how they should pray: THE OUR FATHER.
Often have you prayed this OUR FATHER; but how have you followed it in daily life with your neighbors! O CHILDREN OF MY LOVE, has it become a guideline for you to act only as you pray in THE OUR FATHER:
Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us!
It is the same with this OUR FATHER as it is with MY HOLY COMMANDMENT: "Love GOD above all else and your neighbor as yourself!" Just as this commandment encompasses the whole sacred scope of true, perfect love, so the whole scope of the LAW OF JUSTICE OF GUILT AND ATONEMENT is expressed in the one prayer sentence of the OUR FATHER:
"Forgive us our sins and weaknesses, as we will always forgive those who have sinned against us!", as I taught it at that time and as I THE LORD also dictated it to My scribe.
And if you children of men would pray and obey this one sentence of the OUR FATHER as it is MY HOLY WILL, all mankind could be sinless in a short time!
For, I ask you, THE LORD:
Who of you already prays this sentence of the OUR FATHER every morning with all the fervor of your heart in such a way that this power comes alive in you to act in the same way? Who asks himself at the beginning of each day: What do I have to do today to forgive those who have sinned against me? At the end of the day, can I come before MY GOD AND CREATOR with a pure heart and pray and ask to be forgiven for my own sins and weaknesses, now that I no longer see them in my brothers and sisters and have therefore forgiven them?
Do you not see, MY CHILDREN OF LOVE, how little it matters to merely rattle off prayers with your lips instead of praying from the depths of your heart; how little it matters to be a good churchgoer but not to have built the true church in your own heart; how crucially important it is, therefore, that every human child becomes a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT!
For with this thoughtlessness, as MY OUR FATHER has been prayed and obeyed by you men so far, a sin can neither be forgiven nor blotted out!
I THE LORD have given you with the OUR FATHER a prayer which - if it is prayed with the most sincere impulse of the heart - reaches ME most immediately, just as you press a switch to utilize the powers of the electric current!
For a prayer should by no means be an act of reverence, but a spiritual reality to bring about an agreement with ME, GOD THE CREATOR! No one can ascend into MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION with demonstrations of honor before ME, but only through the deeds of merciful and forgiving LOVE!
So endeavor to make up with all sincerity what you have neglected so far!
Make up for it in the quickest possible way, MY CHILDREN OF LOVE, whenever and whatever you have to forgive those who have harmed you and ask all these brothers and sisters, both in the silence of the heart in spiritual dialogue and in reality, if it is possible for you to forgive yourselves what you have sinned against them, even if it is only in thought!
If you decide to do so, you will truly initiate a spiritual cleansing process for your salvation and for the salvation of the whole human race, which will soon transform the image of this earth!
Do not think that you know what you should forgive and what you should allow to be forgiven! Or must I, THE LORD AND MASTER OF ALL SOULS, still expose to you the dark sinful sides of your souls?
If I would let you look into the sea of sins that are not forgiven and blotted out and into which the sins of your human race pour in great streams without interruption, I say, THE LORD, you would not endure it, you would perish instantly from the pestilence of sins! But I THE LORD, as YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, must endure this sea of sins and see how MY CHILDREN OF LOVE not only flee from MY HOLY VOICE AND MY LOVE, but let the sea of sins rise more and more! And if I would not now put into your hands with this NEW BIBLE a floodgate, so to speak, so that you can seal off the stream of your sins, the waves of sins would crash over you, and they will crash over you as THE JUDGMENT - as the self-created JUDGMENT, says I THE LORD - if you are not willing to seal off the stream of sins in a hurry!
Do not hesitate for a moment to follow MY HOLY COUNCIL and seal the floodgate of your sins and offenses behind you with a jerk by first asking forgiveness for everything that was caused by you and cannot stand before MY HOLY COUNTENANCE, nor find entrance into MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION, but instead multiply the counterpole kingdom of sins!
By your asking for forgiveness you call back the sins and offenses from their procreation, which can then be dissolved and blotted out forever by MY GRACE!
Call back those thoughts that harmed others or even an entire human community and must harm them from now on, because they multiply furiously like the most poisonous microbes and not only harm at the moment of their creation, but through their multiplication and increasing power due to their growing number can harm and destroy entire generations, yes, entire peoples!
The Procreation of Impure Thoughts and Deeds
It was not only like this in countless cases in your human history, it is like this to an alarming degree among you humans today and it will remain like this and destroy you humans yourselves if you do not immediately close the floodgate of your sinful thoughts!
Wherever another or a community of people, for any cause of blind self-love, jealousy or greed, is cast upon and persecuted with thoughts of disapproval, envy or retaliation, the next higher degree of evil, hatred, soon arises and finally increases to dislike and aversion against the other or others, and then also degenerates into all hellish kinds of fighting and war!
MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS have already warned against the spiritual procreation of evil, e.g. the curse, since the existence of this human race, as I have also very often done through awakened high spirits among you humans.
When you are then called away from this earth of testing and redemption as a soul without your human body, you first see the hellish damage caused by your sinful thoughts and even more so by your actions! You then see this immeasurable damage from that new stage of your maturation into which you have layered yourselves! These countless dwellings of which I, JESUS CHRIST, spoke, you can see almost every evening in the starry sky .
But if you do not want to walk over these bitter steps in almost infinite periods of time, but already in this earthly life of redemption ascend to ME at MY HOLY PATERNAL HEART IN MY KINGDOM OF BLISS AND PERFECTION, then immediately ask for forgiveness for all sins according to MY HOLY COUNSEL, so that the stream of procreation of sinfulness is immediately shut off!
With the utmost energy you must seal off the gate of sins behind you, if you now want to cover the straight path directly to ME according to this MY NEW BIBLE in the shortest possible time, in order to step sinlessly before THE GATE OF MY HEAVENS to be let in and through.
This means, MY CHILDREN OF LOVE, that you must forgive all without exception with the whole consequence who have lacked in you - no matter what it is - and no matter whether they are still among you on earth or have already been called away from this earth of redemption! And the consequence of this forgiveness is to draw a line under those who have harmed you in such a way that not even the slightest word is said about it, not even the slightest thought about what has happened is allowed to arise, let alone a vindictive act towards the guilty party, so that everything is written in the sand for time and eternity!
For without this complete pardon and forgiveness you can never be forgiven, just as without this forgiveness you cannot be redeemed from all evil, as you have already prayed so often at the end of the OUR FATHER!
And I THE LORD say again: Do not be arrogant, thinking that you are there without blemish, without any guilt; for no one has forgiven your guilt if I THE LORD have not forgiven it! Do not refer to any existing authority by virtue of which the self-important imaginary world of a church that refers to ME has assumed the right to forgive sins. Know that I THE LORD have not appointed anyone on earth to represent ME, to forgive My children's guilt and sins on earth! No one, say I THE LORD; for only I THE LORD can do this!
Only there, where I once appeared IN JESUS CHRIST, did I forgive and blot out sins, as you know, and today I forgive and blot out guilt and sins, where I THE LORD appear IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, if I THE LORD will it!
But before this possibility of GRACE comes directly to you, you should do one thing, if you have forgiven and pardoned all your neighbors with all the strength of your hearts, that you lay all your transgressions at MY feet - calling ME in the silence of your heart chamber in MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE - asking ME in the most sincere prayer of your heart to forgive you and to erase them from your soul book. If I THE LORD see such a sincere heartfelt effort, it may be that the moment will come when the human child confessing before ME IN MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA will receive the certainty that all the guilt he has committed has been canceled for time and eternity!
Avoidance of Wars / the Armor of Love / the Plight of Souls in the Spheres of Salvation
Wars will therefore never be prevented by weapons, but only through the purification of your whole sphere of life on this star "Earth" from all sinful thoughts can wars be avoided and stop completely! It is an absurd fallacy to want to bring about world peace through ever-increasing armaments; for the sinful thoughts that created the instruments of destruction are already waging the most horrible spiritual war before the weapons are used and sooner or later conjure up the war of material reality as the self-created judgment!
This iron truth lies in MY JESUS' WORD to MY ROCK PETRUS of old in a nutshell, that everyone who draws the sword will perish!
So put on THE ARMOR OF LOVE, gird yourselves with the spiritual SWORD OF MY ETERNAL RIGHTEOUSNESS AND PERFECTION and with it wipe out everything sinful in you and around you, both in thought and in deed! Then, but only then, will ETERNAL PEACE become a reality among you, both in small and large ways!
So ask all souls in this worldly human garb and in the spiritual realm beyond, upon whom at some time and somehow those of your thoughts were directed that were not born of pure LOVE, to forgive and pardon you; especially ask those souls in the spiritual spheres for forgiveness whom you have harmed in previous lives, even though you do not know them in the present human garment, so that the sealing off of your guilt of sin is complete, and I THE LORD AND MASTER OF ALL SOULS will guide your praying and asking thoughts of repentance for forgiveness to all others in such a way that you will become free of all guilt from this life and from your previous lives!
With all the deep sincerity of your repentance, however, include in your prayers for forgiveness those souls whom you have denied entry into this earthly life of redemption by having arbitrarily switched off the law of human fertility and reproduction through interventions which signify a terrible misdeed before MY HOLY CREATOR'S PRAYER! The numbers of these lamenting souls are already moving on the scale of infinity; and so do not only ask them for forgiveness if you have become guilty of them in such a way, but ask in deeply scattered prayers for MY BLESSING for these souls, so that through MY BLESSING a new path into the life of redemption on this earth will soon be prepared for them and they will no longer burden your path on earth!
But in your prayers for forgiveness, whatever it is, put your firm decision in looking up to ME IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, henceforth no longer to fall back into your previous mistakes and weaknesses and never again to sin before MY HOLY COUNTENTENANCE!
Always be aware of what a sin is! I THE LORD will tell you exactly:
MY ETERNAL PERFECTION as GOD, CREATOR AND LORD, as well as HEAVENLY FATHER, is a spiritual organism of infinite and eternally active fullness of life! You humans, as IMAGE CHILDREN OF MYSELF, are in this MY SPIRITUAL ORGANISM infinitely and eternally evolving organisms of creation, indissolubly rooted in MY ETERNAL PERFECTION, creating ETERNAL LIFE from YOU without ceasing and eternally unfolding higher thanks to MY ETERNAL LOVE AND GRACE!
So it should truly not be difficult to see that the slightest deviation from MY PERFECTION, through which you live and can work eternally, is a violation of this perfection that sustains you; therefore it is not only a sin against this perfection, but also a sin against yourselves, since you are an organism living in this perfection! Therefore, a sin not only hurts MY PERFECTION, but also harms yourselves!
As long as a sin is committed out of pure ignorance, it is still considered foolishness before ME! But if a sin is committed knowingly and with the intention of circumventing MY COMMANDMENTS OF PERFECTION, then the sin is a SIN!
So now you know with clarity what a SIN is! But now also be quite clear about what the basic nature of a sin is, which you yourselves put into the sin at the moment you commit the sin! It is the opposite of ETERNAL LIFE: DEATH!
BUT SIN, as a violation of perfection, as a turning away from MY HOLY COMMANDMENTS alone creates the transient life that ends in DEATH!
Therefore My Apostle Paul taught very correctly that death is the wages of sin!
If you children of men now do not want to realize that the overcoming of sins is the prerequisite for creating a better world, then you are unteachable and irredeemably lost for this earthly life to the self-chosen JUDGMENT, which prepares death for you! You owe it to MY GRACE alone that death does not mean the extinction of yourselves from ME, but only a witnessing into another sphere of maturity which, through MY GRACE, means a sphere of improvement for every undiscerning and unwilling human soul until the path to a new life of redemption is paved for it again through MY GRACE.
So, MY CHILDREN OF LOVE, ask yourselves now in the deepest seriousness what is more right, to decide for the opposite pole world of death or for ME AND ETERNAL LIFE.
Bury your illusions, say I THE LORD, of attaining better states of life and the world in any other way than through MY LOVE COMMANDMENTS! It is vain delusion to want to change the world without overcoming sin! Do not continue to print mountains of paper with your illusions, I THE LORD say to you worldly people, if you do not want to rise from the pit of sin! Your mountains of paper of continued self-destructive illusions already put the Himalayas in the shade, spiritually speaking, and yet you do not come up with the most obvious thought of changing yourselves first and no longer sinning!
Is your entire human history still not clear proof to you that without ME, THE CREATOR, no remarkable result can be achieved! Has not the end of each of your great epochs been doom?
Do you now want to bring about the greatest downfall of your human race by letting the ever-increasingly swelling sea of sins rise even higher through your new sins? I say, THE LORD, there will be a greater flood of sins than that of Noah's time if you men of this time do not listen to this MY HOLY NEW BIBLE and do not immediately begin to repent of your own sins day by day and forgive all those on this side and on the other side who have been guilty against you, whereby you should never see the sting in the eyes of your neighbors, but truly the much greater beams of guilt in your own soul!
For no one is innocent of never having sinned against the perfection of ME that eternally embraces you!
Or is it not a sin to look at the other, who is just as much a CHILD OF MY LOVE as you are, with shy eyes, to avoid him or even to harm him with evil thoughts and deeds because he has a different view than you in some things?
Is it not a sin to use MY WEALTH, which I, THE CREATOR, placed at your free disposal on this earth, against your neighbors in secret or openly before all eyes and to feel no remorse at the very beginning of such usury, but to rub your hands in silence over "the good deal"? For did I, JESUS CHRIST, not drive these usurers, who sinned against their neighbor without repentance, out of the temple, making it known that they are an abomination before MY HOLY COUNTENANCE!
And is it not a sin to make marriages a business and to favor, demand and enter into mergers between man and woman in order to achieve advantages that could not otherwise be obtained? Or even to make marriages a pawn in the unscrupulous game for power and prestige?
Or is it not a sin that the life of MY CHILDREN OF LOVE is often prevented by arbitrary boundaries and laws?
And is it not a sin to offend one's neighbor by any kind of violence?
After all, is it not a sin to commit a direct offense against ETERNAL LIFE and to hinder the process of procreation in MY CREATION?
Shall I ask further? These questions would never end if I THE LORD wanted to list all your sins, especially those questions about the most serious sins, the SINS AGAINST MY HOLY SPIRIT!
But to you, who rebel against sins, I THE LORD still address the question: Do you think you are not sinning if you want to get rid of the transgressions in your world with new sins of rebellion and violence?
I THE LORD say: All of you, before you do something rash, with which you could fall into the iron LAW OF GUILT AND ATONEMENT, go completely into your heart and ask yourselves whether you not only do not achieve more with love, but achieve everything, not overnight, but according to the just measure of true LOVE, so that everything is lifted into harmony with ME, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER!
So I THE LORD advise you all My human children who have taken this NEW BIBLE in your hands but cannot yet decide to follow ME in everything, which in most cases would mean turning your own life 180 degrees, so to speak:
Let peace come over your soul! Try to go into the silence of your heart and reflect on your previous life! Then call upon ME, YOUR GOD AND FATHER OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, just when you have never done this before and ask ME, you who are at a loss as to what you should do and how you should start, and I THE LORD will then show you one way or another; for I know best what is the right thing to do in each case, because only I can see through the current state of your souls and judge what is best for your salvation!
Now try to begin to forgive whatever you can forgive and ask ME and all your neighbors to forgive you what you consider to be sin according to your present understanding!
For keep in mind that the sea of sins may no longer swell and may not swallow you up! But even then you have not yet done everything! For if the sea of sins does not disappear from this earth, it can begin to storm again and you humans will never come to rest.
The Cleansing of the Earth from All Sins / How THE LORD Knows How to Protect His Own in the Judgment of Sins
So the earth must be cleansed of all sins and THE SEA OF LOVE must pour out over this earth if the world is to become a better one! For only THE SEA OF LOVE will dissolve all sins! But the sea of sins will - if new sins keep flowing into this sea of sins out of lack of insight - continue to flood everything on this earth and cause it to burst, like that star in MY CREATION ALL, which fell victim to the sea of sin, if I THE LORD do not intervene!
So this chapter of MY NEW BIBLE, despite the extraordinary GRACE REVELATIONS in the other chapters, is of the greatest importance for the time being, namely to stem the flood of sins, so that there will not be a new flood of sins!
In the practice of your human life, this means for the time being: to sin no more, to pray for forgiveness of sins committed and to forgive unconditionally all who have sinned against you, no matter who it is, no matter what it is!
I THE LORD want not and will not let it come to pass that this redemption star "earth" is destroyed by the sins of men; for for this My HOLY BLOOD flowed on Golgotha, through which I redeemed you from the original sin of apostasy from MY KINGDOM, so that you can return home to ME in MY HEAVEN.
It will be so that despite all the HOLY MESSAGES OF MY LOVE in this NEW BIBLE only a fraction of your human race will change and follow ME; but with this fraction I THE LORD will establish THE NEW JERUSALEM on this earth!
I will begin to shake this earth to bring about the awakening to the very blind and stubborn that I, THE ONMIPOTENT, am the Alpha and the Omega!
When this NEW BIBLE has passed over the whole earth and the hearts of men have still not turned to ME, I THE LORD will allow them to be swept away by their own sea of sin to where the stages of correction await them in infinity!
But all those who will have turned to ME in the meantime and are willing to become MY IMAGES OF ETERNAL LOVE, I THE LORD will know how to protect and lead them to the HOLY GROUND OF MY NEW JERUSALEM on earth!
Rejoice, you who decide to now follow MY HOLY WAYS; for through you I THE LORD have the building blocks for THE NEW JERUSALEM and MY GRACE can become effective for this whole human race so that I can lead the first fraction of the human race with you into MY HEAVEN via THE NEW JERUSALEM and then later also the undiscerning, the hardened and the wicked from their self-prepared grave of sin of judgment to the truly new REDEMPTION EARTH IN THE NEW JERUSALEM and thus give them the POSSIBILITY OF GRACE to still follow into MY HEAVEN, whereby THE HOLY TRUTH is fulfilled, that
and that
will not only crush the head of the serpent, but will also lead OUR FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA home into MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL PERFECTION, whereby then not only this earth as the redemption star of all that has fallen, but even all matter will have fulfilled its HOLY MEANING AND PURPOSE and can be dissolved for all time and eternity, which will then be the end of times through
But I must nevertheless warn you, you My willing children of this time, not to read this only as a most wonderful story of promise, but I THE LORD must keep before you your greatest and most sincere responsibility in this time to become role models and shining lights, disciples of MY ETERNAL LOVE!
In everything you must lead the way as MY TRUE CHILDREN OF LOVE! You must go ahead in prayer and forgiveness, and so MY JESUS-WORD from once will also be fulfilled for you, that what you forgive your neighbor here on earth, is also resolved for MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE and the overcomer of sin is given "the crown of life" and he too becomes in perfection
being eternally one with