God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 1 -


But this outpouring of MY HOLY SPIRIT is a perpetual one in infinitely varying degrees of flow; for without this perpetual heavenly outpouring of MY HOLY SPIRIT into the whole infinite creation nothing would live; no living soul would exist; there would be no stirrings of MY SPARK OF GOD in the human souls, because the souls of My human children in the greatest number by far feel comfortable in the realms of My counterpole Satana and nothing in them has such contact with ME, THE GOD AND CREATOR, that they could escape eternal death without MY ETERNAL INFLUENCE!
Only through MY HOLY SPIRIT - remember this carefully, My human children - there is no eternal death, but only eternal life!
But even the children of MY LOVE who earnestly seek ME are, despite their often so strong urge to want to fully recognize and grasp ME, THEIR GOD, still so filled with all unholy qualities in their souls that their state of soul is an abomination before MY HOLY SPIRIT and therefore their love for ME is far too weak, indeed, impotent, to be able to live without the support of MY HOLY SPIRIT!
From these human souls seeking ME, but often afflicted with the worst counterpole characteristics, the many religious fanatics arise for humanity, who cannot show a balanced soul image of MY DIVINE CHARACTERISTICS, but only a dark distorted image of equally extreme characteristics of exaggerated and immoderately excessive views of MY KINGDOM as well as the saddest excesses of uncontrolled passions. MY HOLY SPIRIT must lead precisely these human souls through the most difficult trials of suffering, as they cannot otherwise cast off that which can never find entrance into MY HEAVEN!
Even My counterpole and everything that is guided by its curb would have no power without the continued flow of MY HOLY SPIRIT into its soul realm; for, as you have heard, no life is conceivable without MY HOLY SPIRIT!
Yes, everything - including hell - is created from the power of those currents of MY HOLY SPIRIT which are indispensable for all life; everything benefits from MY INFINITE LOVE AND MERCY; nothing would be strong and would recover and strengthen itself again and again without the eternal flow of MY HOLY SPIRIT!
So everything - with very few exceptions - would be doomed to eternal death if I THE LORD AND CREATOR did not constantly sustain everything through the invisible streams of MY HOLY SPIRIT! These are invisible to every human eye; they are also invisible to all your human research methods and will remain eternally invisible to everyone who seeks to research MY HOLY SPIRIT! This should also show you humans on what weak feet everything stands that is called research and science in your present spiritual maturity!
For MY HOLY SPIRIT OF OMNIPOTENCE, from Whom all things came forth, from Whom all things proceed unto all eternity and through Whom all things are eternally sustained and all things can ascend unto MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION and through Whom all things can live eternally, will only become the most clear and tangible HOLY TRUTH in a human soul when it begins to empathize with this MY HOLY SPIRIT in the deepest humility and is prepared to live in perfect LOVE IN HIM according to the ETERNAL COMMANDMENTS OF MY HOLY WILL!
This living into MY HOLY SPIRIT through the absolutely pure, unreserved and most ardent LOVE FOR ME and all fellow human beings, can even for a soul so matured in perfect LOVE become the visibility of MYSELF to them, since a high degree of pure, true LOVE causes a gradual merging with MY HOLY SPIRIT and makes possible THE REBIRTH IN MY HOLY SPIRIT, through which the soul becomes ONE with ME, THE GOD AND CREATOR!
That therefore the unswerving faith in ME, GOD THE LORD AND CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, must be the very first degree of pure LOVE towards ME and that without this no progress of the soul is possible, should be obvious to every human soul, if it has not already died in the blindness of material bondage and has become a powerless pawn of My counterpole!
The firm, unwavering belief in ME, THE GOD AND CREATOR OF ALL LIFE IN HEAVEN AS WELL AS ON EARTH, is the most natural level of reality of a true human being with a living soul who begins to unite with ME, HIS CREATOR!
But the faith of a ROCK PETRUS is the highest rung of the Heavenly Ladder on earth, on which the earthly impossible can be accomplished, that even the liquid element begins to carry the heavy human body out of the solidified matter!
But the ONE-SEEING SPIRIT OF MY REDEEMER-BODY JESUS CHRIST with ME, THE ETERNAL HOLY SPIRIT, had completely overcome earthly matter and MY RESURRECTION from the flesh of this earth was the perfect glow of the ETERNALLY PURE LOVE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, WHO in this supreme state of perfect LOVE is THE PURE SPIRIT, WHO permeates everything, sustains everything and dissolves everything that is not SPIRIT FROM MY SPIRIT, if it is necessary!
So it happened in the RESURRECTION, IN WHICH I THE CREATOR AS THE LORD OF ALL LIFE FROM MY HOLY SPIRIT dissolved everything that had triggered the original sin of apostasy from MY HOLY SPIRIT and passed over into the matter of this earth as the heaviest thing that I had incorporated IN MY JESUS-BODY as the redemptive power of all My children summed up in itself, which no created spirit would ever have been able to do!
In the flowing blood of MY JESUS-BODY, the redeemed original sin poured out materially on this earth from MY EARTHLY JESUS-BODY, melting for all time and eternity! In the RESURRECTION, however, MY HOLY SPIRIT spiritually redeemed the original sin of apostasy into nothingness! And that meant that all the once fallen spirits of MY HEAVEN - regardless of whether they were currently incorporated into the earthly body or were still in other intermediate spheres - were redeemed from this debt, that therefore this most serious offense before MY HOLINESS AND GODLINESS was redeemed from the LAW OF GUILT AND ATONEMENT through this MY CRUCIFIXION DEATH and was never again subject to the guilt and atonement justice process, that therefore THE COMPLETE LOVE had made the impossible possible out of LOVE! But this MOST HOLY VICTORY OF LOVE lay in MY LAST HOLY WORDS on the cross of Golgotha:
It is accomplished!
So you humans now know that MY GOLGATHA WAY and CROSS DEATH through THE RESURRECTION OF MY SELF from the indebted matter of My earth children was the greatest conceivable ACT OF REDEMPTION OF MY ETERNAL LOVE AND MY HOLY SPIRIT around you and will remain eternal! That is why the next chapter of this NEW BIBLE by MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA will also read: "THE MERCY".
But before that - which has already begun in this chapter - THE MOST HOLY ACT OF MY BIRTH ON EARTH IN JESUS CHRIST will first be revealed, after you have just learned in a revelatory outline as a transition to this highest revelation what MY HOLY SPIRIT is and what HIS ETERNAL WORKING for time and eternity consists of.
So let every malicious blasphemer who dismisses MY BIRTH IN JESUS CHRIST through THE HOLY SPIRIT as a fable fall silent before what I THE LORD am now revealing here, so that everything that still has the touch of a pure heart may be strengthened and become capable of a life in LOVE according to MY ETERNALLY HOLY AND PERFECT WILL!