God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 1 -


But before this revelation becomes comprehensible to you children of men of this time through your senses, which are too attached to everything that godless worldly wisdom makes you believe, it is essential that you experience the reality and truth of what a birth on earth is in its basic process.
The birth of a human child is not possible without MY HOLY SPIRIT; for without HIM no life is possible, without HIM no human body would be filled with a living soul and no SPARK OF MY HOLY SPIRIT would give the human child the quality of "man"; never ever could I, THE CREATOR, have had Moses write down for THE BIBLE that man is created in MY IMAGE!
What man does for the birth of a child, however, is only a secondary process; but an ACT OF GRACE from MY LOVE, which enables him to indirectly become a co-creator! The fact that this again requires the mating between two essentially different factors is another ACT OF GRACE, namely that the pure LOVE originating from the heavens, but contaminated by the former apostasy from the heavens, can be raised again to HEAVENLY LOVE through human mating, provided that in the mating human beings through their thinking and acting a HEAVENLY ASPECT is put into the mating!
This HEAVENLY ASPECT can only be achieved by looking up purely to ME, GOD THE CREATOR; for only through this is that stream addressed and attracted from MY HOLY SPIRIT which allows HEAVENLY PURITY and HEAVENLY PROPERTIES to become effective in human mating. In the opposite case, however, the elemental stream from MY HOLY SPIRIT, which is necessary for a living human being, mixes with the negative sensory streams from the world of My counterpole!
So you humans, see how you are truly co-creators of living life in My creation; what great responsibility lies within you and how you have the life of a child in your hands to become a good or less good or even a bad person.
THE LIFE for the new, nascent human child lies solely IN MY HAND and is a GIFT FROM YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, WHICH ONLY I AM ABLE TO GIVE. THE LIVING SOUL for a new human being is also a GIFT OF MY GRACE, but here you humans already become co-creators, in that it is up to you alone which SOUL I THE LORD incorporate into the act of birth of two mating human beings! Consider this only too carefully and continue to move this in your hearts!
So perhaps you already suspect that you humans of this earth have decided on the soul of a new human child at the same moment of your mating; for a few moments after the normal and healthy act of mating, ONE SOUL is already MY GIFT OF GRACE or MERCY to the uniting humans according to MY HOLY WILL! In the former case, it is a GIFT OF GRACE if the LOVE of the mating people has at least a hint of divine qualities; the greater and purer THE LOVE for ME, THE GOD AND CREATOR, is, the greater and more wonderful MY GRACE can be! In the latter case, THE SOUL IS A GIFT OF MY LOVE, because the couple made nothing else for the purpose of their love than only self-love, which always only brings about one thing, namely further entanglement in the unheavenly qualities of My counterpole! And yet I THE LORD bestow MY MERCY on all those who couple out of mere self-love, which gives them the soul for a new human child from the realm of fallen souls, which is the best measure of their parental love and is a test for the sake of true progress.
But there is one exception, which is not an exception of arbitrariness, but an exception for the sake of salvation! This exception is based on a HEAVENLY ASPECT OF THE VICTIM, which only a high spirit from My heavens is capable of fulfilling, who enters human life in order to redeem a deeply indebted soul from the inexorable law of guilt and atonement and to restore it to My heavens. This will be touched upon several times in the course of this multi-volume Bible.
For now, it is important for you humans to know that you are co-creators in the process of becoming new life on this earth, and that without MY GRACE and MERCY neither LIFE nor the gift of a living SOUL to man is possible!
The fact that THE GIFT OF GRACE OF A SOUL is the iron execution of an irrevocable process of creation in the new human child just a few moments after the act of mating between two people is not only conveyed to the human race through this NEW BIBLE as a new image of knowledge, but also as an impulse to strive for MY GRACE in the pure Heavenly LOVE, thereby creating a new human race in which THE LIGHT OF MY HEAVENS shines and nothing more falls prey to the darkness of the depths!
Even now, with this just beginning revelation about human life, everyone can recognize what infernal aspects underlie the current views on birth and life, which alone made THE WORK OF MERCY OF THIS NEW BIBLE necessary.
But once you are further introduced by MY GRACE into the mysteries of life and hear what a soul is in its content and richness of essence, you will shudder at yourselves and at the greatness of your responsibility to true life! You will learn to realize that your life becomes a holy one the moment you truly begin to look up to ME, THE CREATOR, in pure LOVE. But you humans will also shudder at how you have more or less thrown your lives away so far, that a large number of your human race lives in the gutter instead of in the heavenly sphere!
So look forward to all that THE NEW BIBLE will reveal to you; but first be content with what I THE LORD give you in this first volume as a heavenly prelude, which already foreshadows the great and will transform your life and being.
That which you as human beings yourselves contribute to the becoming life is only your will out of the wonderful quality of Myself, the absolute free will, which with you mostly has only one direction, to fulfill your self-love, which before Me, THE GOD AND CREATOR, who is only LOVE in all that He does, is only a primitive addiction to please yourselves and to do only that which flatters the selfish, self-satisfying soul.
Even that which is, so to speak, your specific property: the reproducing and multiplying seed of procreation on the one hand in the male factor and in the female the maturing vessel for the new human being in the human fruit, are likewise MY GIFTS OF CREATION to you humans, which you have not developed out of yourselves, but I, THE CREATOR, in a preparatory process of infinite and everlasting complementary wisdom of creation which is not yet comprehensible to you!
For these earthly building blocks to a human form-life according to MY ETERNAL IMAGE - which are potentized to the finest degree in the procreating seeds - are LOVE-CREATIONS OF MY UNFATHOMABLE WISDOM; yet not sprung from MY original WILL OF CREATION, but from the sad necessity not to let your fallen spirit, once turned away from MY ETERNAL KINGDOM OF LOVE, fall into eternal death!
I THE LORD let your spirit, which had turned away from ME and was directed against ME, fall according to your free measure as long as there was still a possibility of salvation and repentance. I only intervened when your spirit, which had become blind, had also lost this possibility and was no longer teachable. The fall of your spirit went so far that only for ME, THE CREATOR, were traces of life from ME still recognizable! So far sunk and so dark and so firm had your blind spirit - once emerged from ME - become!
From this so deeply fallen spirit only building blocks could be taken for its salvation and return to the former heavenly state without a noticeable life awakening, which was so small that neither a human forming power nor a procreating life force could be detected in it! It was the lowest limit of spiritual viability!
So I, THE CREATOR, had to create the greatest miracle in order to awaken the spirit that had fallen so low to new spiritual life and to create the possibility for it to return to its lost home, which for it is MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT OF ETERNAL PERFECTION!
Thus created I THE LORD
and the fallen spirit of ME
In spite of all miracles so far closed and incomprehensible to you humans, this realm of the soul is only a breath of creation; but this BREATH OF MY LOVE had to contain a great trait from MY HOLY SPIRIT and at the same time also the summation of all qualities from the fallen spirit, should a return process for the fallen spirit be at all within the range of possibility and nothing from the fallen spirit be doomed to eternal death and its nothingness!
An unparalleled marvel, you will admit, if you humans still have any feelings at all for THE WORK OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR! But I reveal to you further; for among the thousands and thousands of human souls of this time there will still be at least one lively soul here and there who will now endeavor to understand himself by means of these REVELATIONS OF MY LOVE AND MERCY!
In order that MY MIRACLE OF THE SOUL would also be viable for a process of return of the fallen spirit until this goal is reached, the SOUL must also be begotten of THE BREATH OF ETERNAL LIFE FROM ME!
But that was not enough! For its process of returning the fallen spirit, the most diverse functional and unfolding systems also had to be placed in THE SOUL - of which you researching humans only know very few - in order to rekindle to new life all the former infinite abilities and properties from the fallen spirit, which had almost died and were only still present in traces!
Finally, however, the most wonderful quality from MYSELF had to be anchored in THE SOUL, which created everything, which sustains everything, whereby an ascent around the other is only possible: LOVE! For what would a soul be without love; without love a soul would be less than the rottenest wood!
But THE SOUL with LOVE OUT OF ME would not yet reach the final goal of leading the fallen spirit home into MY HEAVENLY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION, if I THE LORD AND CREATOR not also still would put
through WHICH the soul can first become aware of its divine destiny and strive for unification with ME!
Thus THE SOUL has everything it must have in order to be able to lead the fallen spirit home to ME, THE CREATOR, YOUR GOD AND FATHER. From the slightest fallen spirit potency to the HOLY SPARK OF GOD OF MYSELF, it contains everything and is able to reach the goal set for it by ME with certainty through its ability to live eternally, even if it should take eons! The goal will be reached as true as I, GOD THE LORD, THE CREATOR AND THE ETERNAL WISDOM am: all fallen spirits will one day return to ME. It can, however, be sooner than in the most distant eternity, if you humans begin to truly love ME and become aware of yourselves, where you have come from and with what LOVE AND MERCY I THE LORD draw and lead you!
Thus, through this revelation, you have first been shown the wonderful scheme of a soul, from which everyone who has not yet died in his spirit like the deeply fallen spirit should understand that miracles upon miracles of MY GRACE-LOVE fill and surround him and that it is truly time to love ME, THE CREATOR, with all the fervor of the heart in order to be led towards the true destiny through MY GRACE, to participate in MY ETERNAL KINGDOM OF PERFECTION!
See now, you My human children, why this NEW BIBLE had to be written? So that your spiritual gaze, which had already almost died out, would be directed towards the true world and not be in danger of going blind to MY ETERNAL LIGHT at the limits of your earthly life and existence! So free yourselves through these MY OPENINGS OF GRACE from the meager customs of this blind world, through which you are drawn away from the true happiness that I THE LORD have in store for you, if you begin to listen to this MY HOLY WORD!
Do not let yourselves also be told what I AS JESUS CHRIST said about the unteachable:
"For with seeing eyes they do not see, and with hearing ears they do not hear; for they do not understand"
(Gospel of Matthew 13/13)
You people of this time insist so much on being considered progressive. Do you think that it is progress to thrust yourselves day in and day out into the horns of this world and, like the "Tower of Babel", constantly erect new towers of prestige for the short-lived existence, without a vision for ETERNAL LIFE?