God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Preface -


See, people of this time on earth, you are in the same situation as My chosen people Israel were then! For I THE LORD have for almost two thousand years had prophets of MY LOVE appear here and there all over the earth through MY HOLY WORD and no one can say that he has not heard of a GOD OF LOVE and those who willfully reject everything that comes from God will not soon be able to say that they have never heard THE VOICE OF THE LORD, THEIR GOD AND CREATOR!
It is the same as when I already through MY MOTHER MARIA wore the garment of the SON OF MAN and first appeared there and then IN MY HOLY WORD; for I, GOD THE LORD, have again come to this earth in the garment of man and am already appearing there and then through THEM IN MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, IN WHICH I have come again!
So the time will come when you - like the people of Israel at that time - will have to prove whether you have matured and recognize ME IN AND BY MY HOLY WORD, whether you want to follow ME or not, whether you therefore want to be saved or whether you condemn yourselves through the relentlessly and perfectly working LAW OF GUILT AND ATONEMENT!
Consider this very carefully before you read further in this NEW BIBLE OF MY LOVE AND GRACE and tell those who want to pass by this NEW BIBLE carelessly or in the vain delusion of knowing everything better, what is written here in all clarity, so that no one can deny not having known anything about this BIBLE OF GRACE!
I THE LORD am truly not only YOUR GOD, CREATOR AND LORD, but rather YOUR ETERNAL FATHER, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER! You must already recognize this from the fact that I give you eternal gifts with everything from ME! And you should also recognize this through MY HOLY VOICE, which is never ceasing to be addressed to you, even though you hardly pay attention to it and accept it! And that I AM YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER OF UNLIMITED LOVE you could also recognize by how easy I make everything for you to recognize ME, to follow ME and to reach MY PATERNAL HEART!