God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 2 -


I THE LORD know that you people of this earth, who once would have been inhabitants of My heavens, but who have recklessly carried out the separation from ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, are today in your self-inflicted, heavy earthly garment extremely sluggish in true thinking, especially when you are to give an account of the true life in the spirit which you left! But you are only sluggish because your once free spirit in the straitjacket of the fallen potencies, which you call matter, immediately loses itself in the impenetrable undergrowth of your strongly diminished spirituality, which is mostly an if-and-but acrobatics of the intellect, which does not let you reach a reasonable result.
Thus you humans have unlearned true thinking as in My heavens, which should come from the spiritual center of yourselves, the heart, and not first from the storehouse and transformer, the brain.
Your thinking should therefore not originate from the brain, but from your heart; it should primarily be the deepest and most thorough heart-thinking; for heart-thinking corresponds immediately and most directly with ME, THE CREATOR, WHO, as you already know, I have taken up residence in you with A PART OF MY PERFECTION MYSELF for your salvation! As soon as this true heart-thinking of a human child has the upper hand in everything, I THE LORD begin to flow more and more into the soul of the same and can lead it in perfection according to MY HOLY WILL. Yes, MY THINKING, THE THINKING OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, gradually becomes the pure thinking of the soul of the human child; it gradually frees itself from the self-imposed snares of earlier wrong thinking, the so-called circumstances of fate begin to dissolve, its own weaknesses are powerfully overcome, the path now leads steadfastly upwards to MY PATERNAL HEART!
If your renowned capacities of anatomy, the heart and brain specialists, were able to correctly interpret the structure and function of the heart and brain, they would have long since recognized this so tangible, but also most sacred truth, which I THE LORD am revealing to you humans here.
The right thinking of the heart can best be kindled by the ardent love for ME; for THE LOVE FOR ME according to the main commandment "Love GOD above all else and your neighbor as yourself!" not only pulls the soul out of the old familiar rut, but it loosens and refreshes the soul in an undreamt-of way, gradually bringing it the treasures of My heavens!
Therefore make an effort to learn and cultivate heart-thinking, for which I THE LORD give you the most wonderful advice through MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE! And if you have now already learned a little correct heart-thinking, then it will dawn on you, so to speak, why I THE LORD had to come again in MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF LOVE for the sake of correct thinking alone!
For true, right thinking out of LOVE, THE HOLY SPIRIT, is as indispensable for the redemption of all fallen things as light is for the prosperity of every creature!
The most wonderful functional pathways laid in you by YOUR GOD AND CREATOR for correct thinking, for the correspondence with ME in your heart and for the incessant interactions between heart and brain, enable the slow maturation of the human soul. As long as this has not begun and withers away in the superficial earthly trot under the blanket of lukewarmness and inertia, the soul is also not responsive to everything it is taught by GOD and from the heavens! This is the main reason why evil triumphs over good, why MY HOLY VOICE is mostly spoken into the void to the self-clogged ears of men, why also - as in this chapter - obedience is not immediately understood as THE LOVE OF ALL LOVE, as it is indispensable for the salvation of the whole human race!
So also in this case I THE LORD must again through MY ROCK in unceasing patience and gentleness add many words of explanation to MY HOLY WORDS through MY MOTHER OF BODY MARIA, so that these WORDS OF GRACE of MY LOVE are not uselessly spoken past you; so that finally MY HOLY LIGHT may rise in you children of men.
You can truly grasp MY HOLY WORDS only in the heart and only from the heart can they become a living, fruitful deed! If you want to grasp them with your mind, you will get lost in the dead ends of the counterpole of MY LOVE AND WISDOM and only argue them to your own detriment!
The best example of this are the two so sacred words for the true ascent of all life:
For, when you enter into the thoughts of the world-love, you have already taken a step into the real hell! And it is not much different with the concept of obedience in worldly application; there you are immediately faced with the most horrible violence and arbitrariness, which day after day brings thousands of people of this earth into slavery, bondage and into the countless varieties of cruelest misfortune.
But that which is THE LOVE OF YOUR GOD AND CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH has already been revealed to you to such an extent that you can begin to enter into this true LOVE without reservation! But if I THE LORD wanted to reveal to you all the WORKS OF MY ETERNAL LOVE in MY INFINITE CREATION, I say, THE LORD, not a thousand earthly lives of your soul would suffice to be able to do this; nor is there any instrument of your ingenuity which would be able to record all the WONDERFUL WORKS OF MY LOVE; but one of MY WONDERFUL WORKS is capable of doing this and this I, YOUR CREATOR, have even placed within you! It is your heart! Your HOLINESS FROM ME, in which I MYSELF have taken place through a GLOWING SPARK OF MY PERFECTION, without you humans wanting to recognize ME in it, although I so often admonish you from this MY PLACE in you not to do anything wrong! Superficially you mostly pass over the VOICE OF KNOWLEDGE, not thinking about whether it might not be I, GOD THE LORD, WHO is at work in you, so that you do not commit any wrongdoing!
There you see again how wrong your intellectual thinking is! Even those who could know it - as I have already pointed out - do not want to know it and see MY HOLINESS in you children of men, THE HEART, only as a mere operating apparatus for the production of blood in your body! Oh, you short-sighted but nevertheless arrogant intelligent people without any emotion for THE LOVE OF YOUR CREATOR AND GOD!
But we will come back to this HOLINESS in you later and first turn to this chapter, which introduced MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POOL OF ETERNAL LOVE. At first glance, this introduction appears to be very brief, but nevertheless it says everything from the perfect depth of MY HOLINESS, which can open up a completely new world to every human soul, THE WORLD OF PERFECT LOVE! So that this can now be truly opened up to you, obedience from MY VIEW should still be brought to you in the brightest, most understandable light, although it would be so easy for you to do this yourselves if only your soul were filled with the right love for ME!
So see, My children of men, whatever you do, no matter whether you are very clever or not, whether you are Christians, Jews, Mohammedans, Hindus, Buddhists or godless, you must at the bottom of your natural life submit completely to MY HOLY SPIRIT OF ORDER for your good and can also begin everything only with the beginning of ORDER IN MY HOLY SPIRIT, whether you want to be aware of it or not!
No human soul can avoid being fundamentally obedient to the HOLY SPIRIT OF MY ORDER AND WISDOM!
Whoever does not want to admit this, I THE LORD ask him: Can you spare sleep? Behold, you cannot answer in the affirmative! If you want to object to it, it is only the most stupid defiance; for no one can affirm it! All creatures without exception are bound to the basic order for their earthly well-being, to cultivate rest after the exhaustion of body, soul and spirit. No one can change this basic law of order or even temporarily circumvent it; if he tries, he is soon at the end of his defiance and his physical strength and must bow to MY ORDER!
But now it moves a little in your hearts, what I, THE CREATOR, had to stage all the miracles to create for you ungrateful people day and night! And you do not even think, when you look up at the sun, the moon and the stars, to pour out your love for ME, THE GIVER OF ALL GIFTS, as I THE LORD do for you without interruption!
But this is what happens to ME with all MY WORKS OF LOVE, which make your becoming and working possible in the first place! Instead of showering ME with your love for it, you presume to break out of the miracles of life at your own discretion and prefer to accept the setbacks caused by your reckless actions. This is what you humans have done from generation to generation and, through your selfish short-sightedness, would like to achieve more for your limited earthly existence than is predestined according to MY PERFECT HOLY WILL!
So you humans would like to ruthlessly snatch everything with which I THE LORD have blessed your earth for your ascent, all MY GIFTS OF GRACE in the earth, plant and animal kingdoms, for a short-lived wealth, the more, the better, without even remotely thinking of enriching your soul with MY LOVE, which is inexhaustibly available to you without cost!
In the same way, you yourselves would like to bring the becoming of your procreating life under your control as you see fit, only to indulge your desires without thinking of the high and holy obligation of creation, without even thinking of your brothers and sisters on earth as in heaven!
For your next brothers and sisters do not only walk here on your earth in human guise, but live in far greater numbers in the most diverse spheres of maturity between earth and heaven and in heaven itself, waiting to be begotten into a new life of testing on this earth and to be redeemed from the law of guilt and atonement and to be able to ascend further! These are your brothers and sisters since your apostasy from MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE, with whom you are connected according to the degree of your former guilt from the earlier periods of life!
Instead of moving in your heart what I gave you in this earthly life, namely a life of redemption from all guilt, all faults and weaknesses and with the continuing possibility of grace of yourselves even a co-redemption of all souls connected with you until the final redemption of your eternal guilt of all creatures, you want to become even more apostate from ME, YOUR CREATOR, through your arbitrary acts than you once became through your apostasy from MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION!
So I THE LORD say to you all: Stop going into more debt! Stop wanting to interfere in the holy becoming of My creation, if you do not want to completely overflow the measure of your guilt and force ME, despite all MY LOVE for you, to JUDGE you, similar to the flood of sin!
So you see from these already so few examples how much your thinking goes astray in your actions to your own detriment, if you only think from the mere mind, without looking at ME THE LORD, without consulting ME THE LORD in your heart!
If I THE LORD would also allow you to freely switch and rule in the areas of your basic needs of life, just as you please, and if I would not have anchored the basic and main functions of your body in the PERFECTION OF MY HOLY WILL, I THE LORD say with all certainty, not for one earthly year would your human race exist!
So you should now gradually realize that you must already be obedient to MY PERFECTION in the basic areas of life; for your wisdom does not come one millimetre close to mine, so to speak, and miracles of life, as they constantly take place in your body-organism and are indispensable for your life, you cannot even create!
So it should now dawn on you, My human children, that it is necessary for your own sake alone to become obedient to ME, THE CREATOR! And if you gradually grasp this, you should also soon begin to love ME above all else, in order to then truly understand in its entirety that
But now also see what perfect LOVE I, THE CREATOR AND LORD, am to you already in that I do not force this so self-evident LOVE OF ALL LOVE, THE OBEDIENCE, on you, that I do not dictate it to you, that I even refrain from it, punishing your disobedience, but that I only allow that you yourselves must make amends for any guilt, i.e. all your faults, by letting an unwritten law, the law of guilt and atonement, work automatically for the sake of your preservation!
But I, THE LORD OF ETERNAL LOVE, also reach out to you with MY HOLY ARM, in this time on earth even through MY RETURN IN MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, in order to set you free from this law of grace of guilt and atonement! Thus I truly come more than 99 steps towards you humans in MY LOVE AND MERCY and you do not even need to take a single step towards ME - grasp this!