God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The Second Commandment for True, Sanctified Marriage

THE SECOND COMMANDMENT for true, sanctified marriage according to MY HOLY WILL is derived from the first commandment and reads for every soul:
Let MY HOLY SPIRIT become fully effective in you through your purified thoughts, which look up to nothing else but to ME, YOUR GOD, CREATOR, LORD AND HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS, WHO wants to take up residence in you with all the glory of HIS SELF!
Pray through your purified thoughts without ceasing, so to speak, for this MY GRACE and so THE POWER OF MY LOVE FROM MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE will come upon you in everything!
If you do this as a soul not yet married, then according to MY ORDER and according to MY HOLY WILL another soul belonging to you will adorn itself with everything in pure, true LOVE through MY HOLY SPIRIT, in order to then meet you through MY LEADERSHIP, if you are obedient in all the commandments given to you here and have passed all the tests that are necessary for a true, perfect marriage, which will be sanctified by ME and in which there is no relapse into the sphere of sin of My counterpole!
So you, beloved soul, do not need to look for your soul-partner for a true, sanctified marriage; for you now only see what is suitable for your present state of soul with the still existing qualities that cannot exist before ME; but I, THE LORD AND MASTER OF ALL SOULS, see the souls as you cannot see them and know what a soul is capable of, what she can achieve and whether she can be your real fulfillment, complement and your true happiness!
So trust ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR AND HEAVENLY FATHER, WHO will guide you if you want it; put all your burden on ME and reach out your hand to ME IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, then you will reach THE HOLY GATE TO MY HEAVENS!
Always think of only one thing: to become A TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT and overcome everything in you through MY POWER that does not belong in this temple, and then the moment will come when I THE LORD will take up residence in you and bring you the soul of your longing, with which you will then become A TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT!
Never let yourself be dissuaded from this goal, whatever it may be, even if it does not seem to fulfill what I THE LORD promise you here; for know: The longer I test My children, the richer will be MY GRACE!
Just as I THE LORD wonderfully guide every human child who wants to be led by ME to the true partner for this earthly life at the right time, I also guide you, who have already forged your bonds of marriage of your own free will, if you ask ME for it with a sincere and humble heart. For your true happiness still awaits you through the mercy and LOVE of YOUR GOD AND LORD IN HIS MOTHER OF BODY! And so call upon HER as YOUR MOTHER OF SALVATION in daily prayer and I THE LORD will be at hand in HER if your prayer comes from the depths of your hearts and is filled with the burning longing to become A TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT.
The miracle can then take place that the LOVE-BALM OF YOUR REDEMPTION-MOTHER MARIA there reunites the hearts that lived apart and holy peace takes hold again where hell rages and THE REDEMPTION-LOVE dissolves that which hardened; for THE HOLY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE in its heavenly glow is able to transform even the hardest heart into a true heart full of LIGHT AND LOVE FROM ME!
But one thing is indispensable for this: only turn your gaze steadfastly to ME, GOD THE LORD, and no longer turn it to the world of seduction of My counterpole, which must no longer have you in its claws; for it only brings you suffering and misfortune and clings to you with a burden that crushes you and never lets you enter My heavens!
MY GRACE is with you if you want to make of your marriage a TEMPLE OF MY HOLY SPIRIT; but the will to do so must begin to glow in you!