God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Preface -


So I THE LORD mobilize your hearts through THE NEW BIBLE to make you realize that I THE LORD am always in control of the human race and will not let it go to the depths of hell! What I THE LORD give through this NEW BIBLE to all My children of LOVE in GIFTS OF GRACE is - say I THE LORD - the whole


in order not to let you humans become the plaything of hell!
And yet the moment has not yet come when I THE ALMIGHTY will intervene with MY OMNIPOTENCE, but would prefer to prevent this moment and therefore, through THE HOST OF MY HEAVENS, use all available powers of merciful LOVE to turn the senses of My human children to THE MOST HOLY THAT slumbers within themselves through MY GRACE!
So this time on earth is a TIME OF GRACE as it has never been on this earth before; for MY REIGN OF LOVE, GRACE AND MERCY is spread openly before all people through THE NEW BIBLE and all that I THE LORD lead through MY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, which through THE POWER OF MY LOVE has begun the advance on this earth against hell and will only end it, when it has become LIGHT on earth in all willing human hearts and a NEW EARTH with a NEW HUMANITY OF LOVE rejoices to have found MY HOLY INHERITANCE and to have taken the right path!
You do not want to admit it, My children of this earth, that you can accomplish the PERFECT like ME, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR; but the truth is openly spread out before you, that you can accomplish it, to become true CHILDREN OF GOD next to ME and to ascend in you through MY HOLY INHERITANCE in such a way that you will one day become IMAGES OF MYSELF!
That this is so should enable you to break through the cumbersome shell of your human garment and not resign yourselves to your self-created and self-inflicted world conditions and say, as some already do in their blindness: "GOD is dead!" Certainly, "GOD is dead" for those who throw themselves with open arms into the clutches of My counterpole and are dragged down deeper from day to day, so deep where only darkness far from God prevails!
But I THE LORD say: No one can fall so low that he can no longer be saved into MY LIGHT!
It was not only before the Flood that MY HOLY INHERITANCE was only alive in a few; it was also before MY INCARNATION IN JESUS CHRIST on earth! It even remained so despite MY EARTHLY CHANGE until before MY GOLGATHA WAY, which is why I said at that time to the Jews, who expected another MESSIAH than ME:
"MY KINGDOM is not of this world!"
The imagination of the Jews longed for a Messiah for their earthly claim to freedom and power, but not ME,
WHO came to them from the KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE, to establish in their hearts THE ETERNAL BASIC LAW OF LOVE by which all things were created and are sustained in MY CREATION!
But My chosen people Israel should have understood long ago which is the true world; for time and again they had heard through My prophets what MY HOLY WILL is and Israel was taught the commandment of all commandments:
Verily, in costly LOVE and lamb's patience I THE LORD, THE ETERNAL ALMIGHTY, drew My chosen people to ME, admonished and trained them incessantly in the basic commandments of MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTION; but again and again it sinned against these so clear COMMANDMENTS OF MY HOLY SPIRIT FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY; often it became an abomination before ME, so that the self-chosen consequence became nothing other than a life in bondage to My counterpole! And yet I pulled it out of the self-imposed chains of bondage again and again, continually bestowed it with new GIFTS OF GRACE and led it once more through indispensable trials so that it could mature for THE TRUE KINGDOM OF MY ETERNAL LOVE.
So you would think My people Israel should have matured for THE HIGHEST on earth; but they failed again, they failed even IN THE FACE OF HIS GOD IN HUMAN COVERAGE, did not recognize HIM in HIS HOLY WORDS IN JESUS, THE SAVIOR AND MESSIAH, proved that they had not yet matured to recognize and grasp THE DIRECT GRACE OF REVELATION THROUGH GOD HIMSELF and struck ME, THE LORD IN IRDISH HUMAN CLOTH - not wanting to let go of the world-bound hopes - to the cross of worldly shame and disgrace, thus unsuspectingly imposing on themselves the cross of dissolution and dispersion among all peoples of this earth and thus chaining themselves to THE JUST LAW OF MY ORDER, which leads everything back to ME, THE GOD AND CREATOR, with the measure of MY TRUE LOVE: