God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 1 -


But as long as you are not prepared to give your soul a salutary push, so to speak, to awaken from the superficial slovenliness of this world, you humans create for yourselves from generation to generation what your historical bonds are. You call it history; but I THE LORD say that all your world history is an abomination before ME, YOUR GOD OF ETERNAL PERFECTION! And if it had not become a most disastrous abomination 2000 years ago, I THE LORD would not have needed to enter into earthly existence as JESUS CHRIST! But I came to you humans as THE MESSIAH OF THE SPIRIT because - as you have already heard - MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE was stirred to the depths because of the most terrible foolishness of My children on earth!
And behold, My human children, I MYSELF was, so to speak, obedient to MYSELF! I THE LORD listened to THE MOST HOLY VOICE from MY PRIMORDIAL SOURCE OF ETERNAL LOVE and made the greatest sacrifice for your sake to enter into the flesh of your earth to show and prove to you what LOVE AND MERCY can do and at the same time to release you from the primordial eternal law of My order, the law of justice of guilt and atonement, in that I, YOUR GOD AND CREATOR, took upon Myself your old guilt, your original guilt of apostasy from Me, in that I begot it - this accumulated original guilt - as MY SOUL INTO MY HOLY JESUS BODY, a process of creation out of LOVE for the sake of LOVE, so as not to lose My children to eternal death!
I THE LORD AND CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH could only be capable of this ACT OF GRACE AND MERCY through MY GLORIOUS LOVE for all created things; creating again from MY MOST HOLY, PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE!
But SHE, THE ETERNAL LOVE, preceded ME, ME, THE GOD AND CREATOR, paving the way for this greatest WORK OF GRACE, MERCY AND REDEMPTION OF MY CREATION! SHE, THE ETERNAL LOVE, went before on your earth as THE MOTHER OF MYSELF ON EARTH - truly as THE MOTHER OF GOD, as some of you humans very rightly say in reverence of HER, without even knowing what they are saying; for only here in this NEW BIBLE is it revealed for the first time in HOLY TRUTH AND CLARITY how this PROCESS OF GRACE AND REDEMPTION took place!
Through what I THE LORD revealed to you, you now know so much that MY HOLY SPIRIT is a very true reality in My creation and not an unreal religious mirage, as is often the overly clever world education in your time.
And so it was THE MOST HOLY STREAMS OF MY MERCY that gave the most sacred being part of MY ETERNAL LOVE - MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE - the opportunity of begetting itself into the purest, still existing human lineage on earth - the rarest exceptional lineage, say I THE LORD - to be born in human clothing as THE ONE WHO IS OF ETERNITY, MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, to whom I THE LORD gave the name with the most beautiful sound on earth:
HEAVEN had thus come to the sinful earth in HIS PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE and this HEAVEN had to remain pure as THE MOST HOLY RECEPTACLE OF HIM WHO had to come to your earth to accomplish what had become indispensable for your salvation! This HEAVEN had to be protected from all temptations and attacks of My counterpole on earth and therefore, after the first care through the exemplary holy love of the parents, came into the care of the temple of My chosen people until the moment was at hand that I, GOD THE LORD, begot MYSELF IN MY HOLY SPIRIT INTO MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE in the purest human garment!
After what I have revealed to you humans here about the nature and work of MY HOLY SPIRIT, it should now not be difficult for you to grasp that there can be a pure spiritual procreation, and I THE LORD say to you: If you humans one day become pure and purest LOVE and then are nothing other than just LOVE, then all that has fallen away from you which is the human garment of flesh in its still necessary form for you and your procreation process will then one day be different from what it is today!
Just as the outpouring of LOVE is a product of the procreation of LOVE, so that LOVE only gives birth to LOVE again and again in deeds of LOVE, so it should be even easier to understand that THE SPIRIT - and especially THE SPIRIT OUT OF ME - only begets and gives birth to everything spiritually and that this eternally begetting SPIRIT OF GOD can beget and give birth to everything that is HIS HOLY WILL!
However, there is always a complementary pole to begetting and giving birth, be it of a material or spiritual nature. This law of complementary polarities is already effective from MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE, and since I, GOD THE LORD, have MY POLARITY IN ME IN MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, everything can be conceived and born through MY HOLY SPIRIT as a WILL ASPECT OF MYSELF and emerge into Creation as an appearance.
But it is also an eternal basic law from ME that two complementary poles require a field of action, otherwise the inevitable consequence is chaos. From this you can see how nonsensical the claim of some so-called researchers that the universe originated from chaos is. From this law of polarity alone, any reasonably thinking person could recognize that MY CREATION is absolute order, that the will to order is indispensable for the true life of every creature. Therefore, in all kinds of life, at least one basic trait towards order is easily recognizable.
The field of action for the complementary polarity in the material world is always a part of matter or a summary combination of parts of matter. The north and south poles would be unthinkable in their interaction without the earth; this is the case on every world body, right down to the smallest structure of matter.
In the spiritual world, however, the field of action of the complementary poles is the spiritual sphere of action belonging to the poles.