God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The First Decision of a Created Spirit

The moment a SPIRIT OF PERFECTION emerges from ME, GOD THE CREATOR, as a created spirit, a moment occurs which is decisive for this created spirit and decides whether it remains perfect like ME, THE CREATOR! And this moment is THE COURAGE - THE COURAGE not to see itself as the primeval perfection, but to immediately begin to love ME, GOD, THE CREATOR, as THE ETERNAL LOVE AND PERFECTION and to recognize HIM as THE ONE WHO created him and will sustain him for all eternity!
Free will, the essential trait of the perfect, immediately confronts the created perfect spirit from ME with the free decision to love himself or ME in the humility of being a created spirit from ME! Thus LOVE becomes HUMILITY BEFORE GOD, THE CREATOR, and HUMILITY is at this moment TRUE LOVE!
If the decision of the free, created spirit turns to itself without loving ME, THE ORIGINAL PURE, PERFECT LOVE becomes self-love and HUMILITY AS TRUE LOVE becomes arrogance! The further consequence of his self-created cause of a spirit created in perfection are then distortions of love and spirit!
Keep repeating this in your hearts, so that clarity may take possession of you, how and why the imperfect and finally the absolutely imperfect, the evil, could come into creation, although I, GOD THE CREATOR, AM THE ETERNAL PERFECTION!
Thus you will gradually understand why MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA, perfect in everything like ME, THE CREATOR, and endowed with all the qualities of MY PERFECTION, i.e. the glory itself in MY GLORY, could become a counterpole to ME through the free decision to self-glorifying self-love!
The other original spirits who stepped out of MY HOLY, PERFECT TRINITY in the same perfection of being could have put a barrier to the self-love of MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT because they were a testimony of MY ETERNALLY WITNESSING PERFECTION.
But the freedom of the spirit allows every decision, otherwise freedom would not be freedom!
MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA decided for his own power in the GLORY OF MY HOLY SPIRIT given to him! This meant that he decided for himself! The consequences were obvious to him, but to ME they were obvious even in the most distant and ultimate effects.
Unmistakable therefore for MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA with all the power, strength and glory allotted to it, because I AM THE CREATOR AND SPIRIT OF ALL CREATED SPIRITS, WHO AM WHO I AM - and as you have already heard - THE INEVITABLE FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY IN INFINITY, forming a pure-spiritual sphere boundary eternally around itself, which no one can transcend! This HOLY SPHERE is formed by MY TRINITY, consisting of ME, THE ETERNAL GOD, CREATOR, LORD AND HEAVENLY FATHER JESUS, MY MOST HOLY, MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, and the indestructible, eternal AREA OF EFFECTIVENESS OF MY HOLY SPIRIT, on which MY ALL POWER rests and is active!
Thus, through the decision of MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT, a sphere of its own self was created; initially only as a sphere of will, not yet as a sphere of activity and effect. Through this self-formed sphere of its own, MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT initially separated itself from MY HOLY TRINITY! The child from MY HOLY TRINITY began to go its own way, so to speak.
One thing is to be credited to this child of MY HOLY TRINITY: Since I, GOD THE LORD, was and remained invisible and unreachable to this highest child of MY HOLY SPIRIT, his gaze was directed towards himself. But MY UNLIMITED LOVE for this child of MY HOLY TRINITY, MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT, enveloped it with everything that lay in MY INFINITE OMNIPOTENCE!
And since MY HOLY SPIRIT OF DIVINITY is not visible, but all the more tangible in the essence of the spirit - which is the SPIRITUAL HEART - and can only become visible through THE LOVE FOR ME, the freedom of the spirit is only given the ability to make decisions and thus the possibility to unite its own sphere of activity with MINE!
This PRIMORDIAL PRINCIPLE makes it possible for LOVE to unfold and rise in infinite diversity! I, THE CREATOR, was not allowed to override this PRIMORDIAL PRINCIPLE through an even greater LOVE for MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA, THE ORIGINAL CHILD OF MY HOLY TRINITY. The consequence would have been an impoverishment of LOVE, inertia of the SPIRIT and dwindling WILL; not free spirits would have stepped out into My creation in the further consequence, but unfree spirits; not free beings, but, as it were, puppets, without true LOVE and without the WILL to true LOVE!
Through MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA the PRIMORDIAL PRINCIPLE OF MY TRINITY working IN ME was to pour out into all the infinity of My creation with all the power and glory working from ME. Thus were given to this firstling spirit two PRIMORDIAL SPIRITS for this most holy correspondence, created from MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE in the fullness of MY POWER for infinity!
In this way, a new TRINITARIAN PRINCIPLE could permeate and fulfill MY CREATION OF INFINITY AND ETERNITY; but another principle of creation was still indispensable for this and had to enter into the spiritual effect of MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA as the ORDER OF MY HOLY CREATION: The basic grant of MY ETERNAL PROPERTIES, without WHICH I would not be GOD IN MY OWN ORDER and without WHICH neither the principle of procreation nor an act of creation could be accomplished, nor could anything receive the breath of reality of eternal life!
If you, the people of the world, remember this carefully, then you will know why you can never create anything for eternity out of your mere intellect, but only for transience and why all your actions and creations are subject to an end. Only with the abilities and qualities of MY GOD-SELF is it possible to accomplish eternal things! This is possible in the true, perfect marriage, as you will soon hear. But first continue with what concerns MY SPIRITUAL PRIMORDIAL CREATION.
In two sacred cardinal numbers everything is in the ETERNAL ORDER OF MY CREATION, in the "three" and in the "seven".
If anything is to take on form and life, these sacred ordinal and basic numbers must be included in what is to emerge as form and life. The "3" is already causally and eternally melted into MY HOLY TRINITY, so to speak; the "7" is eternally anchored in MY HOLY PROPERTIES and must eternally anchor itself in everything that wants to become like ME as an IMAGE OF MYSELF!
Whoever, be he a spirit of My pure spiritual heavenly spheres or be he a soul in earthly human garb with a spark from MY HOLY SPIRIT, enters into a state of separation from ME, GOD, THE ETERNAL CREATOR, if he ignores this and especially if he even thinks he can go completely his own way without adhering to what is MY ETERNAL BASIC ORDER! Remember this, you young people on earth, who rush along in the impetuous blindness of your illusory ideals without looking at this MY ORDER and sacrifice yourselves and often many of your fellow human beings to the chaos of hell.