God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

The Basic Requirements for a Holy Marriage

True marriage, as it is sanctified before ME, GOD THE LORD, does not only begin with the marriage; it begins at the moment when the soul clothed in human garments becomes aware, thanks to MY SPIRITUAL INHERITANCE within her, that she must strive for higher things and perfect herself! But this moment is not yet filled with the pure clarity of entering fully into MY HOLY SPIRIT. This moment is similar to that moment when a created spirit of heaven has stepped out of ME and must decide in the freedom of will given to it whether it wants to love ME above all else and follow ME in unconditional obedience or go its own way, as I have revealed to you.
This moment comes upon every soul according to MY HOLY WILL, both male and female; but when this moment comes upon the soul depends on so many processes in the soul which cannot be revealed to you; but this moment comes upon the soul according to MY ORDER, and it comes upon it when it is for its best. So no soul can excuse itself that it was not given MY HOLY HAND to ascend or - depending on its circumstances - to turn back!
But this MY NEW BIBLE can and should bring about that this moment not only comes over the soul with greater strength and power, but that this moment is even repeated for the salvation of the soul, if she should already have recklessly suppressed this moment which once came over her. In this circumstance lies a very special GRACE for you children of men, which wants to save you from the descent into the abyss of My counterpole precisely in this time of the increasing transgressions of man and woman and to lead you to the heights of true marriage!
The sooner this moment comes upon the soul, the better it is for her; for the sooner she can take THE HOLY PATHS to true, perfect marriage and avoid a difficult fate on earth. However, if the soul has already decided on a wrong direction and this moment only then occurs, which usually also happens according to MY HOLY WILL for its maturation, it is still not too late and MY LEADING HAND can still be seized! And this is especially the case at this time, when through MY RETURN on earth in MY PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, MARIA, MY HOLY ARM can be fully grasped for salvation from every fate!
So immerse yourselves, you My human children, with all your earnestness in all that is revealed, unveiled and taught to you here, so that this truly holy moment may permeate you with the fullness of My Love and make you, wether you are male souls or female souls, true disciples of YOUR GOD AND LORD IN HIS HOLY LIGHT CIRCLE OF HEAVEN AND EARTH and a NEW JERUSALEM can be established on this earth in which the true, holy marriage is lived!
Whoever is filled by that moment in his soul, if he has not yet entered into a marriage, is partaker of MY GRACE to be led into a true, perfect marriage, if he is ready to fulfill all that is laid down in MY HOLY WILL and in this NEW BIBLE! Such a marriage is sanctified before ME, GOD THE LORD, and will be allowed to call itself a JESUS-MARIA MARRIAGE!
Whoever has already begun a married life, when that moment comes upon his soul, is partaker of MY GRACE to elevate this marriage to what is a true marriage before MY HOLY COUNTENANCE!
But whoever is only filled by that moment in his soul in an unhappy marriage is also partaker of MY GRACE to be led to a new married life, if he is ready to forgive his spouse in everything and to enter into the unconditional obedience to do what MY HOLY WILL is for him and as it is written there in this MY NEW BIBLE!
And whoever has already been divorced from a married life can also still be seized by MY GRACE in his soul from that moment, so that he may be led in such a way as is for his best according to MY HOLY WILL!
Finally, all those souls can also be seized by this moment of grace who have gone and are still going the wrong way of hellish sins, if they are willing to look up to ME, THE LORD IN MY HEART'S PRIMORDIAL GROUND POLE OF ETERNAL LOVE, and to begin a new life without even a thought of falling back into the old mistakes and sins!
In this way no one will be overlooked in MY JESUS-MARIA-LOVE which embraces all human children; everyone can be guided and saved and the whole earth can be purified for THE NEW JERUSALEM which, according to MY HOLY CREATION PLAN, is ready to become reality on this earth of redemption! Consider, children of men, what this means, what TIME OF GRACE you are living in and all that YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER OF ETERNAL LOVE is doing for you in HIS MERCY!
So there should only be one thing left for you, namely to enter into these HOLY COMMANDMENTS for a true marriage sanctified and blessed by ME with a holy seriousness and to turn away completely from what the sinful world of My counterpole wants to whisper to you!