God's New Revelations

The Book of Love

- Chapter 5 -

Purification of Heavens

THE PERFECT SPHERE OF MY HOLY TRINITY as MY KINGDOM OF ETERNAL LOVE - as MY HEAVENS - were not, however, separated from the trinity sphere of My firstling spirit Satana, which had become the counterpole. Thus the spirits of both trinity spheres worked side by side and with each other: true LOVE and self-love met and so this state of the spheres in My heavens became the test of all spirits who had emerged from true, perfect LOVE!
In order to create a preponderance for his sphere and to break THE POWER OF MY PERFECT ETERNAL LOVE and to include it in his trinity sphere of self-love, My firstling spirit Satana created for himself, so to speak, a fighting force of his self-willed spirit of love for self-glorification, which wanted to win heaven for itself by all means from the abilities and power that I, THE CREATOR, had given him and his trinity sphere!
Opposed to this stood the multitude of all spirits from the spheres of MY TRINITY and MY SEVEN PRIMORDIAL SPIRITS: all children of MY PERFECTION with the HOLY WILL to follow ME, THE CREATOR AND FATHER OF ALL THINGS, in perfect LOVE!
This "confrontation" of true, perfect LOVE with self-love is not to be understood as a confrontation in visible fronts. This confrontation is the manifestation of the qualities of MY PERFECTION LOVE and counterpole love in all acts of will. They were not as pronounced in My heavens as they are today on your earth; they formed in the spiritual beginnings in a way that is difficult for you humans on this earth to comprehend, for they were purely spiritual effects of characteristics. You can roughly compare them with a person on your earth who has high spiritual abilities and achieves amazing things, but expresses little or no true love of the heart, but only the variety of pure LOVE, which is self-love in the arrogant arrogance of being above all others.
The true, pure LOVE in the deepest humility, being able to do nothing itself and being nothing itself without THE LOVE AND GRACE OF GOD, can and will never increase in self-glorification and since it never wants to take possession of self-love, but only wants to redeem it from its wrong characteristic and lead it back to true LOVE, it will often be at an apparent disadvantage compared to the counterpole self-love.
THE POWER OF TRUE LOVE, however, is based on the unchanging ORDER OF THE SEVEN PROPERTIES OF GOD IN THE HOLY TRINITY, which, however, only comes to visible effect when there is a danger that a regression could occur to the detriment of all the children of My creation. That is the moment when I, as THE LORD OF CREATION, intervene!
Thus I THE LORD once intervened in MY HEAVENS only when the counter-sphere of MY FIRSTLING SPIRIT SATANA had become a power in My Creation through its core force of self-love insofar as this counter-sphere of self-love threatened to change the heavenly state of true LOVE.
MY HOLY INTERVENTION, however, was not a power struggle or war in your earthly sense, but merely a withdrawal of MY GRACE from those who, despite the infinite patience of MY LOVE, did not see the wrong direction of their will.
This withdrawal of MY GRACE meant for the time being the loss of the ETERNAL LIGHT FROM MY ETERNAL LOVE for all affected spirits of the counter-pole sphere, which meant, as it were, the fall from THE LIGHT OF ETERNAL LOVE into darkness!
Self-chosen and self-created was this fall into lightlessness, into darkness; for there was truly no lack of continuous admonitions of MY LOVE AND GRACE in the span of development between the emergence of My firstling spirit Satana until this fall into darkness, which cannot be expressed at all as an earthly concept of time, to let go of self-love.
This heavenly review is necessary for this Bible chapter on true marriage in order to recognize and understand why man and woman had to be created on this earth of redemption through MY MERCY. For only now do you know how self-love as a counterpole component of true, perfect LOVE causally appeared in My creation and not only developed as a counterpole force to MY OMNIPOTENCE, but would even have developed into a counterpole sphere of MY CREATION and thus into an infinity sphere equal to MY KINGDOM OF INFINITY AND ETERNITY!