Conversations of the twelve year old Jesus

Table of Contents

1. The custom of examining the children at the temple in Jerusalem
2. The sensational intellectual Boy Jesus. The offering of old Simeon. The preliminary question. The speech of the younger scribe.
3. The question of the boy Jesus to the scribes: "Who is the 'virgin' and who is her 'son'?" The good answer of the wise scribe.
4. Repeated request of the Jesus-Boy to have His preliminary question answered about Isaiah IX: 5,6. The objection of the acrimonious priest and the vigorous answer of the Boy Jesus.
5. Speech of the head of the synagogue of Bethlehem, and answer of the Boy Jesus. The proud old Pharisee makes an unsuccessful attempt to interrupt.
6. The young Levite expresses his approval. The contemptuous speech of the chief priest about the son of the carpenter of Nazareth.
7. The answer of the Boy Jesus to the speech of the High priest. Of the mission of the son of Zachariah, and of the miraculous power of the carpenter's son.
8. The threat of the High priest, and the strong protest of the Roman judge against it.
9. The promise of the Boy Jesus to the Roman judge, and the High priest's wrath about it. How man himself can become the living Word of God and thus God. The refutation of the High priest by the Boy Jesus with the aid of the People's Catechism.
10. The unsuccessful attempt of a scribe and of an elder to justify the High priest and to maintain his authority. The postponement of the session by the judge to the following day. The Boy Jesus and Simon as guests for the night of the Roman in the inn.
12. The meeting of the examining board in the conference hall on the second day. The unsuccessful attempt of the temple officials to raise the session.
13. The continuation of the session. The question of the Boy Jesus to the temple officials: "What would you do, if I were the Messiah in spite of everything?The cautious answer of Joram, the Talmudist, concerning the Messiah.
14. The testimony of the Boy Jesus about Himself as being the real "Maher-shalal-has-baz". Joram's opinion: To wait and let time decide. Jesus' hint about the omnipotence of God, within Himself. Joram's non-committal answer.
15. All kinds of objections raised by Joram and the chief priest, against the Messiahship of the Boy Jesus and their refutation.
16. The question of the mocking Barnabas. The censure of the Lord and the counter question. The embarrassment of Barnabas and his apology. The miracle of the ass's ears, and the living ass.
17. The miraculous disappearance of the donkey. The miracle of the stone. The astonishment of the Roman judge at the miraculous power of the Boy Jesus, and the illuminating words of the latter about the coming of the divine Kingdom.
18. The Boy Jesus' story of the twenty seven magicians in Damascus. Barnabas' embarrassment and surprise. Of the secret of the Omniscience of the Boy Jesus.
19. The explanation of the two words 'Jerusalem' and 'Melchisedech' by the Boy Jesus. The Holy Scripture is God'S Word. Joram's hint as to the incomprehensibility of the passages in Isaiah referring to the Messiah.
20. The second night in the inn. Joram and Barnabas look for suitable passages out of Isaiah.
21. The beginning of the discussion on the third day. Joram's' unsuccessful attempt to break off the theme begun. The chief priest's objection becoming apparent. He is refuted by the Boy Jesus.
22. The Roman judge's words of acknowledgment to the Boy Jesus, and His speech about the state laws of order, and the divine law of charity.
23. The reading and explanation of Isaiah Chapter 9:5-6 by the Roman Judge.
24. Joram's speech about the being of God as an answer to the Roman Judge
25. The caustic speech of the boy Jesus to the hypocritical temple officials as His worst adversaries. The abuses in the temple.
26. The angry answer of the chief priest. The prophecy of the Boy Jesus about the calling of the heathen to be the children of God in place of the Jews, and about the destruction of the temple and of Jerusalem. The truth about the death of Zachariah. The measure of the Jews is full.
27. Joram acknowledges the Boy Jesus as the Messiah, asks His advice and the explanation of Isaiah Chapter 53:3. The detailed answer of the Boy Jesus.
28. The evidence of the Boy Jesus that the temple and the whole country are beyond being cleansed and rescued. The new Ark of the Covenant and the "cursed water"
29. The teasing question of the chief priest. The repellent answer of the Boy Jesus. Barabas' request for an explanation of Isaiah Chapter 54: 4-9, and its fulfillment through the Lord. Why the Lord is so harsh and repellent towards the temple officials.
30. The question of Nicodemus about the poles of the earth. The answer of the Boy Jesus. The bond of friendship between Nicodemus and the Boy Jesus.
31. The speech of the Roman judge closing the session, and acknowledging the Boy Jesus. The Roman's question about the staying away of the parents of Jesus, and His information concerning them.
32. The arrival of Joseph and Mary in the temple. The question of the parents and the answer of the Son. The friendly conversation of the Roman and Nicodemus with the parents of Jesus. In the palace of the Roman. The return to Nazareth.
  Jacob Lorber's epilogue. My servant's remark.