Announcements about our sun and its natural conditions

Table of Contents

1. The Sun as the ideal concept of the planetary worlds; Generalities about soil and plant growth
2. Solar man in general
3. The paths of solar man's development, either against or in accordance with God's will
4. About sunlight. The atmosphere as light-shell.
5. The central suns' own light. The reflected light of the lower suns.
6. The etheric atmosphere of the cosmic bodies and Cosmic body systems. The largest cosmic bodies' combination - a shell-globe.
7. The suns' own light
8. The origin of sun-spots
9. The solar, human races and their habitations. The solar equatorial belts
10. The sun's central equator. Landscape and inhabitants. Eruption of a solar billow
11. Pendulum-clock and the timekeeper and other occupations upon the central belt
12. The sinking back and vanishing of the solar growth
13. Property ownership and life prerequisites of the equatorial inhabitants.
14. The dwellings upon the equatorial belt
15. The dwellings surrounds upon the equatorial belt. Tree growth there.
16. Agriculture upon the equatorial belt; vegetable gardens, sheep grazing and wheat field.
17. Office schools upon the equatorial belt
18. Simple temples upon the equatorial belt
19. Interior of a plain temple. Temple Orchestra
20. A temple of greater prominence
21. The third, most sacred type of temple. The Mystery of the Incarnation of God; ordination of High Priests
22. The holiest so-called burning temple. Deeper initiation into the secrets of God's Incarnation And the childhood of God. God the Father as Himself the Leader
23. Family life, marriage and procreation upon the equatorial belt.
24. Holidays and feast days. Decease of equatorial inhabitants
25. The first pair of corresponding belts. Landscape and the people there. About outer and inner beauty
26. More about form, dress and convention upon the first pair of sub-equators
27. Private houses and communal settlements upon the first Sub-equator
28. Art and science buildings in the communal settlements
29. Land cultivation and the animal kingdom upon the first sub-equatorial belts.
30. Domestic practice upon the first pair of sub-equators. Painstaking order and petty-minded wisdom
31. Wisdom and will schools upon the first pair of sub-equators
32. Divine service and nuptials upon the first pair of sub-equatorial belts
33. The second pair of sub-equators - corresponding to our Earth
34. The third pair of equatorial belts. The northern belt in correspondence with the planet Mars.
35. The southern belt of the third pair of equatorial belts corresponding to the asteroids
36. The sun's fourth equatorial belt - corresponding to the planet Jupiter and its inhabitants
37. Private and business houses upon the fourth equatorial belt
38. Nature and life-style of the fourth equatorial inhabitants
39. Life-rules generally. Fellowship between husband and wife
40. Plant and animal kingdoms upon the fourth pair of equators
41. Cultivation of wheat and other plants
42. Religion upon the fourth equatorial belt
43. The fifth part of equatorial belts - corresponding to Saturn. Land and people
44. The sixth pair of equatorial belts corresponding to Uranus A look at this planet.
45. Uranus' sixth corresponding pair of belts; men, plants and animals.
46. Iron production and use; building technology and private dwellings upon the sixth equatorial pair.
47. The great ring road upon the sixth pair of equatorial belts.
48. A temple site upon the sixth equatorial pair
49. The temple art-museum
50. High School for spiritual cognition and the innermost temple.
51. Domestic, State and Religious conditions upon the sixth pair of equatorial belts
52. More about religion upon the sixth equatorial belt
53. The seventh pair of belts corresponding to the formerly unknown planet Neptune (Miron)
54. Miraculous plant-growth upon the planet Miron (Neptune) Mutability of life forms
55. The Devotion Tree, Living Reed Tree and Flying Bread Tree
56. Lightning forests. The Bubble Tree
57. The animal kingdom upon the planet Miron. The Steamer, Thunderer and Wind Maker
58. The Miron goat and the "Ground Flattener"
59. The Miron cow
60. The prolific animal kingdom upon Miron; the two-footed animals
61. Man upon Miron; dwellings and villages
62. Ownership upon Miron; general and private property
63. Domestic codes, good social norms, music and musical instruments upon Miron
64. Ball instrument, musical art and composition Optics, mechanics and the (art of) writing upon Miron.
65. Inner, zealous religion upon Miron. Procreation and burial; astronomy as a means for recognising God
66. The seventh equatorial belt and its gigantic inhabitants
67. Life conditions and spiritual nature upon the seventh belt.
68. Basic tenets about the solar inhabitants' religion and substance of divine revelations.
69. The key to understanding all religions and revelations
70. Devoutness as religious and life-basis upon the seventh pair of belts
71. Procreation, marriage and death upon the seventh equatorial belt
72. The interior suns and their inhabitants. Proper and improper ascent of the sun's basic light-spirits
73. The fate of solar rebels. Comets and the development of planets. The eternal, incalculable work of Creation.