Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 96 -
Insight into the secrets of the Creation.

(The Lord:) "Just don't think that a small earth like this one, can be created within a day and be populated all at once! For that for your concepts unthinkable many myriads of earth years are required. What unthinkable long time periods are required, until a world is ripe for germinating a human being! How many plant and animal species must not have fertilized the earth's soil by fermentation and decay, until in its soil and in its plant- and animal mustiness this particular humus is formed, from which the first strong soul can take its body and organize itsef according to the divine order, so that it could serve her and be able for reproducing similar descendants, so that the free souls without, however, a body, does not require hundreds of years to pull together from the haze a body, but can produce it on a much shorter way in a with everything necessary equipped motherly womb.
See, for all this a lot of time, a lot of wisdom, a lot of patience and an infinite strength is required! Since you and even to a lesser degree I will ever stop to think and generate ideas, the creation continues for ever; since Me and also you could not think empty! Once a thought is felt as something, it must be present as a form; but once it is present as a form, it already is spiritually wrapped in a skin, stands as an object before us capable of adsorbing light, otherwise we could not observe it as a shaped something. Therefore, for as long as I create thoughts and ideas out of Myself and you out of Me, for as long creating will impossible to stop. In infinity there will be forever no shortage of space and will not bother us with idle boredom.
But where there is a lot to do, many services are required, depending on the degree of service capabilities of those, to whom a task is assigned. Who has acquired himself many properties within My order, will also be placed above many things; but who has acquired only very few properties, will also be placed above only a few. But who acquired here no properties at all, will in the beyond certainly suffer in all darkness for as long, until he through his inner, free and independent efforts has come so far, to only take up any kind of the most insignificant service. If he carries out the most insignificant service well, he will be given something more significant; but if he performs it only bad, he soon will even loose that, what he could have acquired quite easily with his limited abilities.
Who has, will be given even more, so that he will have plentiful; but who doesn't has, from him will also be taken the little what he already had, and again night, darkness, hunger, misery and all kind of suffering will be his lot for as long he decides to firstly become active in himself, to thereby obtain any further ability to serve.
Therefore be very active here, and do not let you be blinded by the treasures of this world, which will disappear like the present form of matter of the entire creation visible to the eye of the flesh; instead collect even more spiritual treasures, which will last for the entire eternity! Be clever innkeepers and landlords of your hearts; the more spiritual treasures you will be storing by all kind of good works, the better you will be off in the beyond! But who spares and frisks here, will only have to ascribe it to himself, if he finds the pantries of his heart nearly empty.
It is easy to collect here; since everything that somebody does with a good will out of love to God and his neighbour, is accepted as the purest gold; but in the beyond he must out of himself and in himself acquire and pay for everything with the purest gold of the inner and purest self-activity. And this, My friends, is somewhat more difficult in the kingdom of the beyond, where there exist no outer gold- and silver mines!
Here you can make gold from the most common street excrements and buy heaven with it, if your heart in all truth was present during the purchase; in the beyond you will only be able to produce the precious in yourself from the most precious, and this will be even more difficult than to produce gold from the most common pebbles here on earth. But who already has produced a mass and large amount of gold here by his noble and good works, will not have a shortage of it in the beyond; since out of a grain of sand of this spiritual noble metal, a world-size lump is formed in the beyond, and this already provides for a large stock."