Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 87 -
Cornelius and Zorel talk about miracles.

ll are digging in and eating cheerfully with a great appetite; especially Raphael put several large fishes in front of him for everyone to see and consumed them miraculously fast, what was noticed by Zinka and Zorel, especially Zorel, who at this stage did not know who the youth was. He therefore asked Cyrenius, how the youth could eat such large fish with such a great appetite, since he doesn't look at all like a glutton.
Thereupon Cyrenius answers him: "This youth is a wondrous being; he is a person and spirit at the same time, is animated by a strength and power, which you could never could have dreamt of; my brother Kornelius who sits next to you, can give you the same testimony!"
Hereupon Zorel asks Kornelius, what the special circumstances were regarding the youth.
Says Kornelius: "See, dear Zorel, it is what my brother already has told you; I can't tell you anything more about this wondrous youth for the simple reason since I, quite frankly put, do not understand it myself. He is the same angel who, according to the myth of the Jews, once served the young Tobias as a guide. I was certainly not present, to serve you as a living witness in this matter; but I believe that it was like that, - and why should one not believe something like that?!
Here again are happening wonders which will difficult to be believed by our late descendants, - and, nevertheless, they are true before our eyes and ears, because we see and hear them! So many wonders are taking place right now, that in the end one has to believe all the wondrous things which are told in the scripts and books of the Jews. For if here one wonder can cover promptly the next, why not in those old times, - and as such this strong eater could a couple of hundred years ago served the devout young Tobias as a guide! I for my part believe this rock steady and are of the opinion, that you will not take exception of it!"
Says Zorel: "Certainly not; since everything wondrous is something special and does not resemble any appearance in the natural environment. It dismisses the conventional laws of the natural world and is in itself the actualisation of the phantasy of a poet gifted with all wisdom. Since everything what an imaginary rich person can think of, is realised in the area of the miraculous!
To a God everything must be possible, because the continues existence of a world and the starry sky serve as permanent witnesses! Because the first creation of a world must have been incredible wondrous to us! But once a world with its maintaining laws is created and populated by beings under the same maintaining laws, it of course cannot, for those who live on it, appear so miraculous anymore!
But if the Creator comes to the population of this so miraculously created world, like now under the most extraordinary circumstances, they certainly must start to be hugely astonished anew, if the old Almighty starts to perform works before their eyes, which of course are only possible to him but nobody else in the whole of infinity without His will.
Thereby I do not deny that any spiritual fully perfected person also is able to perform wonders; perhaps as a completely perfected, pure spirit he is also able to create a small world, - but without the assistance of the divine will surely never ever! Such a spirit will also be able to speak and teach highly wisely, but without the divine spirit in his chest forever not!
I vaguely can remember from the Jewish history, that a donkey was speaking very wisely to the prophet Bileam. Yes, during the very early times even the wild and tearing bests have taught the obdurate people! According to your words we were also not present; nevertheless, there could be some truth to it. But such animals were seized for the moment by the spirit of God and were forced to serve Him as tools! And not much different it will be with the wisdom of the most wise people and spirits; the real, big difference will consist only in consistency and growth!
This is my opinion! I of course do not want it to be put as a certain apodictic truth, - since I already once have gone under with my views of reason and on life and death do not want to make such a leap again; but only in a way as one speaks in a reasonable manner of it, one can without any ground put forward a view against another and finally obtain the insight, if and how much truth there is attached to it or not!"
Says Kornelius: "Friend, you are talking like written, and there might be some truth in your modest opinion; but I now have another opinion for you, and this consists thereof, that you now should consume your fish and do not observe too much, how the heavenly youth eats one fish after the other and still expresses an appetite, from which it very easily can be recognised, that he is able to effortlessly put another ten fishes under the belt! But also you should eat now, and show, that you at least can master one fish and one mug of good, yes, of the best wine!"
After these words Zorel starts to eat and drink in peace with a great appetite and is less concerned about the things happening around us.