Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 8 -
The outer rest and inner activity of the group.

ith that Judas Ischariot stepped back, and I said to Helena, Ouran and Mathael: "Leave everything alone; since we have more important things to discuss! Keep the servant and do not punish him; because he would never have undertaken this loose prank, if it wasn't for a spirit who drove him to it! But he was driven, so that he did a prophecy for us, which will be fulfilled. - But nothing further on this topic; since we have now much more important things to discuss!"
And Cyrenius asked me quite surprised: "Lord, what will that be? It appears to me that there can me nothing more important, than what we already have encountered here! O speak, Lord! My heart is trembling from desire to learn about Your new arrangements and decisions, so that I can act accordingly!"
I say: "Just be a little patient; since everything must have its time to reach ripeness! Therefore a little rest is now above all necessary. Thus rest with Me a very short while!"
After that all rested and the matter between Judas Ischariot and the guard of the treasures of Ouran, which bothered Ouran and Mathael in anyway very little, was settled. Both of them were discussing very important government matters with Kornelius and Faustus; since Ouran was very anxious, because he already began to think about it, to return to the people of whom he was the king, with this great discovery of truth, and make them happy as much as possible. He wanted to be a king of sensible and wise people and not of pure human larvae and machines, who, without knowledge and without a will, walk through life like animals.
But Risa observed his two corpses and only thought about it, if they would become alive again by his premanipulation which he copied and finally by the power of My name. Others around Me, thought about it, what the very important matter could be, which I after the short rest will attend to. In short, although it looked as if all were resting externally, they were in their inner soul in the highest degree active, and nobody knew wherefrom and whereto! Philopold, Murel and Kisjonah stuck their heads together and deliberated feverishly about what was supposed to happen; Cyrenius and Ebahl and Jarah were also thinking a lot and could not find anything, that still could be happening. It appeared to them that everything was already exhausted.
Schabbi and Jurah, the two Persian delegated speakers, said to their colleagues, who pressed them strongly: "Stop it! It would mean to tempt the power of God in our hearts! What do we know, how we are constituted within! But if we do not know anything about ourselves, how should we know how God is constituted within, and what He will do?! But this we know, that everything He will do, will be most wise and it will be aimed to our best advantage; no matter what will happen now, more or less spectacular as there was before, it should bother us only very little! We are and will stay merchants and everything which is aimed to our best, we can use exceedingly well. In the end we regard everything equally spectacular, valuable and important what is coming from Him, the only Lord of eternity and the infinity of all His countless deeds and works.
Since we do not know ourselves, we therefore also cannot know what else we still need, above everything we already have received; but He knows it and, hence, He can designate what will be coming as something big and as very important! Because for the Lord of all order from eternity it is impossible to start counting at 13 or 14, but always only at 1. And as such He also knows pure and clear, what we according to sequential order need for our inner life perfection; therefore we can wait in complete tranquillity, for what He still wants to undertake today!"
This quite wise advice calmed the souls of the Persians completely; but also the souls of those sitting at My table, calmed down and waited with tensest expectations and joy for what I later on will do very openly.