Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 78 -
The path to eternal life.

o his highest surprise and biggest astonishment I say to Zorel: "Who recognizes his sins ruefully and performs penance in the true, living humility of his heart, is more welcome to Me than ninety-nine justified, who never needed penance. Come therefore to Me, you penance-ready friend; since the right feeling of humility rules in you, which is more welcome to Me than the justified from the primordial beginning, who call in their hearts: 'Hosianna, God in heaven, that we have never desecrated Your holiest name by a sin according to our knowledge and will!' They speak like that and are justified to do that; but therefore they are also looking at a sinner with judging eyes and flee his presence like a plague.
They resemble those doctors who themselves glow of the fullest health, but therefore shy away from going to places, where a sick person is calling for help, out of fear to become ill themselves. Isn't a doctor better and more noble, who does not fear any illness and rushes to every ill person who called for him?! Even if sometimes co-seized by an illness, he is not annoyed about it, still helps the sick person and himself. And this is right!
Therefore come now to Me, and I will show you, what My disciple couldn't show you, namely the only true way of life and love and true wisdom thereof!"
Upon these My words Zorel was encouraged and came with very slow steps to Me.
When he was close to Me, I said: "Friend, the way which leads to the life of the spirit, is thorny and narrow! This means the following: Everything, you are encountering in this life from people like annoyance, bitterness and unpleasantness, you should fight with all patience and gentleness, and who does evil to you, you should not do the same to, but the opposite, then you collect glowing coals on his head! Who hits you, do not repay him likewise, rather take another blow from him, so that peace and unity can be between you; since only in peace does the heart and the growth of the spirit in the soul prospers.
Whoever asks you for a favour or a gift, do not deny him anything, provided, that the service which is required, does not oppose the commandments of God or the laws of the state, what you will be able to judge for yourself.
If someone asks you for a shirt, give to him also the coat, so that he recognizes, that you are disciple out of the school of God! If he recognizes this, he will leave you the coat; if he takes it, his recognition is still very weak, and you should not feel sorry about the coat, but about this, that a brother hasn't recognized the nearness of the kingdom of God.
Who asks you to walk an hour with him, go with him for two hours, so that this your willingness becomes a testimony, from which school he is from, to whom such a high degree of abnegation is own! In this way even the deaf and blind will get the right signs, that the kingdom of God has come nearer.
It will be recognised in your actions and deeds, that you are all My disciples! Because it is easier to preach right, than to do right. But what does the empty word means, if it is not made alive by the deed?! To what use are the most beautiful thoughts and ideas, if you do not have the means to ever put them to work?! Thus the nicest and truest words are also useless, if you do not have the will to put them above all to work. Only the deed has value; thoughts, ideas and words are worthless, if they are not put to work. Therefore, everyone who can preach well, should also do well, - otherwise his preaches are not worth more than a hollow nut!"