Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 67 -
Cyrenius' indignation about Zorel's crimes.

t this point our Zorel is completely beaten and cannot come up with anything which could save his honour. He seriously starts thinking what he could take from his mind's storeroom to justify himself; but everywhere he finds a barrier, and not even the smallest hole is showing anywhere, so that he could escape.
Johannes admonishes him to speak and to make use of his tensed bow; but Zorel still doesn't want to open his mouth.
But Cyrenius asks Me, somewhat astonished about Zorel's wickedness: "Lord, what should be done in this case? This person under all these circumstances is exposed to the courts! Since our laws regarding the slave trade are allowing slaves including their children, if they have any, to be sold to anyone, but children of free people, especially of the female sex, by severe punishment are not allowed to be brought to the market before reaching full fourteen years. This is a crime!
Further, everyone who wants to trade with slaves, must have his own, properly certified permission and must provide a significant collateral to the state for this permission, alongside a separate sizeable annual taxation. With him and his companion there is not the slightest sign of anything; hence, they have conducted an unlawful trade, which again is an inculpatory transgression against the standing laws, and under such aggravating circumstances a ten year imprisonment in a dungeon is placed as punishment.
Added to this there is a five-fold most unscrupulous violation, which was followed by death because of a too serious injury! This is again a criminal act, on which under such aggravating circumstances at least fifteen years most heavy dungeon is placed or even death!
Still added to this are in the foreground all kinds of stealing, fraudulent behaviour and an abundance of lies!
Lord, You know my state duties and my oath on everything which is holy and dear to me! What should I do? With Mathael and his four companions their total possession was a certain protection against my harsh duties as highest judge of the state; but here nothing protects him from my duties as a judge. He is a perfect villain! Will I not be obliged to carry out my strict office?"
Says I: "Understand, - since I'm coincidentally the Lord here and your oath at the bottom of all reasoning is only owed to Me and I can defer it for you how and when I want to, meanwhile only I have to determine in what order something must be done for the healing of a sick soul! Besides, you have sworn your oath to the gods, who forever do not exist; since the protectors of your oath are quite aery, also your oath will not carry much weight. Therefore your gods and your oath are equal to nill. Only as far as I am regarding your oath loyal sign, it is worth something; but as far as I'm regarding your oath as a nill, does it also not have the slightest validity before Me, and at least for now you are quite relieved from it.
I say it to you, that the examination of this person is not finalised as yet; something will appear which will seize you even more!
This is truly a strange person, and you should know him better by now, because he revealed himself quite a lot already during his raptures sleep, although somewhat more in general as what he has done now, especially during his first penitent stage. The current open revelation is of course more specific, because it must be more specific; but it mustn't appear to you indecently, since I allow it to take place, to show you a really totally ill soul and finally also the medicine, by which she possibly can be cured. I previously have told you how clumsy and silly it is, to punish a bodily ill person with sticks and dungeon, because he became ill; but how much more clumsy and silly will it be to punish a person bodily and morally with the deadliest slashes for the sake of his sick soul! - Tell Me, you My friend Cyrenius, have you in your zeal already completely forgotten about such My teaching?"
Says Cyrenius: "No, o Lord and highest Master of eternity; but You know, from an old habit of mine, wherever a real villain appears, a little storm rises inside me! But You can see how fast I can be admonished and recognize my old silliness! I'm already looking forward to the further examination, which Johannes seems to master quite well! But for this you need the wisdom of Johannes and his inner perspicacity, lead of course by Your spirit. The nicest thing of all, is that Zorel basically do not notices that something miraculous is taking place, nevertheless, it should strike him that the wise Johannes tells him so nicely his most serious mortal sins from all countries where he committed them, as if he had been everywhere an eye- and ear witness!"
Says I: "Just listen very carefully; since Johannes will approach him again!"
Cyrenius is now full of attention again; but I instruct all present women and maidens to meanwhile withdraw to the tents, because the following hearing should only be conducted by ripe men. All the women, including Jarah and the newly revived daughters of Cyrenius and Gamiela and Ida, went to the tents.