Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 58 -
Judge not!

fter these words our Zorel slept peacefully and Zinka said: "No, what this person has revealed to us! If all this is true, then we have received some knowledge, of which any prophet hardly ever could have dreamt of! No, I'm completely distraught about this person's deepest wisdom! Truly! No angel can possess a deeper wisdom!"
Says also Cyrenius: "Yes, this person must be helped; since so much of the highest wonders of Your divine order have been revealed here! The revelations of Mathael were big and made me think; but what this Zorel has revealed to us, is unheard of! Nearly unbelievable and unthinkable that such most inner depths of wisdom can be couched in human words and made clearly understandable! Briefly, I am completely beyond myself about this Zorel! If he could say this also in the following awakened state of the flesh, oh, I would place him on a throne, from which he could preach to the people the high truth, so that they all with more certainty achieved the true and perfect destination of their being and life!"
Says I: "Very good, friend Cyrenius! For the time being it is not that important what he prophesied during his third stage - although everything is absolutely true -, but rather a lot more that you in future should not break the stick over any person, just because he is an ill soul. Since all of you have heard and felt it now, that in any soul, no matter how ill, rests a most healthy life-germ; and if the soul is healed by your brotherly efforts, you have made a profit, which forever no world can pay you! How useful can such a perfected person be! Who can gauge his influence?! You people do not know it, but I know it, how much of such an effort is worth the trouble!
Therefore I say it to you: Always be merciful even towards the great sinners and criminals against your and against the divine laws! Since it is only possible for an ill soul to commit a sin, but never for a healthy soul, because for a healthy soul it is impossible to sin, since the sin is always the result of an ill soul.
Who of you people can judge and punish a soul because she was violating one of My commandments, since you are all standing under the same law?! One of the laws by Me explicitly states, that you should not judge anyone (mt.07,01)! If you judge one of your neighbours who have sinned against My laws, you also sin in the same measure against my law! But how can you as being a sinner yourself, judge and condemn another sinner?! Don't you know, that, when condemning your soul sick bother to hard atonement, you have served a double condemning judgement on yourself, which one day, if not under circumstances already here, will be fulfilled?!
If somebody from you is a sinner, he should resign as a judge; because if he judges someone, he judges himself into downfall twofold, from which he will recover more difficult than him who was judged and condemned by him. Can a blind man ever lead someone else and put him on the right path?! Or can one deaf person tell another deaf person something about the harmonic effects of music, as it was practised in the purest form by David? Or can one disabled person say to another: 'Come here, you poor man, I will take you to the inn!?' Will not soon both slip and fall into a ditch?!
Hence, remember this above all, not to judge anybody, and make sure that also those who one day will become your disciples, take this to heart! Because by practising this My teaching, you will make angels out of people, - but through non-observance you will create devils and judges against yourselves.
It is true, nobody on this earth is perfect; however, the one who is more perfect in his mind and heart, should be the guide and doctor of his ill brothers and sisters, and the strong should carry the weak, otherwise he succumbs with the weak, and both will not make any progress!
So that you can recognise this from the ground in all truth, I have given you with this Zorel a tangible example, from which you can recognise, how terribly wrong it is, to judge a criminal according to your ways! Indeed, your way to judge will always remain the way of the world, and it will be difficult to ever completely crush the hard, diamond-like head of the dragon of tyranny - because for this very reason the earth is a test world for My future children -; but among you it should not continue, since among you the heavens are strewing fruits filled with plentiful seed kernels.
If you enjoy the fruits of My zeal now, do not forget to strew the leftover seed kernels copiously as possible into the hearts of your brothers and sisters, so that it can grow and carry plentiful and healthy new fruit! But how a new and wondrous new fruit is produced from the seed kernels placed into the heart, has been clearly shown to you by Zorel in the greatest detail. Act accordingly and you will as if out of yourself create life and receive the perfection of the everlasting life as shown to you right now! After this act of laying-on of hands it is given to you to follow and act accordingly in the most precise manner.
But now the time has come for you, Zinka, to lay your hands on Zorel in the opposite manner, so that he can wake up again; if he wakes up, you Markus, give him wine with some water, so that his body can regain his former strength! If he wakes up and starts talking like before, do not become annoyed and do not remind him of anything what he has said during his raptures state; because this could course a bodily disadvantage in him. Do not laugh at him either, if he says something silly! In good time you can guide him very gently towards Me; but do not be too hasty, otherwise it could harm him for quite a long time! And now, Zinka, perform your duty, since Markus has already returned with the wine and water!"