Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 53 -
Zorel in paradise.

(Zorel:) "Ah, my inner life-light gets tremendously strong; it already penetrates all my intestines! Oh, how pleasing is this light for my whole being! I see it now in the form of a four year old child with a extremely friendly expression! And it must be very wise; since it looks like a most purely thought small god, but not like a phantasy god of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, but like a wondrous effigy of the true God of the Jews! It is a effigy of the true divinity!
Oh, now I can see very clearly that there is only one true God; but only those will see His holy face, who have a perfectly pure heart! For me it will be quite difficult to see Him, since my heart is already very impure! You will, friend Zinka, because I can't detect any impurities in your heart, except the spot and the thread, the necessary means by which you have to be connected to the world for some time!
But now I can see the wide end of the avenue in quite some distance. There is no sign of the sea anymore, everywhere the most lush and most beautiful land and gardens and gardens on end; everywhere the most beautiful houses and palaces! Oh, this is an undescribable splendour!
My friend says that this is far short of heaven, but it is Paradise. No mortal has made it into heaven as yet; because up to now no bridge has been build to there. All the good who lived on earth since the beginning of creation, stay here with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Those high mountains form the border of this wondrous magnificent land. Who would get onto those mountains could see heaven with the great crowds of angels of God, but nobody could enter until a firm bridge is build for ever over the bottomless great abyss.
We are walking now as fast as the wind. The light-person in me is already the size of an eight year old boy, and it appears to me that his thoughts are penetrating my whole being like lightening. I can feel their uncomprehensible sublimity and depth, but I still do not grasp their forms. Something wondrous must be in it! Every ejected thought flash causes me an indescribable feeling of sensational happiness! Such happiness is unknown to the whole world, which cannot feel it! Because the whole world is only a merciful judgement of God, but nevertheless a judgement; in the best judgement happiness is always distributed meagrely.
Now we are getting quite close to the high mountains, and it gets increasingly marvellous! Which indescribable variety of miracles over miracles! To describe them all, thousand lifetimes would not be enough!
And look at that, on the mountains are living countless of the most beautiful people! But it seems that they do not notice us, this means me and my dear friend; since they passing us with quick and always happy steps, but do not show that they can see us, while even the trees are noticeable greeting my friend! These are strange spirit people!
Ah, ah, at this opportunity we have reach the summit of one of the high mountains! O God, o God, there we are standing now, and especially me, like an true ox at the mountain! I see increasingly clearer in the farthest distance a great, exceedingly bright horizon. It is the beginning of the heaven of God, which continuously expands, higher and higher for ever!
But between here and there yawns an abyss, greater then space between earth and the sun! A bridge will be build across! With God everything is quite possible!
But now my inner light-person is as bid as I'm myself, and strange, im starting to get sleepy, and my friend tells me to rest on the green and odorous lawn! I will do so!"