Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 51 -
The ethereal body of the soul with its senses.

ow Zinka makes with his thoughts a question and says: "Does the soul also has a body?"
Zinka asked this question since he himself does nor have the slightest idea how the soul looks like and of what it consists of. Because the general Jewish concept of a soul was, that they imagined it as a sort of misty fog and said: the soul is a pure spirit who has a mind and a will, but certainly does not have a form and even less any body.
Therefore Zinka's eyes widened when Zorel gave him an answer to his thought question: "Of course does the soul has a body, however only ethereal, but for the soul her body is nevertheless a perfect body, just as for the flesh the flesh is a perfect body. The soul body has everything whatever is present in the body of the flesh. Of course you can't see this with the eyes of your flesh, but I can see, hear, feel, smell and taste everything; since also the soul has the same senses as the body as a means to communicate between it and its soul.
The senses of the body are the leading reins in the hands of the soul to control her body for the outer world. If the body would not have such senses, it would be totally useless and an intolerable burden to the soul.
Just think of a person who is completely blind and deaf, would not feel pain or the ease of health, and would also not have any sense of smell or taste; think for yourself if such a body would be of any use for the soul! Wouldn't she completely despair with her otherwise fullest and clearest consciousness?
To the same measure the sharpest senses of the body would not mean anything to the soul, if she would not possess exactly the same senses in her ethereal body! Because the soul possesses the same senses as the body, she notices easily and precisely with her sensitive senses what precedently the senses of the body have taken in from the outer world. Now you now, how the soul is also a bodily form.
Now you know it, since I have told you as I see, feel and notices it bodily; but if I wake up again, then you will still remember it, but I will not know anything about it, since I see, feel and notices it only with my sensitive senses of my soul, but not at the same time with the senses of my body.
If I would observe everything here also with the senses of my body, they would engrave certain markings on the nerves of my brain and on the life-nerves of the flesh-heart, and I, the soul, would find them again in my flesh-body and recognise them completely. But since I'm now standing completely free, nearly without any link to my body, and therefore are not able to leave an impression on the senses of my body, I will not remember anything at all about what I now see, hear and feel and speak and everything that happens to me now, after the re-entry into my body.
But also the soul has the ability to remember and accordingly can remember every minutest and most unimportant detail about what ever happened to her; but she can do this only in her free state. But if she is in her completely dark body, which dazes everything spiritual, she can only see, hear and feel the coarse and overpowering rustling and raw impressions; about herself she barely knows her own existence, not mentioning that she recognises any higher and deeper spiritual impressions residing inside her.
You also have a soul, just as I myself are now a complete free soul; but you also knew very little or nothing about yourself. The reason for this lies in the darkest flesh, with which every soul is wrapped up for some time. Only now, because I have left some impressions on the nerves in the back of your head by the voice of my living body's mouth, and you as a soul through such impressions can read the same primordial markings in yourself, you now know also as a soul and not only in the flesh, that you have a soul and that, based on your thinking and wanting, you are a soul yourself, which in her ethereal bodily being has the same figure as your body.
However, do not be surprised if I tell you, when later waking up again in the earthly life, I will not know about anything, what I have said now; since I have explained the reason fo that already!"