Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 37 -
On mental institutions and healers of the soul.

(The Lord:) "Because of that I Myself had to come to this earth to establish for all ill souls a permanent and for all times effective soul remedial institution, since man would never be able to do so.
Nevertheless, it will always be difficult with the permanent establishment of an institution under discussion for ill souls, because certain people thereby start to feel impaired in their rights of their illusional world.
Self-love and love for the world, which is a breath of hell in the chest of man, will always struggle against it and does not want to be cured of its evil illness and will not let go of its worldly means, which are difficult to follow hard laws and its judgements and punishments.
However, after Me there will be always many, with whom My newly established soul remedial institution will remain for many who want to use it. Indeed, such real remedial institutions will suffer some and often a lot because of My true and living name, by the worldly mighty but in themself very ill souls; but I Myself will know how to protect them!
Should, however, too self-willing, severely sick worldly people souls intend to ruin one or the other remedial soul institution, because of a kind of insanity, I will know how to seize them by an effective extraordinary judgement and let their soul curing take place in remedial institutions in the beyond, where progress is only very slow and before recovery a lot of howling and crunching of teeth will be heard!
Already in this world a very effective medicine for the body tastes normally quite bitter; but the medicines in the beyond to cure souls tastes by far more bitter, because it must be very strong, to heal a dangerous sick soul there, since here on earth no cure was possible anymore. Yes, eventual they will be cured, but it will take very long and it is a desperately bitter road to walk! Therefore, good for those, who will cure their soul in remedial institutions on this earth!
Based on all those reasons as indicated, you mighty judges are true soul doctors in future, and judge every ill soul with the right judgement to cure her and not to make her even worse!
Verily, by as much you have made an already very ill soul even more ill through a by itself soul sick judgement, your souls will become more wretched and more ill, and in the beyond your cure will be much more bitter than the soul which has become more wretched by your evil judgement! Since such a soul is and stays, despite your evil and senseless judgement, simply ill and can also in the beyond by a simple cure be restored; but a senseless soul of a judge will once for each unsuccessful and evil judgement, be overcome double by the illness of the soul which was severely judged by him, and his very own basic soul sickness will thereby necessarily increase twofold. That the healing in the beyond of such highly wretched and ill soul of a judge will be a bitter and protracted process, is by only some reflexion easily self-explanatorily!
If you as a clumsy doctor are ill yourself and been ask to go to a dangerous ill person, and because of the profit you go there and gives him because of your clumsiness a medicine which does not help, but makes the patient here and there even worse, - what use is this to you?! Since you did not help him, you are not getting paid - as it is your custom -; at the same time you attracted the dangerous illness and firstly did not received any money and secondly you have instead of a single a double illness to cope with!
If now in your place a knowledgeable doctor comes along, will he not cure the ill person with an effective, simple medicine, while with you, since you are suffering from two illnesses, he surely has to use two types of medicines to possibly help you?! And such a twofold medicine will cause in your suffering flesh at least a twice as big revolution as the simple medicine with the formerly treated person with only one illness."