Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 36 -
Mental illnesses and their treatment.

(The Lord:) "Therefore you should not judge the people, so that you do not become judges on yourself!
Wouldn't it be the most inhuman foolishness, to judge a bodily sick person and then impose an unscrupulous punishment on him because he has become sick and miserable?! How much bigger and many times more inhuman foolishness is it not, to judge and condemn a soul sick person, whose soul has become weak and sick because of the above mentioned reasons!
You call such people according to your laws and regulations criminals and submit them to relentless, hard punishment; but what are you achieving by this? You punish a soul because she basically became sick without her fault! Ask yourself, how your judgement must look before God.
Ask yourself, you My person-friendly Cyrenius, what would you have done with the five main criminals as the highest judge of Rome and bearer of power over life and death? See, you would have listen to the nefarious, evil deeds and finally hand all five over to the death on the cross! Could it ever has occurred to you that behind these five could reside such spirits? O no! That thought would never have entered your mind!
You would, completely incensed about their misdeeds, sentence them to death with the coldest blood of the world and would on top of it still be of the soothing opinion to have delivered to God and humanity a good service! However, what damage would you have caused humanity by exterminating such spirits from the earth, who now as completely cured - in soul and body - shine for the people of the earth like a spring sun and will warm and revive thousand times thousand hearts of people to good and truth!
And see, this is the case with all worldly courts on this dear earth! For the bodily illnesses and ailments doctors can be found who can prepare all sorts of medicines; but for the illnesses of the poor soul no doctors and medicines exist accept for a most heavy book full of laws which are often very difficult to keep - and behind the laws the judging sword!
Would it not be more decent, wiser and more humanely to institute doctors and medicines for souls who became ill rather than for their bodies, which within a short period of time become the food for worms?!
That it is more difficult to heal an advanced soul illness than same of the body, surely I know best; but none is incurable, while for each body in the end a final illness exists, for whose cure no herb grows on the whole earth! Nevertheless, you people are doing so much of the wrong thing!
For the rotten, totally mortal body you establish remedial institutions over remedial institutions, pharmacies and baths, ointments and plasters and salutary drinks; but for the immortal soul you have not established only one remedial institution!
Of course you say in your heart: 'How would it be possible without You, o Lord?! From whom should we have taken it and from whom should we have learned?!' This is of course true, - this knowledge requires certainly a deeper understanding of the total nature of man, other than to know from old experience which herb juice soonest cures the complaints of an overstuffed stomach; but the immortal soul of man is also worth, that one should pay a little more attention to its manifold compositions, than to the composition of an overfilled stomach by gluttony!
At all times true soul doctors, filled with the spirit of God, have been send into the world who have preached the right way to cure souls. Some have taken note of them and were infallibly cured; but the so called great and powerful of the earth regarded themselves in anyway as soul- heathy, ignored the soul doctors which I have send to earth, in the end pursued them and forbade them their remedial work for ill souls, - and thus it always happened by the great and powerful of this earth that the teachings of mercy to cure ill souls, could never take those roots by which it could have grown into a strong remedial tree.
And if somewhere a strong seed has been planted, the selfish and power-hungry human children of this earth knew to clean the tree for so long, by taking away the superfluously seeming branches and twigs and continuously scraping off the bark, until, finally, the whole tree had to dry up. And thus up to this hour no other remedial institution for ill souls exists than the sharpest law, arrests, investigations, prisons, terrible penal dungeons, the sharp, most unmerciful sword and all kinds of tormenting and torturous execution and killing instruments, have been produced for use. These are also products of ill, but strong souls, which must be helped above all, if the curing of the small, weak and subordinate souls should become any happy success on this earth."