Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 29 -
Zinka's modesty.

inka steps closer and says: "High lord and master! Since circumstances are, of which also I could never have the faintest idea, things are getting a completely new face. They are therefore not daughters of a merchant from Kapernaum anymore, but they are daughters from the emperor's house in Rome; on these trees do not grow any apples for us! Because for such children, other children must be found, who are descendants from royal parents. I'm only a common Jew's son, although a descendent from Juda; but what is this compared to you, who is a brother of the great emperor Augustus and as such carries the tribe of the oldest Patricians with yourself?! In addition you are incredible rich, and I have nothing than my paltry portioned wage for an immense work.
Irrespective how happy Gamiela would have made me, if I had received her as a wife by a miracle from heaven, - but since she as your daughter, high lord, is standing high above my nullity, I can never take her as a wife! You, high lord, would give her to me today because of your pure spiritual mood; but tomorrow you could regret it! Could I object if you take her away from me again? How much grief and how much sorrow would I feel then! If I take her as my wife with the fullest assurance that she remains with me, I surely will take her and become the happiest person; but I never can ask for her, since I know my state and also yours.
Give me on Roman ground a small holding; by the diligence of my hands I will work the land and support myself and my colleagues! Only let me stay away from Jerusalem and the whole Jewish land! Because I want to have nothing to do anymore with either Herodes or the temple!"
Says Cyrenius: "Let everything be good! I cannot take away my Gamiela from you anymore, since the Lord in a certain way has given her to you before giving her to me, - and His word and will is holy, more than holy to me! What the Lord only remotely wants us to do, we must do, if we want to become equal with His angels! Yes, on this world I am something for as long he keeps me alive; but on the other side in the big beyond we are all equal, and our treasures here remain part of the dead crust of the earth and will become food for the all consuming time.
My high status should therefore not bother you; I only carry it for the well-being of humanity as much as it stands in my power to do so. And should you, whom the Lord of infinity, of life and death has brought close to my heart, be excluded from this? No, no, never ever! You are and will remain my son!"
After listening to these words, Zinka says: "Yes, truly, only a soul entirely devoted to God the Lord can speak in such a way! What the Lord wants, I certainly want also: because He who had awaken the two, is the Lord Himself, of that I'm fully convinced. Even if billions testify against it, Zinka will never stagger in his faith! To Him all my love and all my true worshipping from now on! To Him all honour from eternity to eternity!"
With those words Zinka kneels before Me and says: "O Lord, forgive me all my sins, so that I can pray as a cleansed person to You!"
Says I: "Stand up, My brother! Your sins have long since been discarded before Me; because I knew your heart for a very long time, I finally allowed it to come to me. You actually were send out to catch Me, and I allowed Myself to be caught by you, - but only for your heart and for your welfare! Stand up and be full of joy in My name and become a good, useful tool for Me!"
With that Zinka stands up and only then starts to properly thinks about the greatness and about the meaning of this occurrence. But when he will be sitting alongside Me, only then we will hear him speak again. Since after Mathael, he is probably the biggest spirit in our company.