Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 262 -
The outer life light sphere of Moses and the patriarchs.

(The Lord:) "The old, devout patriarchs had such a strong outer-life-light-sphere, that they were shining at night, also for the eyes of the flesh. Moses's soul shone by day because of his fiery love for God so bright, after he had to do with God on Sinai, that his face radiated more delightfully and brighter than the light of the sun at midday, and Moses had to cover his face with a threefold blanket, so that the other people could look at him. Moses's soul has afterwards reached the highest perfection among the people of this earth; therefore all creatures had to obey him most punctually. He was standing in the most intelligent correspondence with all creature beings, by that also found My will everywhere, showed it to the blind people and indicated to them precisely the way, on which every person could reach the perfection of his soul, if he only wanted it firmly enough. For this purpose he founded a separate prophet school, which still exist today, but of course in the same manner as the new, false ark, since the real one by Moses has long since lost its power and effect.
If Moses also could have reached the rebirth of the spirit in his highly perfected soul, which he only can become part of, when I have risen just like Elia, however without a fire carriage, this greatest of all prophets on this earth could have determined new orbits for all the stars, and the great suns would have submit to his will, just like the waves of the red sea, and just like the hard granite rock had to give a rich water fountain where Moses wanted it; since he ordered the banned spirits of the rock, and they understood the tongue of Moses well and became active after recognizing his will.
That the old wise could not only correspond mainly with animals, but also with all plants and even with rocks and metals, with the water, with the air, with the fire and with all spirits of the earth, is testified by very trustworthy witnesses from the whole script, namely the book of the judges, the prophets, the five books of Moses and still a lot of other books and recordings and of course some already strongly distorted traditions of the people. The artificially constructed conversations with grass, trees, rocks and water by the Essenes in their miracle gardens, is nothing else than a bare imitation of what once existed in reality!
These blacks have now shown it to you from all angles, the state of power of an unspoilt human soul, and I Myself have now explained manifold the reason to you as clear as sunshine, and therefore I'm of the opinion that you can accept this an absolute truth, and this even more so, if I tell you that this has taken place with people in the past, still takes place and will take place in future.
At the same time you still today have a living proof with your shepherds, because some prudent shepherds guide their herds by peculiar names and noises, let them recognise their will and the herds suddenly act accordingly. Does the donkey or the ox, even if somewhat slow, not understand the signs of its master and guide completely? Who does not know that even the fierce lion always recognises his benefactor and never, even in its fiercest rage, will harm him in any way? This proves, that the animals in their own way, also have an understanding, an appraisal and often a very sharp ability of recognition and at many opportunities indicate to people, awaiting dangers, by all kinds of gestures and often by striking contumacies and save people if they pay attention to it.
From where originated the haruspices among the heathens who are still today want to recognise all kinds of things from the song and flight of birds and from the gesticulations of other animals? These are shadows of a former reality, of which we just spoke."