Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 255 -
The incarnation of the Lord in our period of Creation and on our earth. The omnipresence of the spirit.

ays I: "No, My friend, this is not stupidity, but for this earth life a somewhat too far and too deep going presumptuousness; since for as long the soul has not totally become one with My spirit in her, you cannot understand and comprehend such things in their proper depth. If soon you reach the spiritual rebirth and even as a spiritual perfect beingness on the other side in the kingdom of God, you will comprehend many things to the deepest reason, but only so far as it concerns this present creation period, in whose order every preceding creation has its existence and as perfected now and forever forth spiritually still has. Nevertheless, there does exist between this and all preceding creation periods, just like between this earth and all the other countless worlds of the primordial cosmic man, a most monumental difference.
With all the forever countless many pre-creations, which all presented and formed a primordial cosmic man, I never have been wrapped into the flesh as a person on any earth by the power of My will before, but corresponded with its human creatures only by the purest angel-spirits who were particularly created for that creation. Only this creation period has the destination, on a small world-earth-body which is this particular earth, to have Me for all the preceding as well as all the following never ending creations to eternity in My everlasting primordial divine beingness in the flesh and in the narrowest form in front of them and to be taught by Myself.
For all future times and eternities I wanted to create for Myself true and real children completely resembling Me, however not as usual, but truly bring them up by My fatherly love, so that they can rule with Me the whole of eternity.
However to achieve this, I, the infinite, eternal God, took on the flesh for the main life centre of My divine being, to present Myself to you, My children, as visible and touchable Father and to teach you Myself out of My very own mouth and heart the true, divine love, wisdom and power, by which you like Myself should and will rule, not only all the beings of this current creation period, but also the preceding ones and all which will follow.
And therefore this creation period has above all others the still by you not sufficiently recognized advantage, that it is in the whole of eternity and infinity the only one, in which I clothed Myself completely in the human flesh, and in the whole, large creation-man I have chosen this shell-globe, and in it the central sun region (galaxy, the translator) of Sirius, orbited by two-hundred million suns where each is orbited by many earth bodies, in particular this earth on which we are standing now, to become Myself a person and to raise you people as My true children for the whole of infinity and eternity backwards and forwards. And if you, Mathael, as one of the best skilled mathematicians considers this properly, eternity and space's infinity will not bother you too much anymore.
For the still so wise, limited and restricted soul these concepts of infinity and eternity are of course somewhat necessarily continuously pressing inconceivable; however not so for the once completely awakened spirit in the soul. Since he is free and resembles Me in every aspect, and his movement is of a kind, that all space-like relations are an absolute zero to him, and this, friends, is already a most important property of the spirit-person!
Imagine the even so quick movement of the bodies, as I have explained this to you sufficiently at an earlier opportunity, and you will soon realize, that the quickest movement of the central suns made known to you, even if their speed is increased aeon times or raised to the power of aeon times, compared to the speed of the spirit it is still slow as snail's pace, since it still requires time in relation to an exceedingly large distance travelled in space, while for the spirit any still so unmeasurable space distance is the same; because for the spirit 'here' and still so unmeasurable far away 'there' is the same, while the various space distances for any other movement makes an essential difference.
Furthermore I draw your attention to the fact, how the spirit of a person, even if not completely one with the soul, nevertheless causes a peculiar feeling to flow into the soul, and thereby makes itself noticeable as pure spiritual, so that facts (occurrences) - and even if taken place an eternity before this present time! - are presented as if taking place right now, or as if the spirit was also at that stage present as an eye- and ear witness. The seeming 'being faraway' of such facts occurring a long time ago, are only produced by the limited soul itself in her brain. In the soul the recollection takes the place of this spiritual feeling; however this does not bring the fact to the presence, but it places it in time when it happened. The spirit however, goes in presence back to the time when the occurrence took place and also brings any future occurrence to such an extend to the presence, as if it is taking place at this very moment, either as already started or as already completed for a long time.
The world-wise call this pure spiritual feeling of present realization of facts from either a long time ago or of facts still to occur in future as the 'phantasy' of people. Only, it is not so, since phantasy can only be called those things, which the soul assembles as something new from the stock of her pictures and thereby produces a form or work which cannot be found anywhere in the free nature-world. From this pure soul-like ability, all tools, buildings and clothes of people and fables and all kind of poetry arose, whose background is either very seldom a full truth, but mostly a sheer lie and is actually nothing.
It is thus this, what one can call phantasy; however, the previously mentioned feeling of present realization of either past or also future facts is a life peculiarity of the spirit, and the pure thinking person can derive therefrom, that the spirit in man has nothing to do with either space or time and is thereby standing ruling above both.
For the spirit therefore space exists only then, if he creates and wants one, and under the very same conditions also time. If he does not want time, immediately the eternal present of the past, the present and future takes its place.
Finally you could still notice a third pure spiritual property in you, if you really would pay attention to it! This property consists therein, that you are able to suddenly imagine any still so large object in all its parts and with one glance overlook a complete sun-region. The soul with its sensory perceiving ability must in time slowly look at an object from all sides, must touch it and listens to it and must analyse it, to be able to generate for herself in time a complete picture. The spirit however, surrounds a complete central sun from the in- and outside in a nearly unthinkable quickest moment and equally quick also countless of such suns and all its planets; and the more powerful the spirit is by the order of the soul, the more thorough and more precise is the insight and overview of the spirit of the largest and endless complicated things of creation.
'Yes', you say and even rightly so, 'how is this quickest total overview possible for the spirit?' And I say and answer you: In a most perfect way, just like it is possible for a perfectly, nature-orderly developed soul to feel at a distance by means of her outer-life-sphere, like you had ample of proof with these blacks. However, with the only substantial difference that such property of the soul, even with its still so big intensity, cannot really be compared with a similar property of the spirit, because the soul is necessarily still spatially limited and is only able to think and to feel outside its ground-form under certain transcendent-nature-like primordial elements, and this, the closer to its actual human life-form, the more noticeable and more clearer. For further away even in her most perfected, admittedly only soul-like condition, she succeeds only poorly; and if a soul possess an even so powerful outer-life-sphere, and will be transmitting from here, she will not be able to perceive anything in Africa."