Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 254 -
The magnitude of Creation.

ays I: "My dear friend Mathael, the unbridgeable difference between God and created limited man, even of the most perfect kind and type, will always exist, and in all eternity it cannot be lifted, that God in His primordial being is and must always be everlasting and infinitive in everything, while man will exist forever in future in his continuously more perfect spiritual being, however, he cannot and will not ever reach the infinitive primordial being's measure of God.
Man can resemble God in its form, also in love and its power, however, forever not completely in the being-like magnitude of the most infinite wisdom in and out of God; and as such the long eternities in their countless eternal periods can contain a few things, which surely can find some place in the most endless space, of which even a primordial archangel could never have dreamt of! Since also a primordial archangel has for this a too enormously limited perceptive power; only when every primordial archangel has made the way through the flesh like Me, will he be able to understand more, - however everything, impossible forever never in the never ending infinity!
Yes, forever and ever you will learn about new wonders for you and begin to get accustomed to them, but you will never ever reach the end of it, and you can make the reason for this clear to yourself, if you imagine if it is possible to keep on counting until you have reached the end of numbers! But if I, according to the spirit, exist, think, will, act and effectuate since all eternity continuously as one and the same God out of always the same love and wisdom, which in itself by every period of creation and its completed successful work for all future eternities, must of course also feel more perfect and dignified blessedly, and the more wise among you can think for yourself, that I, as the Father now speaks in and out of Me, surely did not until this creation period spend My time in a sort of winter hibernation somewhere at an infinitive point in everlasting space! Even if one period of creation may from its primordial beginning until its total final spiritual completion lasts for thousand times thousands of aeon times aeons of thousand earth year cycles (according to GGJ05,112,05: 1 aeon = decillion times decillion earth years, 1 decillion = 1 followed by 60 zeros, thus 1 aeon = 10 to the power of 120), such creation period is still nothing compared to My everlasting Being, and its for you unmeasurable seize is according to space nothing in infinite space!
You, Mathael, know the zodiac of the old Egyptians, and Regulus in the Great Lion you know quite well! What is it to your eye? A gleaming little dot, but nevertheless there where it is, it is still such a large sun world body, that a lightening flash, which travels in four moments a distance of 400,000 country lanes (1 country lane about 1/4 hour and a little more walking. 10 country lanes = 1 German Mile. 400,000 รท 10 = 40,000 miles = speed of light per second. Note by Jakob Lorber: 1 German Mile = 7.5 kilometre, thus 40,000 German miles = 300,000 kilometre; Robert Blum vol.2, chapter 299,08), will, according to you, Mathael, well-known old Arabic grouping of numbers, take more than one trillion of earth years, to travel the distance from its north pole to its south pole! Its actual name is Urka, better Ouriza (the first or the beginning of creation of aeon times aeons of suns in a nearly endless wide enwrapped creation-globe (one shell-globe or perhaps one universe, the translator)); it is the soul or the central point of gravity of a creation-globe, which actually forms only a single nerve in the large worlds-creation-man (cosmic man, the translator), which the imagined large-man has of course so many as all the sand and all the grass of the whole earth, where the large-world-man (cosmic man) actually forms only one creation-period from its beginning to its spiritual perfection.
Such an Urka and even more a whole shell-globe are already quite respectable large things, and still unspeakable larger is such a cosmic large-man! But what is he compared to the everlasting, infinite space? So much as nothing! Since everything necessarily limited, even if for your concepts still so endlessly large, is in relation to infinite space as much as nothing, since it cannot ever form any calculable relationship to the infinite space.
Now I ask you, My dear Mathael, if you from what has been said start to comprehend, where it will eventually end!"
Says Mathael: "O Lord, yes, yes I comprehend quite well; but with this comprehension I begin to loose myself and dissolve into nothingness! Since Your everlasting power and size, the infinite space and the everlasting time periods overwhelm me completely. There is some mist in me - but if I correctly has understood what You, o Lord, has so to speak breathed to us, I of course do not really know or don't know at all, that such creation-periods - to count in Arabic manner - You not only have zillions or aeons behind You, but countless! Since if I started counting the time periods backwards and started with the present one, I surely would forever never reach a figure where one could say it was Your first!
In short, You have no beginning, and as such also Your creations impossibly could ever had a beginning, and as many infinite space can contain, among them there still is no one of which one could say: 'See, this was the first! Before it, nothing was created!' Since before such first there still exists another complete eternity! What would You have done during it with Your always same beingness? In endless space there are also endless many creations; even if their distances are still so endless large, it doesn't matter! The endless space has space enough for all the everlasting endless many and will still have room for aeons times aeons many and forever still countless new ones, and those future creations will not really increase those present since eternity; since something endless and countless can therefore never become more, since it is already endless many.
Yes, if I start counting this period with one, it will surely be increased by one, like during the coming aeon-times or eternities it will be increased by one and one and one; but where the back figure is already endless, no increase of it is imaginable! The new creations are counting for themselves something, but do not add anything to the pre-creations!
This is how my comprehension sounds intending to destroy me completely! But let go of such thoughts, which, because of their too endless size want to crush and destroy my small soul totally! If I only have an everlasting life, love and mercy added to it and such a region like the one over there, I will never wish again, to even know more about the moon or even our sun! I also realize now, how silly it was of me, to ask You about something, which is completely inappropriate to ask by a limited person! Lord, forgive me My great stupidity!"