Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 251 -
The sword as means of punishment in faithless peoples.

(The Lord:) "There will be times when the wise will say about My word: 'Lord, now it is truly difficult to be human; by threatened punishment one is not allowed to speak the truth, but only very secretly! However, this what the false prophets want, is an obvious lie and therefore blasphemy! Lord, arm Yourself for once and move towards Your enemies, before they completely destroying Your field of life!'
However, I will keep waiting and waiting and say to everyone who will in this way call upon Me: 'Be patient for still a short while, until the given measure is full! Wait until the end and you will become blessed; since the compulsion of the world will cause you pure no harm to your souls, and you as My youngest children, who under all kind of hardship, need and misery have gone through the way of the flesh, will rest even closer to My heart in My kingdom, and I will make you the judges of the world and those, who have tormented you with need and hardship of all kinds without reason and right by Me!'
In short, My true disciples will always be recognizable thereby, that they will love each other, like I'm loving you all, and that they never preach My name and My word with the sword!
Yes, once a nation is standing completely in My light, and it would be threatened by stubborn, blind, outer heathen nations, who do not at all want to accept the faith in Me, but pursue with zeal and fury My lambs, then it is time to take up the sword and to scare away the wolves from the devout herds for good. However, once the sword is taken up in My name against the wolves, it then should be taken up with all seriousness, so that the wolves remember the sword which has seized them in My name. Since where the judgement in My name has risen, it should not have the appearance of only a half seriousness!
Against blind heathens, whose souls are still too far away from My order and impossibly can understand My word, but otherwise follow their faith with a special zeal, the sword should only be set up as a guardian for the boundaries for as long the neighbourly heathens begin to comply to My order; if this has taken place, brotherly unity and love should replace the sword.
However, it is something completely different, if in future people, who from the very beginning were called the 'the people of God' and were taught and protected as such, -ah, if they persistently oppose this My teaching and will pursue it with the most evil and most selfish zeal, yes, against them there will be no other means than the most sharpest and severest sword! Woe them, if it is unleashed; then no stone will be left on top of each other, and the children in the mother's womb will not be spared! And who wants to flee, the bow's arrows will catch up with him and kill him, because out of selfishness and against his inner conviction, he wanted to become a murderer of My word and Me; since those against whom I will go to battle with the mine, will have to bear a tough fight, from which they never ever can emerge as victors!
Now you also have the rule, how and when you in My name can use the sword! Have you understood all this quite well and correct?"
Says Mathael: "Lord, You my only love, upon everything what was said and explained by You most mercifully, I do not find anything dark inside me anymore, and I now say from the deepest bottom of my heart the most life warmest thanks for it and would also like to thank You in advanced on behalf all those people and nations, which I, by my zeal, will win over for Your word and for Your kingdom!"
Says Cyrenius: "Lord, the very same thanks also I bring to You and dare to make before You, o Lord, only a weak prophet by what You just have explained about the use of the sword, regarding the well-known people of God: they are very strongly represented in Jerusalem! Over this nation I already now want to hit an inhumane large cross; since they seem to be over ripe for the most sharpest sword!"
Says I: "Not yet; they still short three masterpieces of the most inhumane evilness! Once they have also executed those despite all teachings and warnings, only then, friend, over this city and all its inhabitants your inhumane large cross will be hit with the sharpest sword! We want to be patient with those people for another forty-four years and a little above and will warn them before their downfall for another seven years by all kinds of messengers, by appearances of the dead and by many and large signs on the firmament! And, friend, should also all this be in vain, only then will your most inhumane sign in the largest and with the sharpest sword being hit above them! I wish, it could be avoided!
However, what still will be happening, only the Father knows, but no other being in the whole of infinity! To whom He will reveal it at the right time, will also know it!"
Said Cyrenius: "But You, o Lord, will know very precisely about it; since in Your spirit You are the Father Himself!"