Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 240 -
The brain of a world-wise person.

ays Cyrenius: "Lord, the fore- as well as back brain have a dark-grey colour on its surface; deeper inside, despite the sunlight falling on to it, everything is black and dark, and the in between shining, white-grey spots are representing absolutely nothing. And with that I'm already at the end of my description of what can be seen. Only one question allow me, o Lord, and this consists therein: In such a spoiled brain, what will become of the abundance of brain formations who do not have a pyramid-like structure?"
Says I: "They are for nothing; they are a true desert in the brain and only produce in the soul the unfortunate feeling of an infinitive none-knowledge and none-recognition. And if you wanted to begin to speak to such a soul about higher, meta-physical things and relations, you soon will receive the request to be silent about it; since if she has to think about it any further, she apparently will go nuts. Therefore you cannot speak to such people, because they impossibly can recognize and understand any of this, as you now can see the true reason for it. Even quite natural, physical things they only understand very difficult or not at all, not to mention spiritual and heavenly issues.
See, an ox also has a mouth, in it a quite significant tongue and teeth and also has a voice. The result should be that he also should be able to learn to speak; just try it, if you within twenty years will bring an ox to the point, where he is able to only pronounce one monosyllable word! And despite this, I say it to you, that it would be rather possible to make an ox talk, than to teach a person with such a spoiled brain something about extrasensory matters! Because if you start talking about something what too much rises above his limited knowledge horizon, he will laugh at you quite good-naturedly and begin to regard you as a fool. And if you continue to bother him with such fairytale matters, he will become angry and throw you quite fiercely out of the door!"
Says Cyrenius: "Yes, but how will it then be possible to convey Your word to such people, of whom there are countless many?"
Says I: "If you find with people whom you will visit, a sharing heart, and if they invite you into their houses, then stay and try above all to enliven their mildly alive souls! If you do this, the soul of such people will become increasingly more active, which will spread a light in the brain, and the warmth of this light will begin, to bring the little brain boards into a more acceptable order, and such people will then soon become more open for a higher teaching and in this way, step by step rise to an increasingly purer light.
However, if you find a completely dead heart with them whom you are visiting, then quickly move on! Since you should not throw the pearls to the pigs! - Understand this quite well! Who is still unclear about something, now, should ask, and the right answer will be given to him! Otherwise the two brains can be discarded."
The old Marcus comes closer and says: "Lord, midday is near! Should I not start to prepare for lunch?"
Says I: "It is praiseworthy of you to ask Me about it; however, the midday meal for soul and spirit coming out of My mouth, has an incalculable greater value than your midday meal for the body! Therefore we first want to consume a few more spiritual dishes, and I will then let you know when the time is right to provide for a bodily midday meal! Good is good, but better is better!"
With that Marcus is quite content and stays on with his sons, to see and to hear what will happen next.