Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 239 -
The influence of wrong education on the brain.

(The Lord:) "To understand all this even better and more tangible, we will follow the development periods of this brain here to My left with the greatest attention!
Until now it is completely unchanged to look at, as already spoiled in the mothers womb and born into this world. However, we soon will see what face and what colour it will take on, when the child after about five years receives the first moves of a wrong upbringing, when one begins to bother its memory with all kinds of memorizing exercises and confuse it as much as possible.
See, I want it that the first worldly concepts are engraved into the brain! Look very closely now, and you will easily notice, how the obelisks on one or the other quite absent-minded appearing little brain pyramids, begin to smear on the brain board with a very sluggish movement and with a very dark substance quite a meagre picture of a matter!
The first picture is nearly nothing else than an entirely, very senseless smearing to look at, which is the reason why the soul of such a child in the beginning cannot understand at all the concept of the matter given to it. It has to be told or shown to the child a hundred times until finally it can remember it, but only as an extremely dark image.
The reason thereof lies firstly in the unripeness of the various, still quite well-arranged little pyramid brain boards. The writing pens (obelisks) installed in front of them, are themselves too weak and unskilled, are coerced by outer force, to draw without the necessary, from the soul initiated exercise and without the possession of the right substance, and this on the still raw, not properly prepared little boards which are nowhere near ready to draw on. Therefore the picture all the time trickles away again and must not seldom be redrawn a hundred times by the substantially abused obelisks, until the picture, although still very weak, sticks to the unripe board.
And what does the soul then profits from such a pure shadow picture? She only sees the matt extreme outlines. About any deeper penetration into this matter itself with such a picture is by far not a possibility! Who could from a matt shadow of a person see, what the inner composition is of that person?! Through many and troublesome coercing and forcing, the useful little brain boards are to the biggest part messed up with black ink, and also the teachings of God are wedged into the brain like the multiplication tables, and the education of the soul consists only out of the breaks during the material mind wedging.
Only after the young, afflicted person has completed his so called 'occupational' mind wedging (studies) and has taken up a position, his heart becomes a little more free; he searches for a girl which he likes, to take her as his wife. The short period of actually being in love is for the young person the best, since during its duration the person gets a little excited in his soul, although this is only a very subordinated excitement, which allows only for some light to enter his brain, and only with the aid of this little light he begins to understands a little more practically what he troublesome has learned over the years, and thereby he also becomes for a worldly position a somewhat more useful individual.
However, people who are not in a way warmed in their souls by even such a love, are staying very selfish and stoic pedants, who later on do not rise one hair above their stereotype polluted little brain boards and rummage in nothing else than the shadow pictures of their brain, which number cannot be too large, and what is left, is dark, black and for the ability of the soul to see, purely not visible.
The soul of such a stoic is therefore as good as blind. Just like any person with even the sharpest vision is completely blind in a pitch black night and in an emergency can only feel his way forward, also the soul of such a real selfish person cannot see anything, what is drawn on their little boards, and since with such a totally incorrect brain education, where only by repeated smudging of the brain board finally a very stereotype and plastically picture is stuck on it, and since no inner more active soul excitement is present, no light can for keeps rise into the brain, the soul is forced to only touch-searching her dark, but stereotype brain board pictures.
However, since such a stunted soul can only obtain her wisdom by touch-searching her already written brain boards, it is quite understandable, why such a soul in all her activities will become so measured pedantic and stereotype-like and does not accept anything else, except for this what is most coarse and materialistic which she can touch and grasp with her hands. Finally such a soul regards even what she can see with her eyes in the outer world as an optical illusion, and what she hears as a lie; only what she can touch with her hands on all sides, she regards as a real truth. Regarding the state of wisdom and a higher spiritual culture of such a soul, everybody can imagine by himself quite easily, who only in some way has understood what I just have shown and sufficiently have explained.
Look once more at the brain on the left! Right now it presents the dark chamber of wisdom of such a stereotype-like world-wise, and you, dear friend Cyrenius, equipped with very sharp eyes, speak, of everything you can see therein!"