Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 238 -
The developmental difficulties of a worldly soul in the afterlife.

(The Lord:) "Of course, through revelations from above the education of such a tribe of nature will progress much faster! However, a revelation in this world can be given much easier than to a soul in the beyond, who, as mentioned before, has not brought only one little spark to the beyond, what could only in some distant manner resemble something of a divine order.
If such a totally physical soul in the beyond through countless distressing circumstances and inhuman afflictions finally gets to the point, where she has obtained certain concepts and ideas, and from the greater activity of her heart a matt light enters her substantial brain, from which she according to her very limited imagination and her will can from a delusive emergency world to live, which of course for quite some time cannot have any permanence, because it is still too far away from the one truth and the divine order therefrom, only then it is possible, through missionaries, who, appearing completely similar to her, to visit her, and by very careful and unnoticeably as possible provide and enrich her with several and better concepts.
And at this stage often another hundred earth years are a too short period of time, to bring the on this world entirely spoiled soul to only a very limited order of heaven.
However, to promote her to higher than the lowest, first and pure wisdom heaven, is nearly impossible; since her brain never loses the sad first markings, from which from time to time still forming a sort of revenge-right and -wisdom, which again leaves a picture in her now more and more enlightened brain and influences the heart of the soul to such an extent, that she recognizes that she is quite well, but that her comfortableness is by a far cry no substitute for everything what she had to endure up to now.
She resembles an old Roman soldier, who, because of his age and his many wounds and scars, received a farm as a present from the emperor, on which he by the diligence of his hands can provide for himself quite comfortably. However, the old soldier still grumbles when looking at his wound scars, and says: 'Good is good, but by a large margin not enough for me, who offered his life so many times for the emperor, for the nation and the fatherland! My neighbours never had to fight a mighty and evil enemy, they have a healthy and straight body and can easily work their fields. I also have male and female servants who help me with the work; but nevertheless I still have to work myself if I want something useful. I of course do not need to pay the emperor any taxes or the tenth for as long I live, and also not my children until the fifth generation, especially if one of my sons will carry the war armament for the emperor and the state. But this would still be something, to have to pay the emperor any taxes! Nevertheless, even without taxes, this very respectable reward is by far not enough for me!'
And also in this way the souls of the lower heaven are keeping on groaning, especially when they remember that they have endured a lot and now as blessed have to work themselves, and this with a lot of diligence on top of it, to provide for themselves the necessities of life just like once as people on earth, with the only unfortunate difference, that in the beyond they cannot gather any excessive abundance; since this is not allowed in the beyond, because the leaders of the societies know how to prevent this very carefully. And as such these blessed souls are never completely happy, because according to their nature, they always feel that they are missing something.
Yes, of course there is pretty much that they are missing; but what's missing is for most of them as good as forever not reachable, since the basic elements in them are not at all present. They resemble those people who would like to fly like the birds in the air and therefore are very sad, because such advantages properties are denied to them as people, which, however, so many unreasonable animals can enjoy to the highest degree.
But to what use is such grief to the people? To fly they are lacking the basic elements, and despite all grief and despite all muttering they can never reach what the birds have, namely the marvellous, free flying.
I now have shown you, My Cyrenius, and all of you very clearly, which consequences a soul has to suffer by her secularisation in this world, because except for My anyhow everything encompassing order she cannot be helped in anyway, - except one had to cancel her being altogether and place a different being in its place, which, however, would serve the soul also no purpose!
Every soul has to develop herself either easily here or labouriously in the beyond, for which the means are planted in her. If she misses it here, because she has allowed herself to be deceived too much by the world and its treasures, she has to do it in the beyond. In which manner, I have already clearly shown to you and your heart's questions are sufficiently answered. Do not make too friendly faces for it, I still cannot help you and can make it impossibly differently, as it is made and set up; since three times three can never be seven, but will always remain only nine! The apple tree must forever carry apples and the figtree forever carry figs as fruit!"