Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 230 -
The consequences of unchastity.

(The Lord:) "However, with regard to the virtuousness of the flesh and life and a true maiden chastity, there does not exist another nation on earth, which upholds this virtue more than these blacks, and to whom the vice of prostitution, lewdness and immorality is more foreign than again these moors.
But this is also something of the biggest importance of life; because if the white people would avoid this vice and perform the coitus only to awaken a fruit in the body of an orderly women, I say to you: There would be not one among you who at least would not be clairvoyant! However, as it is customary among you, the man as well as the woman squanders the best forces by the often daily exhaustion of the most noble and soul related juices of life and therefore does not have any supply left, whereby finally a continuously intensified light could be building up in the soul!
Thereby they are becoming continuously more and more sluggish and polyp-like hedonistic beings. They are seldom able of a bright thought and are fearful, cowardly, very materialistic, moody and fickle, selfish, envious and jealous. With difficulty or not at all can they understand anything spiritual; since their imagination wanders always to the desire of the stinking flesh and is not capable to elevate themselves to anything higher and spiritual. And if here and there a few people exist among them, who at least during desireless moments of the flesh are directing a few brief glances upwards, there immediately appears, like a black cloud in the sky, the flesh sensuous thoughts and cover the higher intentions to such an extend, that the soul forgets about it and immediately throw herself back into the stinking pool of flesh lust!
With such people their not seldom quite good intentions are mostly of little or no value at all. They are resembling mainly pigs, who throwing themselves with continues renewed avarice into the most disgusting sewage and wallow with their whole body therein, and are like dogs who with avarice eat again what they have vomited!
Therefore it will be said to you in all truth, that male and female fornicators, adulterers and adulteresses and lecherousers of all kinds and all genders will with great difficulty or not at all find an entrance to My kingdom!
If you regard this in your heart a little too harsh, then you should try to reform such a flesh sensuous person! Start by drawing his attention to the commandments of God and say to him: 'Peace be with you, the kingdom of God has come close to you! Let go of your vice-like life, love God above all and your neighbour like yourself! Search for the truth, search for the kingdom of God in your heart's depth! Let go of the world and its loose matter, and try to awaken the life of the spirit in you! Pray, search and act according to the order of God!' - and you will have directed these words to completely deaf ears! He will laugh at you, turn his back on you and say to you: 'Just go, pious fool, do not agitate me with your stupidity, otherwise you force me to hit you in the face!'
Tell Me, what else would you undertake against such flesh debauchee, provided you do not hold any governmental powers in your hands?! If you admonish him for the second time, you can expect en even greater offensiveness then the first time! What then? -
You will perform a miracle before his eyes! Will this perhaps open his ears and eyes? O look, this he will regard as magic and say to you: 'More of such entertaining performances!' - but without any disadvantage for him, otherwise he will attack you and fight with you on life and death; and if you paralyse his limbs, he will serve you with the most hideous curses!
Therefore a fornicator is not only a sensuous scapegoat, but in his agitated state also an evil person; he is full of the wild fire and blind and deaf for everything good and true of the spirit. You will much easier convert a robber than a real fornicator and adulterer."