Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 23 -
Communication with God through the inner word in the heart.

fter this beautiful exclamation of Zinka, deeply uplifting the souls of all present, Jarah said: "O Raphael, Raphael! What completely different being are you now than you were before! You completely broke my heart! Oh, you rather should not have sung the tone!"
Said Raphael: "Why did you urged me to do it?! I did not wanted to do it anyway; but since I cannot take the tone back anymore, it does not matter so much! Think, that in the heavens of God everything must resemble this tone, so that in future you even more seriously will strive to organize your life in such a way, that it resembles this tone in all its appearances, effects and facilities; whose life does not resembles this tone, will not enter the kingdom of the eternal and purest love.
Since the tone you heard is a tone of love and a tone of the highest wisdom in God! Just remember this very well and act, so that you completely resemble the tone, and you will become just in all love and wisdom before God, who has chosen you as a bride of heavens and has therefore made me your guide!
But what happens here, happens before God and before His heavens; but it does not happen for this world, because it never will be able to understand this; therefore the world will only learn very little or even absolutely nothing about this, and will also not learn anything about this tone. Look at the people at the other tables, how they judge differently and even quarrelling; but let them judge and quarrel among each other! Nevertheless, even collectively they will not bring forth anything; since the worldly mind can never understand this!
The Lord stays here already for several days; but tomorrow it will be the last! What will happens afterwards, nobody knows but only the Lord. Therefore fill your heart with all love and meekness and keep covertly in your heart the special and extraordinary things which you have heard and seen here; since to retell this to the worldly people, means to throw the most noble and largest pearls to the pigs, which is to no use of the world people. All this you must remember and act accordingly, so that you can become a useful tool in the hands of the Lord in heaven and on earth. - Have you taken note of everything?"
Says Jarah: "O dearest Raphael! Surely I have noted everything; but it is not really very pleasant what you just have told me, - namely the departure of the Lord from here which you have announced for tomorrow! You know how much and how above all I love Him! What will happen to me if I can't see Him, listen to Him and speak to Him anymore?!"
Says Raphael: "You will be doing very well, even if you can't see Him, you will be able to always listen and talk to Him; since if you ask Him in you heart, He will also answer you in your heart.
See, what is it what we have to do!? I am now, as you can see, here; but if the Lord wants it, I immediately must go from here to a most far away world and stay there for as long as it is necessary according to the order of the Lord. Believe me, that we from the personal presence of the Lord are quite often very far away, - but not from the spiritual presence; since there we are always in God, just as also God is in us and executes His never estimateable great deeds.
Who truly loves God the Lord, is continuously with God and in God. And if he wants to hear or know something from God, he must ask Him in his heart, and through the thoughts of the heart he will immediately receive the fullest answer, and in such a way every person can always in all things be taught by God. From this you can see that it is not always necessary to see, to be blessed in the Lord, but only to hear and to feel, - and you have everything, what is required to be truly blessed in God.
See! Also I will not always be visible around you; but you only have to call me in your heart, and I will be with you and will answer you through your heart, by however very quietly, but nevertheless very clear perceptible thoughts. If you have received them, then think, that I have breathed them into your heart! You will also recognize them, that they have not grown on your own ground. But if you have recognized them, act accordingly!
Since to only know what is right and good and what pleases God, is not sufficient, yes, by far not sufficient, - also not, even if one had the only most decisive and biggest appreciation for the teachings out of the heavens, however, could never with absolute seriousness decide to act accordingly in all and everything what is prescribed by the teachings coming from the heavens.
Therefore it says, to properly hear the teachings, to properly recognizes it and then to properly act accordingly! Without the strict execution of the teaching, nothing remains and nothing is going to happen!"