Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 229 -
Cyrenius asks for clarification of the teaching on the brain.

ays Cyrenius: "Lord, sincerely felt and spoken, to understand this Your explanation completely right, one had to have a better understanding of the brain in the human head, since otherwise it is impossible to properly imagine the little brain boards, on which either according to a correct manner of education the soul-like spiritual pictures or with a bad and wrong manner of education the material, coarse world pictures are drawn first, and even less so how on such little boards the different pictures of life are drawn.
If it would please You, o Lord, since all things are possible for You -, give us an example or effigy of a little brain board, from the front as well as the back of the head, so that also we can obtain a correct picture of what You Yourself advised as very important to recognize?! Because if one cannot have a proper idea of a matter underlying such an immensely important teaching, apparently the understanding of the whole subject must suffer because of it!
Our souls surely are still way too lightless, to properly evaluate the little brain boards according to their form as well as their functioning or view them clairvoyantly so that we can have the right idea about it. It is therefore necessary that we weak white souls are given at least the right knowledge of this organism of our body, on whose correct education the welfare or misfortune of man depends nearly all alone. If, as already said, it pleases You, o Lord, I would like to see one or more of these little brain boards; but also, if feasible, with the right and also with the incorrect drawings!"
Says I: "I knew that I will bring you to this point, where you recognize the shortcomings within yourself and feel a proper need for it, to fill the gaps in you; and see, this your request pleases Me more than another, were you nearly became angry, when I mentioned, that the soul of an even totally reborn person on its own will never be able to perform miracles in the physical world, like a primordial unspoiled soul can do out of herself!
I in fact told you, that a reborn person is able to do, what I My self can do, of course only in and through My order of eternity; but with that, it seemed, that you were not completely satisfied! But you did not considered, that these primordial perfect souls also can do nothing else, than what is allowable and useful within My order.
Since everything, what they effectuate with the power of their soul's outer-life-sphere, appearing to you as wondrous, is something, which is just as natural as it is natural, that this earth here is covered with moss and grass and the water of this inland sea stays in the large pit according to its inherent gravity. If you regard both of these mentioned appearances of nature in order and as quite natural, you will also regard it in order and as quite natural, what these primordial perfect souls must be able to perform regarding their earthly life-sphere and for the land in which they are living.
These moors do have a very black skin, but in return an even more brightly illuminated soul. To the biggest part they also know the main organs of their inner main body life's organism, and the tiny brain boards are also well known to them; since their primordial souls can view their body from the inside, and if something in it is ill, they can see the location were the illness is sitting, and also of what the illness consists.
With their outer-life-sphere, which acts very strongly in such moments, they soon find the herb, by which application the illness can be in this or that way be eliminated. Only if with them the tendons and instep veins become decayed and floppy and thicker the blood, they belief that their does not exists any herb, to counter the general ailment of the body which, because of quite natural reasons is becoming old and weak and tired and sluggish; then it is best that the soul provides for herself, gathers herself and leave the body which has become ugly and completely useless and go, free of all earthly bonds, to the land of joy, which is located between sun, moon and earth forever and ever.
These people therefore do not have the slightest fear of death, however, they fear an illness of the body, because thereby the strength of the soul is most actively demanded and the soul itself afterwards had to become weak and imperfect for some time."