Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 227 -
Brain and soul.

ays I: "I already have shown to you before how a soul and finally the whole person through a wrong upbringing, loses all human, Me resembling marvellous abilities! When you with a child first educate the mind, and the brain is not yet two thirds ripe developed and is despite this bothered to correspondingly adsorb in pictures an immense quantity of words, pictures and figures prematurely onto the still very soft and still watery little brain boards which are still busy with the best development, these little boards become on the one hand too hardened and on the other hand are brought into total disorder by too strong memory exercises, whereby such little children later as youth and still later as men are plagued by constant headaches, from which they for the rest of their lives cannot be completely freed.
The whole brain has long ago already been pasted up with all kinds of signs and has been made completely unreceptive for the admission of the very subtle signs, which first rise from the heart and should be impressed on the very receptive little brain boards. Even if later the soul is given some higher spiritual truth by the heart, she does not have any hold, and the soul cannot grasp it, because this truth cannot be presented graphically to the soul for longer than a moment.
In addition the soul has a lot of physical, coarse worldly pictures like a dense forest in front of her and impossibly can see the quite tender, small, endless many, only very weak impressed signs. If she for moments sees the very subtle engraved misty pictures, which have risen out of the heart, it appears to her as a disfigured picture, which she impossibly can comprehend and see it clearly enough, since the coarse physical pictures come to stand in front of the spiritual figures and partly cover and partly destroy it.
Now you would think and say: 'Yes, why must the soul look at specifically the little brain boards? She should directly deal with the heart and thus enter her spiritual light!' Would be fine, if it was possible to completely transform the once set life order without harming life itself!
Would it also be suitable to give to someone, who, by whatever reason became blind already in the mothers womb or later on earth, a pair of eyes on the chin or on the forehead or on the nose? - This would be quite alright, if such different located eyes would also not require a completely different body organism!
With the mechanism of the human body there does exists such a strict, mathematical order, according to which everything at its location may not be relocated by one hair, without a complete change of the whole organism of the body. It is therefore completely impossible, to subjoin the sensory tools for someone at another location of the body, without totally reshaping the whole body, to give it another form and a complete different inner construction.
Just like you cannot give to the body relocated senses, instead of the ones already existing at the right place, because of reasons given, it is to a much greater extend the same with the soul, which is a still much more tender, spiritual organism! She can only see and hear through the brain of the body; the other impressions, which, however, are blunt and unexplainable, the soul of course can also perceive with other nerves, but they must nevertheless be uninterruptedly connected to the brain cells, otherwise the palate has no sense of taste and the nose has no sense of smell."