Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 225 -
The miraculous power of the reincarnated.

(The Lord:) "The ability of these moors to feel and to notice can in a greater excitement reach for many hours walking, and they therefore can easily determine, of which type of spirit are those who approach them. However, they will not be able to recognize a deeper spiritual being in someone, but the actual state of the soul quite indeed!
When they arrived this morning here, they recognized My soul and its wisdom and power from already quite a distance; they only could not recognize the spirit in the soul, since the spirit of God can only be recognized by another spirit out of God. For that I first had to place a spark in their hearts by My word; and when the spark in a perfected soul found in abundance the right food, it became stronger and soon they recognized also Me in My spirit and are now more certain than you are, with whom they are dealing in Me.
All this is the result of a perfect soul. Your souls will, except for a few, as souls for themselves never reach such recognition, but they will, by My exceeding love for you, be purified, so that they will become highly suitable for the full admission of My spirit. If you then become spiritually reborn, it will not be by your merit, but only by My love, mercy and compassion, and you will be able to do bigger things than these moors, but not out of the power of your perfect souls, but from the power of My spirit penetrating your weak souls, by which of course also your souls become forever life stronger!
However, I do not want to make miracle performers out of you, but true benefactors for the people! If My awakened spirit in you becomes fully active, it will become light and illuminated in your mind, and thereby you will along quite natural ways learn about the powers of nature and make its spirit serviceable to you or respectively the soul-like primordial specific substances; thereby you will achieve great earthly life advantages, which you however should use for poorer mankind!
If the great advantages, to which My spirit will lead you, are used within My order, it will bring you a thousandfold blessing in everything; should you however in time begin to use them against My order selfishly, they will become for the people the brooding place for all kind of conceivable earthly evil!
What I now speak to you, I also speak to all those, who will follow you in a thousand and another thousand years, perhaps a few years more or less. After that another layer comes to ferment and work the earth, with and without people; since the earth is large and there are many spirits who are awaiting to be freed from judgement.
Every reborn can also perform miracles, but not like these moors without the recognition of My name and My will, however, with the full recognition of My name and My will and My unchanging order. Because if someone wanted something different, it could not happen, since My spirit in him would not provide him with the strength; since then only the soul on her own would be wanting, because the spirit could never want something against My will!
However, through the rebirth of the spirit in the soul, the soul does not loose her own, free will and her recognition in the rows of the big creation, which will go forth and forth out of My love, out of My wisdom, order, power and strength."