Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 222 -
The importance of the outer life sphere of the soul.

(The Lord:) "You still don't understand living-clear sufficiently, what in depth the outer-life-sphere of the soul means, and how this power can express itself by effectuating, feeling, hearing and even seeing! For your ability to comprehend this is a little difficult to understand, because in the outer, for your flesh eye visible world, no suitable example can be set up, since all spiritual matters are very difficult to be dressed in a material picture. However, since you understand this highly important matter not sufficiently, I will illuminate this for you some more. But you must gather your senses rather firmly, otherwise you will again not grasp this most important matter of life deeply enough!
That this is most important, you can see and recognize from the fact, that I kept the explanation of this primordial life secret for last of our current visit. Nevertheless how big the things are which I have showed to you the previous seven days and also earlier at other locations, this is still the biggest, and everything else has been showed to you for the sake of this until now biggest, since without such wondrous processes and preparations, it would be impossible for you to understand only the smallest part of it.
But why do I rate this as most important? - This is very easy to guess and to see! Who truly wants to better his life and uplift it to the actual life, he first have to recognize it in all its parts, how it exists, how it expresses itself, how it under certain conditions and processes expresses itself so or so; how it, if spoiled and made wrong, can be bettered again and how a fully bettered life condition can be maintained and also be transplanted to his fellow-men, so that finally there can be one Shepherd and one herd.
However, that for a true person the full recognition of life is the most important, was realized and stated by the wisest men of all nations at all times; they only found the way to it very troublesome and difficult or in most cases not at all. But now, I as a Lord and Master of all life and being since eternity, have come to you Myself and have in a miraculous manner brought everything together on this place which is to the largest part still detached from the world, to put before your eyes the true life-being as clear and tangible as possible, and in time and with the right patience you will understand this; but then it will also be your duty, to explain to your fellow-man as thoroughly as possible what you have understood!
Because, in a country where only one or two persons see, understand and make use of it for themselves, it will be just as much useful to them, like a wise man in a madhouse among all the fools or in a donkey- or ox stable! Will they understand the wise man, if he out of his innermost depth of wisdom will tell them with the friendliest words the most elevated teachings?!
A wise man can only be recognized and understood by wise men! From the life of animals and actual fools nothing can be made, since what must become of it, has been provided for by My everlasting order; however, from the life of people, you can grow anything along the right way of truth, love, patience and wisdom!
And if you have grown from the people true brothers and friends for you, who in time will resemble you in the recognition of life, you will also enjoy true happiness and bliss among each other and become strong in all that is good, which will be easy for you to execute! Since one-hundred arms can do more than just one, one-hundred eyes, pointed into all directions, see more than two, and the outer-life-sphere of thousands united, is quite a strange powerful lever to avert all kinds of dangers and evils, irrespective from which side they may come, and what name they might have."