Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 218 -
The power of a perfect soul.

(The Lord:) "Only this degree of the most highest life-perfection, nobody could have reached before My incarnation; and therefore I have come to this earth, to make you My true children by the rebirth of your spirits in your souls. Thus, if I now speak of a perfect soul, it refers to a soul in which My spirit is already active, but has not yet become completely one with it.
Based on the earlier mentioned reasons, a perfected soul therefore is not only able, to perform wondrous things as a master of all creatures, but will also have momentarily visions about the pure spiritual spheres because of its more awakened spirit, and can hear the word of the spirit of God, as this was the case with all seers and prophets, who alongside with their gift of seeing and prophesying out of My spirit, also had a certain, for all physically thinking mankind, visible miraculous control over the elements and over all creatures.
Moses performed miracles, his brother Aaron the same, also Joshua and later Elias, and after him still many prophets and seers.
A prophet by the name of Daniel (son of the day or the light) was thrown by a cruel king into a lions den containing twelve hungry lions as executioners, because Daniel gave him an admonishing speech. They had been fed for years with all kinds of unlucky criminals. Upon the sharp admonishing speech, the angry king, despite loving the prophet because of his wisdom, threw Daniel without any mercy and mitigation into the den of certain death.
Only Daniels perfect soul was also a master over the hungry lions! When he was thrown into the den by the henchmen, the lions did not only do anything to him, but crouched in visible reverence around him as their natural lord and master. Daniel, knowing how he could survive among the lions, asked his disciples for his writing board and wrote for three days the prophecy, unscathed in the death pit among the twelve lions. When this was reported to the king, he regretted what he did to Daniel, and he ordered to pull Daniel out of the pit with a basket and gave him his freedom.
At the same time there were three youth, who refused to bend their knees in front of Baal. Upon this the stupid king became so angry, that he ordered for a limekiln to be heated excessively for three days, in which the three youth would be thrown, if they continued to oppose the king's commandment any longer. However, the soul-perfect youth stood by their well-founded intention and did not expressed the slightest fear of the glowing kiln. The three days passed, and the three youth were, upon the fierce orders of the king, seized by the henchmen and thrown over the glowing edge into the wide fire hole. However, not a single hair on their heads were harmed, while each of the henchmen were caught by the too great heat and burned to coal.
Yes, what was it then protecting the youth in the fire kiln? The perfected, in My primordial order being soul! Finally there appeared an angel and led them perfectly unharmed out of the terrible hot fire, which no other person could come closer than thirty steps, without the danger of being suddenly burned to death!
These are nothing else than examples of the marvellous strength and power of a perfected soul!"