Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 216 -
On the influence of the human character on domestic animals.

(The Lord:) "Imagine yourself a human soul in its original unspoilt state as a true sun among all the various enlivened creatures containing a soul, which all have to submit to the human soul, since they take from its outer life sphere, when this like the soul, is in perfect order, their life light and spiritual life warmth to vegetate in their further rising soul life sphere, and thereby become gentle, tolerant and obedient. Since the souls of plants as well as animals have the to you of course still very unknown destination, once to become human souls themselves.
The plants and even more so the animals are nothing else than suitable pre-vessels according to My wisdom and insight for accumulation and successive development and for seizing each other of the - you might say - general nature-soul-life-power in the unmeasurable space of creation, from which also your souls originate, if originally on this or also on another earth world, does not matter. These animal souls feel the emanation of a proper human soul and the sphere formed by its outer-life-light and outer-life-warmth.
In this perfect outer life sphere the animals are prospering, like the planets in the light and the warmth of the sun, and not one soul of any animal is capable of rising against the will of a perfected human soul, but circles modestly around it like a planet around the sun and develops in such spiritual light and in its warmth quite excellently for a further transition to a higher level.
To give you a more practically insight, we will look a bit closer to some domestic animals and their owners! Lets go to a hard hearted and arrogant owner and look in the spirit at his domestic animals! His dogs are more evil and wilder than the wolves of the woods, his cattle are shy and quite often frightened and dangerously wild. His sheep and goats are fleeing every human form and are difficult to catch. Through the garden of his pigs, which he keeps for the sake of their fat, it is not advisable to walk, to avoid being attacked murderously by their total wildness. The chicken and other poultry are also shy and are difficult to catch. Also with his donkeys, horses, camels and oxen it is not advisable to become too trusting; since very little of any animal culture is noticeable. Only by a continuous wild shouting and cursing and continual hitting, bumping and stabbing can they be used for a certain work, whereby most of the time some accident occurs!
Yes, why are with this our hard and arrogant owner the domestic animals are so raw and wild and so very much unbendable? - The soul of their owner is for them a life-sun in complete disarray! His servants and workers are soon as their master, therefore also not nearly a life-sun for the ice cold souls of the animals given to them to guard and to lead! Everybody shouts, curses and hits to what he is capable of! How could the animals of such an owner be in a wholesome state, of which one can say that they are in order?!
But lets go now to a really old-patriarchal good and wise owner of many and large herds and observe his domestic animals! What a nearly unbelievable difference! Neither the cattle nor the sheep leave their good shepherd! Only a single call of him, and they hurry to him, surround him and with a nearly visible attention listen to him, if he wants to say something to them! And if he does this, they obey and wondrously bid the will of the good shepherd, where they have refreshed themselves with his soul-light.
The camel understands the slightest sign of its good guide, and the courageous horse does not become shy under the saddle of its rider. In short, all domestic animals of a gentle and good landlord are gentle, obedient and listen to the voice of their guardians and their master, and with all animals one quite easily notices a certain gentleness, as you can recognizes it at the noble trees with a first glance, that they carry noble fruit; since there the trunk, the branches and all the foliage are softly rounded, smooth and without sharp points and prickles, and the fruit is tasting lovely.
The reason for this is, as said, one or more healthy, unspoiled souls with a lighted being, spreading a soul-like light-sphere, which contains everything, what the soul as life-element contains in it self, namely: love, faith, trust, recognition, wanting and success."