Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 211 -
The mastery of the moors over the water.

said: "Only a few things more, which you know of, for example what you do on the water during a flaming hot wind flow, and how you catch fish!"
The leader returns quickly to the sixty and tells them My wish, and suddenly all fall on their faces, respectively onto the water, and ly for a few moments like dry wood on it. Soon they become very unrestful and begin, stretched out, to spin exceedingly fast around their own axis.
(The Lord:) "They do this to always keep wet on all body parts, not to be burned or being burned to ashes by the glowing hot Kamb'sim (to where should I flee?); since the Kamb'sim (also Kam beshim = 'to where do I flee now?') is by far the hottest wind in the desert of Nubia and Abyssinia. The 'Samun' (for pitch = the wind melting earth pitch) is by far not that hot as the Kamb'sim. Even less hot is the 'Giroukou' (the south-easterly wind blowing over the pastures), since the wind coming over the great pastures 'Giri', lying precisely in that direction in relation to Memphis, were already named like this from the most ancient times. However, both winds were so hot, except the Kamb'sim, that the people retreated to the moist caves.
What they are doing now, they do only during the Kamb'sim; and if it continues for long and increases in intensity, only then they begin to dive beneath the water, as they are showing it to us now. However, they can never stay under the water for too long, since their strong inner- and outer life sphere make their bodies specific gravity lighter than this of the water.
They now sit on the water and in this position they will show us, how they catch their fish! See, by the strong power of their will, they drive the fish from far away towards them! They then take them by hand out of the water and place them according to their need into the opened up pinafore dress, which they always carry around their loins, and drive in a seated position quickly to us on shore. Their sails and oars consists only in their will; as soon as they want to make a quick movement on the water, they want it with their undoubted believe steadiness, and everything happens as they want it to happen!
See, they now have finished fishing and will drive in their seated position over the surface of the water and will arrive with the speed of an arrow here on shore! See, they now are departing and arrive already here on shore! They quickly stand up and carry their catch here to us.
Marcus, tell your sons, to immediately take care of the many and very noble fish in water, otherwise they will go bad!"
When the blacks come to us with their aprons full of living fish, Marcus himself leads them to a fish container, where they unload their fish, a few hundreds in number. After that they again quickly return to Me.
And the leader immediately addresses the whites with the following words and says: "This, you white brothers, what we have executed just now, appears to you totally foreign and as never seen before? However, with us very simple people of nature, all this what we have performed on the water before you just now, is something very natural to us like with you to see, to hear, to smell and to feel.
The soul hardened and wrong-acting person will also become a much heavier body and is like a stone which does not float on water, because it is heavier than water. But we are like wood, whose inner life spirits are already much freer than those of a stone which are still under severe judgement.
Pay attention, let a soul person come here, who should, however, not have felt any haughtiness and no power hungry self-love in his chest; he should go into the water, and I guarantee that he will not sink! Place next to him a power addicted and very self-loving person on the volatile element, and he will sink as a stone! He had to be very fat, which, however, is rarely the case with very self-loving people -, then the fat would keep him at least up to two thirds of his body afloat above the water, this means if he is really fat, however, in his normal state of flesh he sinks like a stone.
With us the water is regarded as a good test for the inner honesty of a person. If the water does not carry a person properly, his soul most likely has suffered some damage, and the element will not be friendly to him and provide him the necessary service. As we have moved with the most evident casualness on the water and also have shown, that the animals in the water are subject to our will since the beginning of our being, the same was the case with the primordial people. For them streams, lakes and even the sea were no obstacles, to walk across the whole world; they did not need any ships nor any bridges. However, you are often devoured by the water completely including your ships and bridges, and not one water mosquito obeys your will! How far you thus away from the genuine mankind!
You must have all kinds of weapons, to make the enemy escape; we never have used them. Until today we did not have any other tools than a cutting tool made from bones, what we use to prepare our huts and clothes in a quite labourious way; but despite this we never had to walk around naked, and our troubles have never become punishing to us. If we take the necessary tools from you with us, we will use them with an increased neighbourly love; but they will never serve us as weapons, thereof you can be completely rest assured!
But now you can make a test on the water, and show to us, how life-competent you already are!"
This type of language made the Romans feel deep down a little offended, but they kept it, as one might say, quite willingly under the lid.