Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 208 -
The traditions of the Nubians and the traditions of the white people.

inally, when the beautiful morning sun took on its natural light again, we rose from our table and quickly went to the moors. When I arrived, they all got up from their long table and bowed in deep reverence with their hands laid across their chest.
And the leader said with a good Galilean-Hebrew tongue: "Lord, Lord, Lord! Now there is not a single nonbeliever among us anymore! Every word out of Your holiest mouth will be for us a never estimateable great mercy of Your most truly friendliness and charitableness for all times of times, yes even for eternity!
If You, everlasting Holiest, regard us blacks as worthy for a closer teaching about our duties and then also about Your being, make us happy with only a few words out of Your mouth, and we will thereby for all times of times also in our latest descendants feel exceedingly happy, to have seen and spoken to You as the Creator and Lord of all the physical and spiritual worlds!
This shining light, which I have seen in my visions as an everlasting life splendour around Your holy being, is now visible in Your great love, friendliness, and in Your wisdom, which does not have its equal in the whole of eternity.
We are now willing lambs, even when covered with black wool; but just like the black colour absorbs more light and warmth then the white - why we also wear white clothes, to keep away from us the abundance of light and warmth -, I also believe, that we blacks will also absorb the holy light of Your spirit deeper and more intense in our souls, than many who's flesh is covered by a white skin, but their souls reject the spirit more than our white clothes the natural light and its warmth, as we have seen many such examples in Memphis, which the governor called 'moving life shadows'. They live like dayflies, who are created by the morning and are killed again by the evening.
We also do not have nothing with which we could boast before You, o Lord; however, this we know, that we are not more than just people, and that we are all works of one and the same Creator and therefore could never think, that one has more than the other, as if he in all seriousness could be a ruling half-god, as we have seen among the whites, where someone imagines himself a lord and all the others must bow before him to the earth, and those who did not do this, were immediately punished with rods. Lord, we did not like this behaviour of the whites at all, and this kind of punishment shows very little wisdom!
We never hit our children, also no animal; but we have patience and endurance and we exercise our children continuously in everything, which we have recognized as good, true and necessary. When our children then grow up and become strong and sensible, we do not treat them as our slaves anymore, but as our completely equal brothers and people, who, just as we as their parents, emerged from the hand of God with all rights of life. And still, our children love us very much, and never did any son or any daughter sin against the father or mother!
Among the whites we saw the children creeping out of fear and whine like dogs before the austere faces of their parents! One could think that in this manner angels could have been brought up. However, when at times such children are out of sight of the parents, they were like exchanged and could easily be regarded as disciples of the devil, whose evil presence in the bad abysses of the earth were told to us by the governor in Memphis. - For such punishing upbringing we forever say no thank you!"