Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 205 -
The division of time on the fifth pearl.

(Raphael:) "Just pay attention; there is the fifth pearl! How such ancient relics should be handled and how they should be exposed, I already have shown you, and therefore I'm going to reveal the last three pearls by just using my will power, and see, - we already have the fifth pearl revealed in front of us!
See here the zodiac of Diathira before us, drawn on the pearl's most beautiful and largest surface! There is a colossal temple; 365 most massive columns are carrying an equally massive arch of reddish granite ashlars, constructed most artfully and exceedingly precisely to building practices and very strongly. The highest point on the arch is 66 man seizes high. The whole arch has exactly 365 openings, which are build in precisely such a way, that during a period of one constellation, under which the sun is present, the light falls precisely at the middle of the day onto the centre point of a column standing vertically in the centre of the temple. The light coming through the other openings was also falling onto the altar during the different times of the day, but did not passed through the centre point, but one or more degrees sideways.
This most meaningful constructed arch still exists tody, although somewhat chewed by the tooth of time, and will still stand for a long time to come and serve the astronomers as a guideline.
You ask, to which actual use did the great Shivinz build this arch with the greatest effort of the world? - Before that their was no defined time keeping. The small change in shorter- or longer days was hardly noticed. The moon was still the most reliable time keeper. In Diathira, as the town where the workers became sluggish due to punishment, it was necessary to have a certain time keeping system during the day as well as night, and for that purpose and for the sake of a more precise order, our Shivinz made this arch, which, however, took him ten years and one-hundred-thousand workers to complete.
The arch was of course very wide, and for every 30 and 31 round openings the symbol of one of the twelve constellation signs was painted on to it, above which, normally red painting, the constellation was faithfully painted in white on top. You can see here on the pearl the inner of the arch drawn clearly with fine lines, which then have been rubbed with a dark red colour, and you can now imagine, what an awakened spirit our Shivinz was, and what unlimited respect the nations of Egypt had for him! The result of this was as such, that he only had to wave, and hundred thousands of people started to stir with all energy, and the most extraordinary work was raised out of the earth!
The most wise of the nation he made into teachers and priests: established everywhere schools for all kinds of subjects which were useful for the peoples activities. The highest teaching of God, however, could only be achieved in Kar nag at Korak and finally in secrecy through many and hard trials at Ja bu sim bil."
Here the old innkeeper Marcus asked the angel, interrupting his explanation: "Most dearest friend, while you are at it revealing your pearls, couldn't you also explain to us the strange circumstances about the Sphinx which as half woman and as half animal gave on life and death to the people the famous riddle: namely what animal was it, which walks in the morning on all four, at midday on two and in the evening on three feet? Who couldn't solve the riddle, was killed by the riddle sphinx; however, who was able to solve it, was allowed to kill the sphinx! - Is anything about this a fact or not?"