Jesus' Precepts and Deeds through His Three Years of Teaching

Jesus near Caesarea Philippi (cont.)

- Chapter 198 -
The diversity of the climate and the races on earth.

(The Lord:) "See, from now on these people will come into countries of awakened and developed nations and will see the agriculture, wine culture and large cities with the most beautiful palaces! But if you after a thousand, also two-thousand years could see them again, they would still live in the same hut and not be able to build themselves a proper house of wood, and even less so of bricks.
We do not want to deny them the ability for it, they can quite easily learn the art of building; but they will lack the easy flexible spirit of enterprise, which is necessary for every person to execute any kind of work!
Therefore the trip to here was for them since ancient mankind, one of the most gigantic undertakings; for you this would only be a joke! It is quite a distance to them, and this country's heat makes travelling quite difficult; but for the physical composition of these people, the heat can reach a considerable degree, until they really start to experience heat. They have a much more sluggish blood, which contains very little iron, and as such their blood is thicker and more gall-like than this of whites and requires a lot more heat before becoming properly liquid.
In a severe winter, like in the northern countries of our Ouran, these people would feel quite uncomfortable. In the first winter their skin would burst, since their blood which is too thick, would not flow properly in their outer body parts, which would lead to stoppages, which under strong pressure of the vessels would make them burst, entailing bleeding and considerable pain as a result. However heat, nearly making a black stone glowing, does not affect them too much. To the contrary, however, if a real north Scythian would come to Nouabia, and if he would go there during high summer, he would perish within a few days and therefore die quite soon.
Now of course you think and say in your heart: 'Must there be so many temperature gradations on earth? Couldn't it be equally cold or warm everywhere?' If you would be more familiar with the ball figure of the earth, as it is the case now, although you have been taught by Me about the form of the earth when I was a tender child, you would not have thought about this question!
The different temperatures are an inevitable result of the ball round shape of the earth. The round form, however, is necessary, because with every other form the light of the sun could impossibly be distributed so effectively like with the very ball form, otherwise the earth had to be illuminated by three suns, namely one each over the poles and one over the equator! But who could then firstly endure the heat on earth, what would happen to the strengthening night of all creatures, and secondly what would happen to the movement of the earth, if it would depend on the equally powerful attraction of three equally large suns?
I have explained to you and others, how big the sun is and must be, and how small the earth in comparison! It must circle the sun in a corresponding distance and speed, otherwise it would fall into the same or when having an excessive speed, would fly into infinity. In the first case the earth would nearly dissolve in an instant in the extreme light intensity of the outer atmosphere of the sun, into its primordial state or into the primordial spirits caught in its matter; in the second case it would freeze to a most hard lump of ice! In both cases any flesh life on earth would be unthinkable.
From this you can see, how according to My order, one necessity leads to another, and that on this earth a constant temperature from pole to pole can impossibly take place, however, it is still necessary, so that the earth as far as possible can be populated everywhere, so that the freer becoming souls going forth from the pre-creatures, can enter a body corresponding to their nature. What else can be done than bodily place such people in such hot regions of the earth, whose nature can accommodate such hot weather, and for the colder weathers, those whose natural composition can to some extend live and cultivate the still so cold regions.
If you can comprehend this to some extend, you will understand, why in the hot Central Africa the previously characteristic described people, had to be black and had to be of a very own composition of heart. Tell Me, if you have understood this well!"
Says Cyrenius: "O Lord, I'm also now completely in order regarding this highly salutary teaching for me; since I can see now that all world arrangement is most wise and most effective, and that everything must be precisely as it is and can never be otherwise! Therefore to You, God and Lord only, all honour, all love and all praise; since the whole earth and all heavens are full of Your love and wisdom!
However, what will You, o Lord, further undertake with the blacks? Because they do not look completely in order; I notice this from their deep thinking behaviour.
Their leader has introduced Your Godhead to them in a truly convincing manner, and the story about the transport of the big diamond had initially stunned them; but now they are directing all kind of questions to his conscience, and one who turned around a few times to look at us, just now has asked the leader, if he not in all secrecy has brought the diamond and the pumpkin bowl along himself, to mislead them in a miracle-like manner. What these blacks still will come up with! They will have to be convinced by an even bigger miracle! The good leader apparently has his hands full with them, what I notice rather well!"
Says I: "Only a little more patience, until they start to ferment properly, only then we will come to aid the leader; since with them everything goes much slower than with us! In addition, for the first time they now have received completely foreign food and wine, and for the moment this makes them even more slower to comprehend, than before. But it is good that it is like this, otherwise it would not be so easy to convince them about something, which is still too much contrary to the concepts of God which they had absorbed in Memphis.
It is impossible for them to bring the infinity of God under one roof with My personality; but once they are properly fermented, they will quite easily and soon accept it! Meanwhile, however, their leader is working with them regarding their suspicion about his miracle deception, what is also right; since whoever raises a loose suspicion about a true miracle, should also receive a real punishment by the rod! The more these blacks are now punished and humiliated with words, the firmer and more easily they will remain for us forever!"